Thursday, July 31, 2014

Quilts at County Fair

My middle child made a Quilt for County Fair.... anyone heading to State fair in August.... you can see it there!

He learned about wonky fabric.... we got these spiderman panels and NONE of them were square. So he had quite a challenge.

And of course - I can't find any of the photos of him working on it - but here is it loaded on the Longarm.

He chose to use fleece for the back.. ( I may steal it, it is snuggly)

And then he had to bind it.
Talk about a chore - that fleece made it really thick.
I think we should have cut the binding wider!

Here he is at the Fair with it.
Check out that plaque... that is his!!!

And he has a little Bling to bring home!!

Needless to say - he was a happy camper!!!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Questions answered

First off answered...

A few of you ( okay a lot) are no reply comment -ors and I tried to search for your emails.... but I can't find them...

So Scrappy Saturday - each block finishes at....big!   I had to go measure - 19 1/2 by 19 1/2 inches

And many have asked for the pattern: Here it is:

I designed it on my little drawing pad - so please don't mind the messiness.

2. Where is Tales of the Pig?  Well .... this year the boys went back to public school, so Little Bit ddn't have as much time to write with me. He promises to write with me this weekend and share his photos of his pigs. They are cute... and big... and eat a lot... sort of like the other boys in this family.

3. Are you flooding again.? We live up on a hill a mile or so from the river. But we are high enough that if we flood you all better have an ark.... however... there is a LOT of water rushing right now .

4. Can you remind me the sizes of Quilts of Valor again?   55 x 65 to 72 x 90.... anything in between!

Hope that answers the questions that I couldn't respond to.

Quilts of Valor 2014 7/30

Good Wednesday Morning.....  ( it is Wednesday right?)

We had such a great week with County Fair and all the events that go on there... we are slowly catching up. Huge rainstorms, and power outages ... do not help... just letting you know ( grin)

The most important things first.... QUILT SHOW!!!

There is an awesome Quilt Guild - called Rocky Mountain Creative Quilters - over in Fort Collins. They do FABULOUS work, and they chose Quilts of Valor to be a philanthropy for the guild....

And here are the results:

This is a Quilt from Marilyn W of Loveland!

Another one Pieced and Quilted by Marilyn. Marilyn is such an awesome quilter!! I love the colors she uses!

This is a third one from Marilyn. I tell you that girl is good!!!

This one was pieced and quilted by Tae. Tae was so sweet to meet. She is a fabulous quilter - and had such fun with this one. I like it!!

Smiles!!!- This quilt is one that was made from The Machine Quilters Exposition QOV block drive. Check out their website - they are doing another block drive - and the blocks are gorgeous!!
The quilt above was made by Cathy at - She was tickled to see her quilt chosed ;-)

Nancy H is another prolific Quilt of Valor quilter! She has a fabulous Quilt Cave... I loved it there.
Isn't this quilt cool? The boys loved that you could go from each side and get a different look.

Another quilted and pieced by Nancy. I think this would be a great use for all of my small strrips!!

Another Cool one. See this is a different angle ( also a different quilt, but same idea) and it gives you a different perspective. Nancy did such a great job!!

Another smile. As I talk to the troops I tell them about how our quilts are made and how fabrics/patterns etc speak to us. I always tell them I hope a Quilt of Valor will speak to them.  This gal... she said this one was yelling at her  "pick me!"  and she couldn't wait to wrap up in it.  As a matter of fact we finished the commander brief with her wrapped in her quilt ;-)

This one is piece by LeeAnn of Wyoming  ( she drives all the way inot Ft Collins for this guild - it is THAT fabulous!)  it was quilted by Tae....

Check out the back!!! Another quilt itself!!

The last one for Today's Show - from Nancy. I love how changing the center block changes the effect of the quilt!!!

You all - I have a lot of emails that have piled up while we were out, and a few questions in comments with no reply bloggers... I don't want to muddle the quilt show - so will answer the comment questions tomorrow - and will do my best to get emails answered today.... at least until we lose power again ;-)

Have a Quilty day!!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Scrappy Saturday

Oh my gosh... I am so in awe of all of these quilters that are keeping up with the RSC scrap challenges.... January was so easy for me... but guess what?  It is NOT January anymore!!!

I finally Got June's Block Done!!  YELLOW!!!

And I figured while I was at it I had better get cracking on July's too... so Ta da!!!

Here is my "All of Them" shot... slowly growing!!  I even have a few crumb blocks of each color!

So this is my life in pictures... I started out good --- on a full out jump!    ( PS this is NOT a photo of me!!)

Then it got a little scary and things started piling up...

Then I just plumb lost control of all my quilty projects.

And I de-railed....
On a brighter note - Fair will be over in a few days, Boys schedules start to get more like a schedule, and hopefully I will get back up on that horse and ride away.... into the Quilty sunset.....( and have some ME time lol)

( he is cute isn't he?)

Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday Finish

it's Finished Friday!
And I Finished Quilting a Quilt!!

This was a top that my guild made for Quilts of Valor.

I had a Client Quilt that I wanted to use this panto I thought I would try it on this Quilt.

And I LOVED it!!!
Didn't it just create the Coolest of Textures?

And because we live in Colorado - 
where it snows.
I used this really cool yummy fleece that my friend Dusty donated .

And just because you need a little cool down after that fleece... snow...from the high country!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Quilts of Valor 2014

I hope this week finds you enjoying your summer! It has been HOT here... more so than we like. Keeping all the animals cool has been a chore!!

BUT!! I have some fabulous Quilts of Valor to show this week....

These are more awesome Quilts from the Interfaith Quilters of Longmont!

This one is called Peach and Goodwill. How many of you name your quilts? I am finding myself doing that a lot lately.

This one is called Circles of Faith.... do you LOVe it? I do!!

This one is called Stars...  I think it need a little more pizazz to the name... suggestions?

And of course - a LOVELY smile thrown in for good measure. This is a Jar quilt - and he fell in love. All the goodies in the jars just made him happy!!

This one is called Stars and Stripes forever.  I like this pattern - and I have a lot of 9 patches .... I could do this!

Another one called Stars...  You just can't go wrong with Red White and Blue

This is called Freedom Stripes....

This one is called United we Stand

And the last one.... is Sampler

Sorry about the Sun Glare here - but this was the photo spot.... She fell in love with the Log Cabin  - it had an eagle center panel in it.. and wow - she was ready to take that one!!

the Pueblo West Quilt Guild here in Colorado are Pillowcase making machines. I so appreciate them! They make sure each of our QOV's have a pillowcase to keep them all clean and safe for our Veterans.
 Thank you all for stopping by. Hope you found some inspiration!