Wednesday, March 31, 2021

A12 Dakota Inspired Clue #5

Happy Happy Wednesday you all!!!

it's that time again!!

We have built some Units in the past clues - and now we will take some of those units.... and

Start Making a Block!!! Whoop Whoop!!



Monday, March 29, 2021

Under the Starry Sky

 It's pattern release day!!  

Our last mystery was Under the Starry Sky - and guess what? It is now a complete pattern listed in my Etsy Store!.  I knew you were excited !!

This is my finished Version of it!

We took the photos on a windy day... but we just had to get outside!!

And this is Connie's Version of it!
didn't it turn out great?

You can find the pattern listed in my Quiltygirl Etsy Store - CLICK HERE  

So if you missed the mystery and really wanted to make this quilt - now you can! Have a friend that sees yours? Well now they too can own the pattern and make their own ;-)

I hope you like it!!!

Saturday, March 27, 2021

Green RSC and Table Scraps for March

 Your not going to believe this... but its kinda an end of the month (ish) for me!!

This is my day to recap my Placemat Project for this month!!!

This month was Green and my Goal was 10 Green Placemats!!

Whoop Whoop!! TEN!!! and guess what?? Three of them are quilted - Oh ya!!

But even better?

All NINE of my February ( remember it was short month) are quilted and bound!

and All TEN of my January are now all bound... for those of you who know me, you had BETTER be clapping like crazy... Binding... my least favorite part of making a quilt... I mean - who has time for that? haha!!

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Rainbow Scrap Challenge at Super SCrappy

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Table Scraps Challenge and the Joyful Quilter

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Friday, March 26, 2021

Memory Quilts and!!!! Finished ( or not) Friday!

 Welcome to this weeks edition of Finished ( or not) Friday... where we find ourselves with!!!

A Finish!!! 

Alright - a Little Bragging here.... TWO finishes!! Oh ya!!

I was so excited to finish these and get them back to their owner - and! I think she liked them!!

I put all the darker and more Winter type shirts in this one - with one in the center from the place he spent a lot of time!

Here I tried the Quilt swirl...

Yep -I suck at it!!

and then I took all the light Spring type ones for the second quilt - with one Denim section with his most favorite shirt 

Didn't even attempt the Quilt Swirl with this one... Just gave up gracefully! and draped it over the rocking chair!

These were really really fun to do, and of course - they hold such great memories for this family. The lady I made them for, her dad is an icon in the Horse Business around here, so I hope they bring a lot of good memories for her and her kids!

and now... the part of the show that you have been waiting for!! Its your turn!!

Let's show off those amazing Finishes.....

You know the drill!!

  • Link up your direct post
  • Visit the other linkers! ( you know create even more projects you want to attempt
  • Tell me your favorite color.


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Wednesday, March 24, 2021

a12 Dakota Inspired Clue #4

Welcome to Clue #4 of our Mystery!!!

I have uploaded the file for you to click on !


Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Backing Choices.. Do they have to match the Quilt front?

 A while ago I was reading on Quilt Diva Julies blog about how she selected her Backings. and it sparked a great memory for me!

My sons have been quilting with me since the beginning of my Quilt Journey. I think it was so they could use my Longarm Machine, but no matter.. I welcomed them to the club.

Okay - well not exactly.... I had been quilting a little, and then decided I could teach 5th graders how to quilt, so you know - My oldest was a 5th grader at that time... so I suckered him in.... and the others = well heck they have to keep up with him...

But back to my Memory - My kids all wanted to make a quilt for the County Fair - so we decided on the Disappearing Nine Patch pattern. We thought it would be a fun one, and one that if they had to go to school, they could stop and pick it up rather easily. 

The boys dug into my stash, and then we made a fabric Enhancing trip to find the fabrics they wanted. My oldest - loved the  Military .... so of course he picked camo fabrics.

