Friday, November 13, 2009

List of 2009 Quilts of Valor Delivered

2009 Quilts of Valor Delivery


1. Janelle P Scrappy Bargello Done
2. Not so Top secret Quilt Done
3. Carol A's QOV #1
4. Carol A's QOV #2
5. Heartstrings Patriotic Quilted
6.-8. Betty from NM 3 Quilt
9.-13. 5 from Heartbeat Quilting
14.-15. 2 Heartbeat Quilts
16.-17.2 HeartbeatQuilting Quilts
18. Julies Rail FenceDone
19-22. 4 HeartbeatQuilting
23. Gayle W QOV
24. Sues first - done
25.Willas QOV QUilted
26. Marie in NY
27. Dale's in OH
28.-29. Alberta's 2
30.-31.Rita's 2
32. Jill B MQX
33. Naomi A MQX
34. Dianne D MQX
35. Jan K rail fenceDone
36.-39.Naomi Magic Valley 4
40.-43.April and Carolyn
44.-46.Tracye's 3
47.-50.Jackies 4
51.-52. Cathy E 2
53.-54.Vivian & Mae's
55.Maria in FL
56.Alycia TT done
57.Barbara LCC
58.-59.Tracie H in OH 2
60. Norece from TN
61.-64.Sue and Carols 4
65.Ethels NSTSP
66.Nancy L's NSTSP
67-68.Amy in IL 2
69.-71. 3 Heartstrings
72. Vicki M in CA
73. Marilyn L in WI
74. Cindy in AK
75.-78. Sue & Carol 4
79.-80. Marti 2
81.Joyce in PA
83. Audry String
84.-85.Susan in CO 2
86.-87.Triangle Guild 2
88-89.Amy D - 2 more
90.-93.Pat in NM 4
94.Ethels 2nd quilt
95.-99.FOQ 5 quilts
100.Judy W Quilt
101.-106.Tuesday Thimbles
107. J's String quilt
108.Deborah B Coin Quilts
109.-115. 7 Tuesday Thimbles
116.-118.3 from Julia in NE
119.-120.2 from Lisa M.
121. Renee's QOV Challenge quilt Done
122. A's String quilt Done
123.-128.6 from Carolyn
129.-130.2 from Eileen
131.-132.2 from Jane
133.-135.3 from Nancy
136.-137.2 from Norece
138.-141.4 from Vicki W
142.-143.2 from Ruth
144.-146.Janet M's 3

