Thursday, September 29, 2016

Travel Time...Trees

I should probably call this the Tree Edition
Except I found a few things through the trees.
And REALLY REALLY wished I had decided to pack my telephoto lens with me
But I was tired....

I will Never be Tired again!!!
(you can laugh now - it's okay)

This is up in the Indian Peaks Wilderness area
and Lawsy Mercy is it a gorgeous place!

( see the lake in the trees there - Below)

These is quite a bit of beetle kill 
but more healthy trees
The Beetle Kill trees make good sepia and Black and Whites!

And the skies
You have to wear sunglasses 
the blue is just so.... Blue!!

There was ( and still is) a lake behind those trees
There might be fish, and there still are.... I had a bite
The fish escaped
I am sure he was Huge though - maybe 36 inches... or bigger.... right????

And I found Moose!!
Real Live Wild Moose

AND I didn't have my Long Lens
Cuz I was being lazy!!!

Now I have to go back!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Quilts of Valor

This week is just zooming by.... can you believe it is already Wednesday??? I'm having fun - hopefully you too!!

Block Drive Update:
They are starting to roll in!!!  AND Sunday we had a sew day and made a huge stack of them - however.... I forgot to take photos and it's too dark in the house - so now! you have something to look forward too!!!

Check out this beauty that Cathy Made - and click on the photo to go to her blog and read about it!

And check out this Mystery Quilt that Mary made!!!
Click on the photo to go to the pattern

Here is my plug - are you ready?
I am co running a Mystery Yahoo group
called MysteryQuilts4Military

This was MQ4M 3 ( aka - Field of Stars)
MQ4M 4 will start Friday - you WANT to join in!!

Ready for a little bit more inspiration??
Here you go!

Left was made by Pam and Right by Marilyn
They are both ladies that sew with Jessica's Group 
They were quilted by Ingunn

On the left - made by Chaffee County QOV and on the Right made by Marti and Jordan AME. Quilted by Kathy and Sue

and below  From the Margaret P - and huge stack of Pillowcases

Hope you all have a Quilty Day
Remember the Block drive runs till November - 

Every block gets you entered into our drawings
and the prizes are growing
Be sure to check out Colorways By Vicki
she has graciously donated 5 Fabric Packs

Blocks can be mailed to:
Quilts of Valor
PO Box 233
Kersey CO 80644 

Go Forth and Quilt!!

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Monday, September 26, 2016

Design wall Progress

Sort of.... This is the last of my projects on the wall and I think I am starting to form a vision.... along with starting another project - *sigh*   I have a disease ...

I think this may be sort of where I am going with it.... Maybe.... Sort of.... I have some fabrics picked out, I may have them cut to help build the blocks up....  we shall see

But then - one of my photo assignments was to find letters in Nature - and I decided to spell my name

And then I still have to do chores and on this day the horses were mocking me.... So I shot them

Oh I just crack my self up - shot them with my camera.

 Our sunsets and sunrises have just been spectacular lately - this one just made my day ( or evening)

I have decided that I am okay with the slowness of the design wall - my friend Mary says you have to create when the mood strikes - at times it is slow to strike - but I will get there ;-)

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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Bloggers Quilt Festival - Large Quilt Category

I have one more entry for the Bloggers Quilt Festival over at Amy's Creative Side. I am going to enter this one in the Large Quilt Category - which means it's perimeter is larger than 241 - it is 280in.

Large Quilt Category

My son and I had a fun time photographing this one.

Our neighbor let us use his tractor - and if you look close - you can see fingers ;-)

Plaids are my favorite - surprise
And I used some of the extras for the back

I did Spiral quilting all over it

And now - it is even bound and ready to snuggle in!
I know a few of you were worried last time that my kids might not have any shirts to wear - 
No worries - I just bought them a few more today - 
and in 6 months I will steal them back for my quilts!  I am nice that way !!

Head over to Amy's Creative Side to the Bloggers QUilt festival and have a Quilt show!

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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Quilts of Valor = September

Good Morning!!!  Hope you are all up bright and early and ready to stitch!!!

This happened !! We were honored to make and present Quilts to a group of Combat Veterans.
The recipients really didn't know that they were there to be honored - it was quite cool,
and amazing that we were able to keep it a surprise.

The QOV CO Block Drive is continuing!!
Check it out here:

and the pdf file:

And!!!  I just received some amazing prizes  for FIVE lucky block drive donor!!

The most amazing Vicki Welsh donated FIVE STASH PACKs of her Gorgeously Yummy Hand Dyed Fabrics!!!  I may have to make more blocks than any of you so I can win them!!

Check out her Fabrics
Tell me what your favorite Stash pack is - I really LOVE her fabrics
They are great to sew with and oh my gosh - do they Quilt up nicely!!

Here is her blog too 
Thanks to Vicki I was able to save a bleeding quilt !!

Want a little more Quilty Goodness?
These two quilts below were made and quilted by none other than Liz D

The Quilt on the Left was made by Project Warm Hearts
and the right is from Smokey Hill Quilt Club

The Quilt on the Left was made by Kathy and quilted by Connie
and I want to make it!!
And on the right was made by Sherron and Quilted by Donna S
(it's a free block found in my Craftsy pattern store)

Alright Quilters - Go Forth and Quilt!!!
Have a great one!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Bloggers Quilts Festival - Original Design Category

Today starts Bloggers Quilt Festival over at Amys Creative Side   I love this time of year - I just want to go and look at all the quilty goodness all day long!!!