And this is the top he made:

Pretty Cool right?   I thought this was a great combination!
Then it came time to choose the backs - and we headed back to the Quilt shop.
He found this awesome Air Force print and knew in his heart - THIS WAS IT!

And so... It was!

We entered the quilts in the fair - in the 4H Heritage Arts division and headed in to *talk * with the judges. The way 4H works - you submit your projects and they Interview you about them. They look at your record books, and talk to you about why you did things. Its pretty cool really.

So he submitted his quilt. The judge looked it over and she said... Well - your Backing Choice is very interesting but it doesn't go with the actual quilt you made. His judge actually told him that was a bad choice for this particular quilt - 

and my son - being 10 years old - he argued that it was not. He let her know that the camo on front represented the Military Desert Uniforms and the Air Force on the back represented that he wanted to Fly with the Air Force - so for him this Quilt represented his dreams and made perfect sense.

She relented and came over and told me that I was raising a lawyer, and proceeded to tell me his reasonings on his quilt.  ( which incidentally was also written in his Quilt record book that accompanies the quilt) .  I loved that judge right then. I love how she listened, understood his reasoning, and actually ended up agreeing with him.

See why 4H is so good - it teaches kids reasoning, as well as some mad skills!

Funny thing about this now? And the reason it sparked a memory?

My Son is a Lawyer - and .... he is in the Marines... 


Monday, March 22, 2021

Starting Something New!


I have been saving some fabrics... and I am not 100% sure why I was saving them, but as I was Planning a remake of a  Quilt pattern I had designed.... I thought - well Heck fire!!

I should use my Cowboy fabrics!!

And so I pulled a bunch of them out and I think I have decided on these!!

Now here is the question - Should I tell you what pattern I am making? Or should I make you guess?

  • It is one that I have made many times
  • It is one That I wrote
  • I designed the block and it was a New to me Design.....

hmmmm what to do?

it is one that has been in my Quiltygirl shop for a while......

Hmmm - Maybe I will make you guess!!! Or... just wait and see.....

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Sunday, March 21, 2021

Kirbies Cravings Lasagna

 I mentioned that I had been learning some new recipes - and a few of you wanted to know about them!

Well! We learned that Low carb was a great way to help control Diabetes and other things.. So Dr Google became Recipe Master Google and did we have some fun!!

I thought I would share a few of our most favorite recipes over time here.  (besides just a good ol steak with a side of broccoli!- I mean steak... it always wins!!)

THIS!!! Is my Kirbies Cravings Lasagna  Kirbies Recipe here  and lawsy mercy was it GOOD!!!

First, everyone told me Keto was easy, just replace your flours with almond flours. sure, well - I already have to eat Gluten free so we used Millet and coconut flours, but! I can NOT do the nut flours - Lucky Me - found out the hard way I am ALLERGIC to them!! GO figure!

So when I found this recipe and the noodles were NOT made with any flour of any kinds - I swooned.... Yep - Swooned people! and I dove right in to make it - and it was GOOD - and my husband asked for seconds!!

A few notes - I did not have a food processor, so I used our blender - worked fine. I  made the noodle's a little fatter than the recipe said - only because - well -  math.... but! I think I will try them the right way next time haha!

I used Ranch Raised Ground beef.... the best!! 

And it was awesome!! and even though that looks like a small pan - I think we got 4 meals out of it - so yay me - more quilting time!!

Saturday, March 20, 2021

RSC Pineapple Blossoms in Green

 In between piecing my Placemats and Color blocks... I got my March Green Pineapple blossom blocks done!!  I didn't have as many greens in my batik bin as I thought... but I like what I used -they are Happy to me!

I think they will be fun with my other colors!

And I got a little circle quilting in on one of my placemats !  yay!!!

Go see what everyone else is up to!!

Rainbow Scrap Challenge

Friday, March 19, 2021

Monkey Wrench Color Blocks top.... and!! Finished ( or Not) Friday!!!

