Saturday, May 31, 2014

Scrappy Saturday - Green

I am making it just under the wire!!!  Green was the color of the month for May - and Ta da!!

My Green RSC Scrappy Block!!!

All of them so far:

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Friday, May 30, 2014

Finishes for Friday

THIS!!! was a great week! Busy, but I finally got something accomplished!!

The most recent finish... hot off the frame last night. It was cooler in the basement, but it kept getting darker so I quilted faster and faster to beat the lightening storm. Got my machine all shut down and unplugged, and 5 minutes later... the hail came. Perfect timing ;-)

This was from the Monochromatic Color challenge that Judy at hosted a few years ago.  This one is called Blindigo.   ( I combined two months - Blue and Indigo - brilliant right?)

 Hunh -I just went and looked - it's only from 2011... not too bad. (Don't laugh)

My son has helped me get a lot done - he even made me lunch yesterday so I could keep quilting. I am keeping him. Looks yummy !!

I also finished "Sticks"   This was a Scrapapalooza quilt from Cynthia Brunz 

And I finished my Wildlife top - I don't think this is too old, but I refuse to answer a date on the grounds that someone will take my chocolate!!  It was fun to quilt.

All of these were quilted with pantos. I am offering a special up in the top right corner. And I am loving it!! I forget how much I really love pantos, and how they add such texture to our quilts. Sometimes I get stuck on the idea that everything has to be show quilted, and I forget that really... it's doesn't have to be. The pantos are gorgeous, and they really do add to every quilt.  And they are FUN!!

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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Wildlife Quilt

Well..... if enough people pick on me .... I may actually finish some things up.... it's all good though...;-)

I started this quilt back a while ago, and I intended to make it for someone, and then I forgot who that someone was, and then I think I made them a different quilt, since this one wasn't done.....  

are you still with me?

now - it is quilted - another one that needs binding... but I will get to it- I promise !!!  Someday I am going to rent a bunch of chick flicks - kick the boys out and Bind!!

Anyone care to guess how long ago it was?  It is really not too bad... maybe you won't think it is bad at all ???

This is another cool panto - it was really fun to quilt too...

Your Wildlife Photo for the day:

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Quilts of Valor 2014

We have been busy getting the quilt tops that we have made ( a batrillion) out to our wonderful Volunteer Machine Quilters.... and now.... (excited dance) a LOT of them are coming back!!!  It is so fun to see these quilts again!!!

First off - the smiles... oh the smiles!  This particular Veteran was taking a class when I was there. You all would have laughed at how fast he finished his test to come see me!!

Block Drive Quilts!!! This is one that we all put together - and Liz Davis in Thornton quilted it.

Pretty cool huh? It really gives it Movement!

Here is anther one - again quilted by Liz!!

And of course we started working on the Yellow/Blue ones too!I really love this combo! It was also quilted by Liz.

This crazy star quilt was pieced by Adele of Columbine Quilt guild - and quilted by Liz. ( I am SO keeping her!)

Don't you love the piano key border?

This one was pieced By Nancy S in Colorado Springs and Quilted by Liz.

It is called the Not So Top Secret Quilt and can be found under the Free Patterns Page.  It was run as a mystery quilt a few years ago. Please don't make me say how many years ago though please.... I am already feeling old today ;-)

This one was pieced by Irene K of Thornton and Quilted by Liz.  I really like this color combo!  It was such fun to see up close!!

And another Block Drive quilt. Again Quilted by Liz!!  She was one busy quilter recently!!

This twister was pieced by Connie and Kathy and Quilted by Connie N of Colorado area.  I just saw her yesterday = you would think I could remember the exact town... but... I forgot *sigh*   She did a lovely job!
 He said it felt like a Hug from Home.... That will getcha right?  I LOVED that he could feel the hugs!!

This quilt was pieced by my neighbor... see even the locals are not exempt from my harassing!! She had a great time working on it. I chose the colors - she said I did alright ;-)  It was quilted by Jeanette.

She used a panto - Broken Star Maybe?  It was a great match for the quilt!!

This one was pieced by Nancy and quilted by Nancy in Ft Collins. She is part of Rocky Mountain Quilt Guild.  It is beautiful!

The last quilt for today comes from Rocky Mountain Creative quilters too... a group of them worked on it. And it has really cool Military Fabrics in it!

