Saturday, December 31, 2011

Quilts from Mary in MN

Mary is the fearless leader of our Heartstrings Group!  Sheis amazing, I have decided that when she is quilting she quilts at warp speed!!!

The first two quilts were pieced by Jan, quilted and bound by Mary.. I LOVE how she frames the center string with the stripes!!! Great look!

And in Blue!!

This one was 100% done by Mary... This pattern here!!  Its called a twisted 9 patch!! Don't you love it!

And this great string quilt. I really do like these.!

Thank you Mary - I so appreciate all the support you have given this Quilt of Valor project over the years!!

Quilts from Lynn in MI

Lynn in Michigan sent in these two beautiful Quilts of Valor!!  They are both so patriotic!!

I love the surprises in theis one. When I first looked at it I thought it was a rail fence, and then my eye went up to that center block!! Is that not Clever!!

And a lot of wrok went into this one... look at all those tiny pieces. So - funny story... one of the guys said he was a Marine, then got redeployed to the Army, so he would love a quilt that depicted both.....

I did not get enough good shots of this quilt - but is has emblems from all the military branches was just what he wanted!!! Lynn - you have great taste!!

Thanks Lynn!!!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Quilts from Amelia Island Quilt Guild

Gail and the guild made some wonderful Quilts of Valor over in Florida - and sent 5 of them this way to help out our pantry needs. I so appreciate that!!

So check out these beauties:

Do you ever wonder how blogger sees these images? In my computer this is NOT upside down!!  Don't you LOVE the star appliques!!!

I LIKE this one!!! I love the diamonds!!
And the next picture is the back of it.

This one is pretty cool huh? It is all in the setting of the blocks!

I am guessing that this quilt is made from the moda just one star pattern?  it has a lot of signatures on the stars too!  And the back.... I want that fabric!!

And the last one. I kind of fell in love with the border fabric... wonder why?

Thank you SO much Amelia Island Quilt Guild!!!

Quilts of Valor from Pat

Pat in Wisconsin sent me these two beautiful Quilts of Valor. And I have to say - I LOVE her work!! I wish I could think like her sometimes!!  

This first quilt is from Terry Atkinsons Minnesota Hot Dish pattern.... its on my to do list too. I think I even have fabric next to the book... but don't tell anyone... it won't get done this year!

This brick one was drooled over a little bit in my house!!  I have all boys - remember? They are my testing unit to see if a quilt is too feminine or not. ( Not that I had to test this one!) But they saw it on the floor ready to post for pictures.... and they all wanted it!!

Check out the back!!!!

Thank you Pat!!! You all want to check out her other work go to  - tell I sent ya!!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Quilts of Valor from Cathy in AZ

These two wonderful Quilts of Valor come from Cathy W in AZ.  I have to say that I am amazed everyday at the generousity of quilters!!! You all are so amazing!!

If I read the labels right - this strippy quilt was quilted by Marie

Isn't that just the coolest quilting?

This quilt is really neat. I looks so complicated!!
Thanks Cathy for these beauties!!

A top From Deborah in Canada

Deborah is a Patchwork Times. com reader . SHe emailed asking if it would be okay to send a top to be quilted, as that is easier internationally. So she sent a top - and a gal that sewd s with me here - Sharon is going to quilt it.   But heres the funny thing. They are email friends from another list, and when Deb said she was sending me a quilt - Sharon called me right away.

Small world right???

Anyways - here is the top!

Check out the heart block!!! love it!! Thanks Deborah!!

Adopting a Unit

One of the guys that I worked with was deployed a month ago, and he decided that it would be great if I adopted him and his guys while they are overseas!! And of course, how can one say no.

Our small little 4H group loves to do community service, so I thought I would ask them if they wanted to help make some things for the guys.... they are so awesome! We filled 2 USPS/APO boxes of goodies... and made these ....

Those fleece tied Blankets 

I love my Joanns coupons!!

Even the dads joined in - they are a great work crew!!

And everyone had a chance to tie them up

We made 3 blankets total to send !  And of course, had to try them out first!!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

From Inspirations Quilts Shop

Over in Ft Morgan - to the east of me, there is a quilt shop called Inspirations. They have a Thimbleberries Quilting Group - and one of the members  - Susan.... brought Quilts of Valor to their attention.   But not only did they just listen to Susan about QOV.... they jumped right in and made 2 for our soldiers at Ft Carson.... yay!!!

Check out this beautiful Sampler.... and a close up
I think I LOVE the flag!!!

And the Second quilt. I just really love ALL the blocks - they are so fun to study and drool over!

Heres the pillowcase that goes with the second quilt - beautiful!!!
Thanks ladies!! The Thimbleberries Club of Inspirations quilt shop  rocks!!!

Partially Proficient

I was SO excited last night!!! I had been busily sewing along - I finally (finally) finished clue 5 and was ready to start on clue 6.... I got all the pieces cut for clue 6 andf sat down to sew.....

and I hadn't trimmed by clue 1 ( i think it was that clue) up... and they were just enough too big... that I couldn't fudge....

See all 4,000, 350 million little pieces?? Whooo hoo.... ( please don't look at my piles....)

And all my pretty pieces all cut up!!!

See - the trimmings - they are just a smudge too big, and just enought that I would know. Cuz you all KNOW I am not perfect.....

Fred was back again while I was sewing. I love the majesty of Fred... and I love when he dive bombs my window - scares the bejeebers out of me...

Off to Quilt - I am working on a Custom quilt ... and I am loving it!!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A mini Quilt show - all quilted by Liz

Liz is a Gammill rep and a CS 4.0 Certified Trainer - and she is awesome. She had all her customer quilts finished and gladly took a LOT of Quilts of Valor to quilt for us!!!  I could hardly keep up with making the backings for as fast as she quilted these!!  

So grab a cup of hot chocolate - or a Dr Pepper ( you know MY choice!) and enjoy... theres some eye candy here!!

This one is made by Miracles in denver - Under the care of Jess V... Jess also teaches classes at the wooden spool in denver...

I am cheating - all of these previous quilts were made by the Miracles group in Denver. They have been so helpful in our Quilt of Valor endeavor, and have learned a new skill as well!!

So this Double Ring was made and quilted by Liz - pretty cool huh?

The next two quilts are made by Tamera over at

 This Strip Twist quilt was made by Mary M - of my Greeley Guild.

Heres a close up of the quilting.  I loved these plaids - so yummy!!

This quilt was made by Agnes K  - her daughters Sandy and Karen are another QOV team that is awesome!! Its all in the family!!

And the last two tops for today are made by tamera as well

At the end of the month all of these will go to our QOV Sew Day and I will beg the Binding Bunch to dig in and bind, and I will bring chocolate to ward off the tiredness ;-)