 My Dad and I were talking about *stuff* and I said... Dad! What day did we go "here"?  and he said Tuesday, and I said Oh My Gosh... then that makes today Thursday!! and he said yes... why? 

 and I jumped up and ran away from him, so I could finish this top and brag about it for 

FINISHED ( or Not) FRIDAY!!!!  ( and all the other cool Friday posts!)

So are you ready?   Here is my March Color Blocks Top called Monkey Wrench!!

( Class taught by Debby Brown Quilts)

Ta da!!  Now!! I really love this pattern - it is right after my own Churn Dash Loving heart!!
But! I do not like the background I chose. I ( personally) think it is too busy, but! I hope that quilting and binding will make me love it again!

I used the little cut off pieces from the sorta half square style blocks to make the border a little bigger. but in my typical , not remembering left from right self, they all ended up going the same way, instead of opposite directions like my mind eye saw!! haha!!
No Worries!! it will be loved
( and of course I built it up to QOV Size)

Alright - enough of me bragging!!  Tell me what you all have been up to!!
 * Remember to provide a direct link to your FONF projects!
*Visit around - have some fun, add to your bucket list!!


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Thursday, March 18, 2021

Patterns and Supplies

 I may have mentioned about Thanksgiving that my Iron was starting to spit, and maybe... I should think of getting a new one.  And then life went on and I forgot about it, and about two weeks ago I was delivering Beef in the Denver area. I mentioned to my husband that I might just run in and see if I could find an Iron I liked.

He said "Why don't you want till the weekend and I'll go with you? Plus I could use some help feeding tonite". and because I really don't like to shop all that much I said  okay!

And then I forgot about maybe getting a new iron. 

Then the UPS guy showed up (Pre snow storm) and there was a box, and Husband got really excited and he opened it for me and Look!!

My Very Own Oliso Iron!! and ( now don't laugh) He got me the Professional Version!
I can steam things too!! I love it!!! oh - and you can leave it in the iron position and it pops up when not in use!

I asked him how he learned about it - and he said... I was watching your quilting show with you on you tube and that lady had one, and I figured - my Quiltygirl needed one too ( awwww)

Now Patterns!
I have to thank all of you who have been sharing this pattern in my Etsy store -
It has become a big hit!!

if you are looking for another Patriotic pattern to make - this one is a fun one
and if you are the ones who have been sharing it - THANK YOU!

Stars a Waving Pattern

I sure appreciate the support!   

Off to Make sure I have something Finished for Finished or Not Friday!!

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Wednesday, March 17, 2021

A12 Dakota Inspired Clue #3

Dakota Inspired Clue #3

For this clue we will be using your Red and Light Fabrics – do not throw any away… you will need them again ;-)


For this clue we are making 80 Red/Light Rail blocks that will measure 4 inches x 4 ½ inches. This step took me just over 90 minutes :


Here is my Method:

 Red:  cut 5 wof Strips 4 ½ inches , and sub cut these into 40  - 4 ½ inch squares

 Light:  cut 5 WOF strips 4 ½ inches , and sub cut these into 40 – 4 ½ inch squares

 Pair a Light with a Red


Stitch on two sides ¼ inch from the edge.

Slice in the center ( at the 2 ¼ inch mark)


Press open


And Ta da – you will have

 80  -  4 x 4 ½  inch rail blocks


Again please note the strange unit size!!

Clue # 3  Print Version Here

if you have just joined in - all the other clues and Fabric Requirements can be found here:

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

I didn't disappear

We just had the 4th largest snowstorm hit our area - and I am IN LOVE!!

We needed the SNOW SO BAD - but I sorta forgot about power outages, and well.... first world problems - Like NO INTERNET.. how did we ever survive!!

And boy did I take photos - but you'll have to see them over the next few days!

Don't you just love those drifts?
I know parts of CO got way more than we did - 
but we are thinking this heavy wet snow really watered our pastures... 
and!! fingers crossed

We planted some grass seed in the dry spots
 ( okay one dry spot) and are praying this moisture makes it grow!