 This was another one taking his class.... The teacher wished he had as much draw as we did ;-)

Hope you all enjoyed today's show!  I love that we can honor our Veterans this way, and that we can give them such a beautiful Tangible Thank you for their service.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Sticks.... is finally quilted!!
Whoot Whoot!!

Sticks started as a scrappy quilt designed by Cynthia B  and it ended up a scrap quilt with a Whole new name!!

You can see it's progression if you want - Step 1  and Step 2

And then Cynthia emailed and asked my if I had it quilted, and I choked on my Rice Chex.... and said - umm, you mean the top only?  Or um,.... quilted?

And I felt guilty ( not really but lets make Cynthia feel bad ok?)  and so !!  I made a backing and now....

Ta ....Da....

It is still not done .... let you down didn't I ? LOL - It needs binding now.... but I may be trading another quilter some binding for some quilting... It will be vintage by the time I do it ;-)

PS - this is a panto and can be used for the Panto Parade Promotion ( top right hand corner)

Have a good one!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Scrapapalooza sort of

First off.... you MUST promise NOT to laugh....

Promise?  Pinky Promise?

Alright... I will show you a few pictures. Over at Cynthia keeps offering these awesome Scrap Quilts - called Scrapapalooza... and I!  LOVE. Them.

And I keep thinking I can do all of them, and then.... I realize I am slow... and sometimes I am color challenged.....

My idea for this one was to use all red and white for the small squares, and all blue for the big squares.

I said I would sew until the end of may - and then however many blocks I had... would be the quilt.

Except... I decided to put them up on the design wall - and I deemed my color plan...

a Fail ;-)

and it does not hurt my feelings... my thoughts are if I am having fun and I am releasing stress - then all is good in my world... but that... was really hard for me to look at. Visually I mean - It gave me a headache lol

I made the executive decision that making more of the same blocks was not going to make it any better - so I went to my orphan block box ( say that 6 times fast!)   And now this is what I have up on the wall...

I am thinking that maybe some solid borders and it will be a real quilt?

Anyways - it has been a LOT of fun and I am loving using my scraps... and I might have learned something about Red White and Blue... which i thought ALWAYS worked together....

Friday, May 23, 2014


I believe that this is what I am going to name this quilt!

It is now at finished top stage ... I just need to get a backing -

Here is where it all started Utilize  !

I found this 36 inch wide fabric in a box of fabrics given to me - and I just had to dig into it right away. Of course, I found a pattern that caught my eye too - in Modern Quilts Unlimited.

After staring at this top though - Little bit and I decided it needed some kind of border... so we added the one to the right of it.  Does that still keep it a Modern Quilt?

And now - to figure out how best to quilt it? I would like to actually get to it pretty quickly - wish me luck!

Your Wildlife shot of the day:

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Quilts of Valor 2014 May ;-)

Today's QOV show has a LOT of quilty Goodness!! I just can not believe how much these beautiful quilts can make a heart sing!!

Are you ready?  Do you have your coffee/Dr. Pepper ready?  A little snack?

He was trying to hold back his smile... really - but There was one showing anyways!!

These photos are some of our wounded warriors as they are recovering ;-)

So the next 6 quilts are all pieced by Meredith in AZ.  Meredith keeps me on my toes !!

Ron O in NM quilted these quilts - see how he puts an American Emblem in them?  I want to do that!

 I love the backing fabrics too - so cool and collected!

The photo below is one of Meredith's Quilts too!
This gal ( a helicopter pilot) was so tickled to pick this one!

Another Batik Beauty from Meredith

Check out this eagle!!  In case you didn't know... I kinda like eagles - we have had a few here at the house!

The next 4 Quilts come from the Amelia Island Quilters!  They had a fabulous Quilt show and wonderful quilts! Some of them were these 4 Quilts of Valor!

These Panels have been very popular with our guys and gals. And of course I love seeing the different ways they can be used.

This one looks scrappy - but I think it was really planned. I like it!!!

LOVE.... seriously... Love!

See - another Panel quilt. So a little about this warrior - he is Combat Wounded. He wanted everyone to know that. It was important to him, and I am proud of his recovery.  He was SO excited to choose this quilt. It really spoke to him. He said that it was a visual confirmation that others were proud of him for his service, and that he was worth something.  Wow... right?   LOVED his smile!

Don't forget - the fabric requirements are up for the Allegiance Mystery quilt - designed by none other than  Vicki Welsh.  The first clue is coming up soon... so get those fabrics ready!!!