147. Sue's Done

148.-149.2 LCC quilts

150.-152. 3 from Helen N

153.Judy in OK

154.Harriett in CO

155. Jill in NJ

156.Sallie Boxy Stars Done by Liz

157.Jan Ks Flag quilt

158. Nancy E's Done

159.Sheilas QOV Done

160.162. 3 from Nancy

163. Shar's Quilt

164.-165. Susan S 2 more

166.Audry Rail Fence Done

167.Audry NSTSP Done

168.Vicki in OH

169.-174Arlene & Geneseo guild

175.-180.Arlene & Geneseo pt 2

181-182. Nancy W from NY

183.Als quilt 1 Done

184.DeAn Flags Done

185. - 186. 2 from Kim

187. Lynn M in UT

188.Theresa in Denver

189.Wendys NSTSP Done

190.LCC Audry TT Done

191.Marie in Fl

192.Cathy E in KY

193.-194. Kathy's 2

195.-204.Tuesday Thimbles

205. Al #2 Finished

206. Barbara B 2Finished

207. Meg B Quilt

208.-210.3from Sue E

211.-214.4 from Jessie

215.-218.4 from Becky

219.-220.2 from Alberta

221.Audrey Pastel TT


223.Paula in ME

224.-226.Carol SW 3

227.Barbara Rail 2LCC Done

228Barbara Rail 3 LCC Done

229.-232.4 from Stitch Witches

233.-235.3 from Stitch Witches in LA

236.-244.9 from Stitch Witches

245.-246.2 from Stitch Witchse

247.-249.3 from Carolyn in Craig

250.Ellen in Craig

251.Kim in La Junta

252.Sues Turning TwentyDone

253.Top from Gail DOne

254.1 Miracles Finished by Martha

255.Audreys quilted by Martha

256.Rebeccas quilt

257.Ruths Quilt

258.-2592 from Liz

260.-261.2 from Marianne and Mary

262.-263.2 from Sue S

264.Jans Log Cabin

265.Sandi Stars Done

266.-270.5 from Dawn

271.-275. 5 from Geneseo

276.-280. 5 from Geneseo

281.-282.2Miracles Tops quilted by Kris B

283.Barbs NSTSP quilted by Kris B

284.-285.2 Miracle Tops quilted Diane

286.Jan Log Cabin

287. Linda L from Florida

288.Becca in WI

289.Karen in OK

290.-291.2 Linda in MS

292.-295.4 from Geneseo

296.-299. 4 from Geneseo

300. rebeccas John Deere Quilt

301. Gayle W Quilt

302. Kris Quilt

303. Grace from NJ

304. Erica LCC TT quilt Done

305. Julie LCC #2 done

306.Barb in Florida

307.-308.LCC quilters 2

309.Anne in Canada

310.-314.5 - Elizabeth in IL

315.-319.NSQG 5

320.-322.3 VBS Quilts Done

323.-327.NSQG 5

328.Sherrill Boxy Stars Quilted by April

329-330.Sandi& Agnes Quilted by April

331.-333.Pat in NM 3

334.-337.Jill in NJ 4

338.-341.4 from Greeley

342.Peggy in NC

343. Kathy in OR

344.Ellen P in CO

345.-347.3 Lori in SD

348.-352.5 from MI

353.-354.2 LCC in CO

355.-356.2 Theresa in CO

357.1 Charlotte W in CO

358.-359.2 from Kerin in MO

360.1 from Connie in OH

361.-363.3 from Helen NV

364.-366.3 from Fran/Carma

367.Barbara Rail 4LCC Done

368.Anne Americana Done

369.LCC Audry NSTSP Done

370.Amy in WI

371.Kathy in OR

372.-373.Rita in IL

374.-376.Pat in Wisconsin

377.-378.Willa 2

379.Kim, PJ and Betty

380.Rita,Jude in AZ

381.Laura and Linda

382.-385.Pat in WI 4 more

386. Betty in CO

387.-388.Pat in WI 2

389.Marilyn in CaDone

390. Marilyn 1 Done

391. Deborah B Coin Quilts Done

392.-393.2 LCC quilts

394.-403.10 from Geneseo IL

404.Fay in MA

405. Ethel in CO

406.Gerrie in CO

407.Kay in MT

408.-410.3 Pueblo West Quilters

411.Linda L CO

412. Suzette TX

413.Pat CO

414.-415.PFQG CO 2

416.Carol in CO

417.Willa in CO

418.Miracles in CO

419.Sallie M OC Done

420.Jeanne in MI Done

421.Kaycee in CO

422.-424.3 Geneseo IL

425.- 429.5 Geneseo IL

430.Mary in WA

431.-437.Pueblo West 7

438.-447.10 from Oklahoma City

448.-457.10 from Oklahoma City

458.Sallie in VA

459.Maria in NY

Deployment Number 2

460.-462.3 from Connie in ID

463.-464.2 Linda in CO

465.-466.2 Marilyn in CA quilted by Linda

467.Leann in OK

468.Linda in NE

469.Donna in CO

470.-471.Willa qb Kris

472.Kris in PA

473.-480.8 Pat in WI

481.-483.Marge in IN

484.Karen and Sandi St Croix

485.Rosemary in PA

486.Myrna in CO

487.Ethel in CO

488.-489.2 Peg in CO

490.-491.Peggy in NJ


493.Julia in NE

494.Connie in OH

495.-497Peggy in NJ

498.-501.Sassy sticthers 4

502.-504.3 qb April - from Miracles and Jackie

505.-507.3 from Willa CO

508. Mary in NJ

509. Beth in MD

510.-513.Amy in MI

514.-515.2 CO

516.-522.7 from TX

523.-524.2 from CO quilted by Kelly in MI

525.God's Creation PVE CO quilt

526.-529.Kim B in MN

530.-5334 Alberta in IL

534.Coleen in NE

535.Karen in OH

536. Miracles Top CO

537. Denise in CO

538.-539.Kim in La Junta CO

540.-547.8 Tuesday Thimbles WA

548.-550.Sue in AZ

551. America the Beautiful PVE

552.Joyce in PA

553.-554. Willa in CO

555.-556. Sew N Sews NC

557.Patriotic Plaid PVE

558.-560.3 Shari in AZ

561.Lori in SD

562.-563.Jane in WI

564.Marcella in MA

565.-567.3 from CO

568.-572.Suzanne in IA

573.-576.4 in CO

577.Harriett in CO

578.-579.Mtn View Deaf and Hard of Hearing School

580.-586.Lynn from Texas

587.Carolyn VI

588. Davis in CO

589.Denise in PA

590.-595.Willa in CO

596.Sherry in CO

597.Susan in NJ

598.Janice in TX

599.-610.12 Birchwood Bluegill quilters of WI

611. Sharon in MN

612. Marie in SD

613.Willa in CO


615.-616.Piece by Peace CT

617.-620.Rosie in KS

621. Designs Hidden Inside

622. Stars And Stripes

623. Healing the Heart

624. American Hope

625. Fighter Pilots Flag


Deployment 3 June 29th


626.-627. Amy D in IL

628.-630. PFQG Guild 3

631.-632.Janice W in CO

633.Amy in CO

634.Miracles in CO

635.Denise in CO

636.-638.Margaret in IN

639.-641.Peg in OH

642.-648.Geneseo IL

649.-651.Quilting Broads in WA

652.-654.Dianne K in CO

655.Sue in AZ

656.Betty in CO

Next Delivery-July 09

657.-660.Kathy and Beverly in OH

661.-662.Linda in AL

663.Sandi in NJ


665.-667.Willa in CO

668.Kim in CO

669.-671.Grey Goose in CO

672.Paula in CO

673. Linda in CO

674.Kara in NE

675.Mary in WA

676.-680.Dawn in ID

Delivered August 09

681.-684.Pat in WI

685. Andi in AZ

686.-687. San and Julia

688.-689. Pat in NM

690.-701.Cecily & 1st Lutheran Church CO

NEXT Sept 09

702.-709.Rosalie's Group CO

710.-716. Stephanie in CO

717.-720.Mary in IL

721.Judy in CO

722.-723.Susan in CO 2

724.-725.Arlene and Richard in MI

726.Ellen in ID

727.-731.Nancy in MN

732.Judy in OKC

733.-736.Rita in MA

737.-741.Becky in MO

742.-743.San and Mary MN

744.Bari in MO

745.-746.Marcia in IL

747.-748.Stacey in NC

749.-751.Julie in the Barn CA

752.Loretta in LA

753.-759.PFQG quilts

760.-765.The HunnyBees

766.-770.Annie in IA

771.-774.Diane in TN

775.Mary in CO and Kim in MN

Total Quilted : 775


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Great Job, ladies!

God Bless you and the recipient of your quilts.