I'll be back tomorrow with Clue 3 ( I think it is) 

but I just wanted to check in.... make sure I still exist in the world haha

Saturday, March 13, 2021

Green RSC progress

 And.... It has been a year!

First off - My Green Progress!

I think I am really liking the craziness of these - I kinda matched 6 blocks that I thought would look okay - and! I think they still do. None of them are square to begin with.... and I did not make these Details here ... so I iron them and square them to the smallest block in the little pile .. and go from there!

My Last two pinks are bound too - so January's Ten Placemants.... ... are finished!!

Now to start binding the yellows - you'll see Yellow again!


It has been one year ( for us) that the Pandemic hit.... We had heard rumbles - but On Friday March 13th at  4pm, the husband showed up and home and said... we are working from home for a month ... minimum... and one year later... he is still here ;-)

I read back on my blog and realized I alluded to changes, but never really wrote them out, so I thought I would do that here... that way when I am 100 I can read back on it and say "Yep , I survived!"

My two youngest sons came home from college, to live and school here.  And it was fun and strange. I work on a ranch, seasonally, and our season had ended on February 28th, so I was just getting into the groove of being *Empty Nesters* and 100% full time quilting..... and then they all showed up!

March 27th my Dad decided to have a heart episode ( or three) that resulted in a Triple Bypass.  Because of Covid none of us could be with him at the hospital. I have never talked to so many doctors over the phone .... ever... while we were making decisions. 

Because of Covid, we did not want him to go into rehab - so we all became a Quaranteam - and we took care of Dad and his rehab. And we brought people in to work with him at home. We felt it was much safer. 

Because of Covid they cancelled my Oldest Sons Law School Graduation. Worse, they cancelled his Bar Exam Test where he lived. This would effect his JAG appointments - so we learned that Colorado was still going to administer theirs. So he and his girlfriend ( also a lawyer) drove out here to do a two week quarantine and take their test, and then go to a family reunion with us. 

Wyoming didn't have as many restrictions as Colorado, but we still had to have small groups - so this reunion was actually really fun. All of us live on ranches, all of us had been Isolated on our ranches, so we didn't worry to much. My Mother in Law made all the food, and we felt very safe. And truly had a blast. No one got sick, and we all got back to our ranches to isolate again.

I gained a Daughter in Love

I got two Barred Lawyers

My two youngest sons got apartments and left me again. The dog had the worst time with the adjustment. I am still trying to remember how not to cook for 20 people at a time.

Their Colleges were 100% online, but at least at their apartments they didn't struggle with internet issues... Again - we are pretty rural - so if the sun shines in the wrong spot. Our internet goes out.

I went back to my seasonal ranch (I only work two days a week, it sparks my creativity,  its a beautiful place, its fun, and its still pretty isolated....) 

Christmas was just us, small groups, but at least we still got to hang out with family. We were ( and are) still very careful about going anywhere - didn't want Mom and Dad to get anything from us.

Mom and Dad got the vaccine, we were thinking things were looking up..

Mom just got diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer ( on Valentines day no less!) 

and that is where we are now. My husband is still home. I have gotten used to him being here. He has taken over more chores, and I get more quilting time in  - so its worked out for me!! haha!

Since My oldest probably won't be back for a while, I took over his room. Its full of my quilts. And I took over my middle sons room, it has some quilts too... I haven't braved taking over the other rooms yet - I feel like that may just make me sound selfish!

Okay - when I am 100 years old and  reading this... I wonder if I will remember my favorite new recipe from this time in our lives?  Maybe... I'll type that out for another post - and you will say... hey that looks good! and you will love me forever for your new favorite recipes.

The end.... .😁

Friday, March 12, 2021

Finished! (Or Not) Friday

Happy Friday you all!

Two years ago today (2019) we had a 60 degree day and woke up the next morning with 2 feet of snow, and it was still snowing. We used a rope to keep ahold of each other while doing chores, and hunkered down....