Today I am entering in the Original Design Category:

This is the Latest Mystery Quilt that I designed - and run as a mystery through my Yahoo Group:

Welcome to "Field of Stars"

This Mystery is a Really fun way to stitch a New quilt,
Make a Quilt for a Member of the Military ( mine go to Quilts of Valor)

And have fun 
Our clues come out Once a week
Each clue is and hour to maybe a little over an hour

and in the end - you have something finished!!
Whoot Whoot!!

This photo is just because - everything was still green when I took it!

This pattern can be found in my Craftsy Pattern Store

PS - the Next Mystery A4 will be starting soon - September 30th to be exact - join in!

Original Design Category can be seen :

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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Travel Time RMNP Part 2

Part 2 of the Hike at Rocky Mountain National Park

As we were hiking up - this ranger was going down - with his mule in tow. Talk about a cool dude. He stopped and talked with us a bit. This is his job. To pack things in and pack things out.  I seriously think he needs a side kick that quilts.... right????  I would LOVE to do this!!

One of the views
It is nothing short of beautiful up there!!

This is a catch and release area.
and remember - we are learning to fly fish?
Well - there were a few great places to practice.

Just so you know - I don't have to worry about the release yet, I am still working on the catch!!

Check this out!
The blues were just amazing

And my Motley Crew
Ha ha - they are the best!!

Oh and you may notice
each of them has their own backpack this time ;-)
There was a comment on a previous hike as to why weren't they packing things in
They do - they just sneak it in!!   

Now we are getting to our final destination
we know it is just over that tree line

Ta -da!!
We have arrived!!
Totally worth the hike, the rain, the hail, the sun, and the wind!!

What a place to eat, fish, and just be amazed!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Quilts of Valor Sept.

Good Morning Quilters!!  It's later than usual for me... so it feels like some of the day is already gone!

Can you believe that some awesome quilters have already sent in blocks?? I love it!!

Above - the top two are from Madrene in MN
the bottom two are from Ruthann in MA

This pile here:
76 blocks from Julie S.  in TN
If you want to see other stuff that Julie does - you can check out her blog
and her BOOK blog  - yes that's right - Julie is a Quilt author!!  Love it!

You quilters are the best!! This is going to be fun to get to start topping with these blocks!!

and a pdf to print file is here:

Shew - that should take you through one cup of coffee this morning right?

Now on to breakfast!!

We were invited to a car show to surprise these three Combat Veterans
It was quite fun, I started talking about QOV and then said I had 3 QOV's for some amazing veterans
When I called their names - their faces totally gave them away !

This Quilt of Valor on the left was made by Kathy and Quitled by Connie
and the one on the right was made by Crystal and quilted by Anita

Both of these were pieced by Glenda and quilted by Lois

And this one was pieced by San and Quilted by Me

Hope your morning is off to a good one!!  It looks to be a great day here!!

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Monday, September 12, 2016

Tackling another design wall project

I am now down to the last project that was on my design wall Chaos of August 1st . Of course, I may ( or may not have) started another 3 or 5 projects in between - but Who? Is? Counting? Right?

Ha ha!!

Here is what I have as of today - and I hope to have something to show you next week.

I am thinking this is sort of like a public confession - and since it is here on my blog - I must do something to prove to the world I'm working on it -.... sort of.....

Wish me luck - but Do NOT hold your breath - that may be dangerous to your health!!

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Friday, September 09, 2016

Finishing up another's quilt

There is a lovely gentleman at our church who's wife passed away.  One day he caught me to see if I could help him.   He had Two quilts that his wife had started and wanted them finished so he could put them out on the beds in the house.

He handed me a bag.... of which, I panicked - and then set down to business.

There were pictures in the bag, and hand cut pieces of fabric, and two distinct quilts worth of colors.

and ta da.... here they are!!

This one ( above) is going to go in a room with lots of raggedy ann and andy dolls that she had collected over the years, and patriotic memorabilia.   I thought the color choices she made were perfect!

This one is going in the grandsons room
It had planes and trains in it

It gave me a great feeling to be able to finish these for him
and to hand them back all ready to use.

I made him happy - it was a good day!

Thursday, September 08, 2016

Travel Time - RMNP

We might have logged a lot of miles across our State! What gorgeous country. Our goal this time was to go to placed we hadn't been yet, and seek out new trails. Oh my Stars! I want to do more!!

This trip took us up to a trail in Rocky Mountain National Park... lawsy Mercy - did we climb and climb and climb  - up to 12000 ft. Oh - can you see the world from there!!!

In this particular hike - we experienced all 4 seasons in 8 hours.  The clouds moved in and the background for these Aspens was amazing!!

We made it up to the Falls.  All of us practiced our photography, and tried to get that water blur to show you how fast it was moving.  My boys' pictures turned out great too - but since this is my blog, you are stuck with my photos ( ha ha ha)

I think this tree showed that fall was coming, The others thought it might be beetle kill. I choose to believe me ;-)   It is so amazing that there are beetle kill trees and right next to it will be a healthy tree with no damage at all

Remember , when I hike, I stop a lot.  Who can resist these views???   We were not at the top yet - though!

Pine cone - just in case you haven't seen an immature one yet ;-)

Little bit made a friend. The little chipmunks were just scurrying all over the place!!!

So - I have some Black and White Photos - over at my photo blog. And I have more to share - I just didn't want to bore you too much - all at once!!

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