They say another storm is coming and we could have between 9 and 30 inches of snow... quite frankly, I am hoping for 30inches at my house... anyone who doesn't want it - I hope they stay dry!!  But we are so dry, and we rely on Mother Nature to water our pastures, 

All that said - I have Surprise and her Momma up in the barn, the other cattle are up at the house, we have windbreaks set up, the horses have been brought in to the other corrals, and we think we are prepared. ( I even know where the rope is should it be blizzardy)

I kinda feel like I should have washed the car tho, you know, just to make it snow here!

The only things I really finished this week were my Client quilts - so Yay!! but I did finish this top:

its the Tri Your Luck quilt pattern from our DebbyBrown Quilts class.

I finished this Client quilt - she wanted Butterflies all over it - and that was really fun to quilt!

I also got a little bit of my RSC stuff done, but you'll have to come back Saturday to see that.


Lets see what you are up to - show us those awesome Finishes!! 

* Don't forget to put your direct link in
* for those of you with Flicker photo links - I am looking!!! I just haven't figured out how to comment yet!



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Thursday, March 11, 2021

A Little Feathering..

I turned up my Music, and had a little fun Feathering....  

Now we hear a big winter storm is heading our way! Okay - I have been hearing about it since Monday - but today when I woke up and it was really foggy, and there is some frost on the ground... I do believe it is coming....

I'm ready! Fabric to cut, tops to piece, chocolate, Wine, and even ice cream.....

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

A12 Dakota Inspired Clue #2


Dakota Inspired Clue #2

For this clue we will be using your Medium Blue and Light Fabrics – do not throw any away… you will need them again ;-)


For this clue we are making 48 Med Blue/Light Rail blocks that will measure 4 inches x 4 ½ inches. 

This step took me just over 30 minutes :


Here is my Method – Feel free to use whatever you’d like:


Medium Blue:  cut 3 wof (width of fabric) Strips 4 ½ inches, and sub cut these into 24  - 4 ½ inch squares


Light:  cut 3 WOF strips 4 ½ inches ,

and sub cut these into 24 – 4 ½ inch squares


Pair 1 Light with 1 Med Blue – right sides together.

Stitch on two sides ¼ inch from the edge.

Slice in the center ( at the 2 ¼ inch mark)

 *Look closely at the photo for the two stitch lines*

Press open


And Ta da – you will have:

 48  -  4 x 4 ½ inch rail blocks

Click Here for a Printable PDF 

Monday, March 08, 2021

Tri Your Luck.. the Top

 This is my February quilt top ( not quilted yet) for my Debby Brown class - its the Color Block class....

just so you know... even though the calendar said March, if February had as many days and January - I would have had it finished... so I blame the calendar makers... yep - its all their fault I was a little behind. 

I made a few more blocks than her original pattern called for and I added another border - It brought it up to 61 x 80 and will be a Perfect Quilts of Valor Size.... It just  needs quilting....

I have been very lucky in the paying work side - so it may be a bit... but it is all GOOD!

I also had a Quilt of Valor presentation to a Marine up in the mountains... and you all KNOW I had to take advantage of our little trip!!

not bad views right? It was a beautiful day up there - a little sunny, a little windy, and great company!

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Monday Making at Love Laugh Quilt

Saturday, March 06, 2021

Green Rainbow Scrap Challenge!

Green is such a happy color!!!  And it is the color that Was chosen at Super Scrappy

So I went to my trusty bin of blocks, and started to dig. by the way - This is month three of using this bucket, and I still can not lift it myself to put it back on the shelf.....

Here are some of the Greens I found to work with this month:

They are just so bright and happy - and totally make my front room look good!!

I also got three more of the yellow ones from last month quilted .. ( I have 3 yellow ones to go)

Oops - thats the back of Number3!
I wonder where the front photo went!!

And!! I got two more Pink ones bound.... Progress is being made!!