Wednesday, December 31, 2014

QOV 2014 - the last one

 Ahhhh... the last Quilt of Valor show for this year.... I hope you have enjoyed all the variety that these Awesome Quilters make!! And I hope you have enjoyed seeing just a few of the smiling faces that are the Quilt recipients.  In Colorado alone we have presented over 800 quilts - closer to 900 - but I am tallying numbers for an exact total next week.   Nationwide - I know that number is huge for 2014 - all of us QOV'ers .....we deserve a pat on the back.... so here is your Pat *pat pat pat*  And THANK YOU!!!

From the Pride City Quilt Guild

From the Scrappy Ladies

From the Pueblo West Quilters

From Cindy at RMQM

Sharon M in Alamosa CO

Pride City Quilt Guild - the awesome Pillowcase makers

Kathie S from Arapahoe Quilt Guild

Kathie S from Arapahoe County Quilt Guild

From Arapahoe County Quilt Guild

 And now for a few more smiles:

Happy New Year!!!  
We are having a great time planning our Wish List for the coming year.
And seeing what we got accomplished from this years list!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Q4 Finish A Long

In October I sat down ( or stood at the counter - it was a long time ago - who can remember?)  and decided it was time to make some Progress on the Plaid -  ( that is the link to my list)

Today.... I am checking in.... if you are tired of plaid - I am so sorry!  And not to worry ! I have started at least Two new plaid quilts.... to annoy you ( and my boys )

My first goal was Plaid #4 ( or Patchwork Times - Sunny Side Up)
This is where it was in October......

And here is where it is now! Done! Bound, labeled, ready to be washed! It will be ( or it is?) A Quilt of Valor.

The next one on my list was this top - It was quilted and waiting to be bound. That process ALWAYS slows me down - someday I will remember it is not all that hard......

Here it is - All Finished :

And I just can't resist to show the backing - I just LOVE the Looney Tunes on it!!!

My last goal - was this Pineapple Plaid.... it was just blocks... a pile of not enough blocks:

And I kept working on it - and working on it.... and Ta-da!!! It is now topped. quilted, bound and we braved the snow to take a photo!!

This one was just under the wire.... I wanted them all done before Christmas - but Christmas beat me! And I finished it on the 26th!

I am ready to start the new quilting year now!!! Enjoy!!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

2014 RSC Scrappy Saturday

In January I decided to try a *new thing* !  I follow Angela over at  . She had been doing this Scrappy Saturday thingy and I followed with interest.  I didn't know if that was something I could keep up with.

You might have figured out by now.... I have QDD, a short attention span, and am a perfect procrastinator.....  But I thought - well - if I join in, and don't like it - I will just stop ( great attitude right? LOL)

I had fun!!!  I enjoyed organizing my scraps a little at a time, and feeling compelled to use them.... rather that just look at them!

Here is what I ended up with:

Nine Scrappy hearts!   What a lot of fun I had, and it was nice to have a group of people working on scraps together....  Angela is hosting RSC2015 as well - so go check it out and maybe join in?

PS - Every time I post a heart block I get lots of questions about the pattern - so... here you go:

Friday, December 26, 2014

Goal # 3 Friday Finish

So!!!! I did it.... just under the wire for today....

This is Goal #3 on my "A Lovely Year of Finishes"   AND Goal #3 on my Finish Along Quarter 4 Goals!!!!    This means I get...... to start a new list..... Bwahh haa haa

My Pineapple Plaid....aka Plaid #5 is now done.... the binding was finished.... oh about 10 minutes ago!! Yay mE!!

A close up on the quilting.... lots of fun..... that got lost in the busyness of the plaid - but I  like it anyways!

See.... proof!!! The binding is finished!  Now I am deciding if I will list it on Etsy or not. I always wonder if that's the best place to try and sell quilts.?  But - The second semester starts for my college kiddo, and the middle one just got his license.... so there are always bills to pay ;-)

And this is the Christmas Eagle. He came to visit before the snow storm came... He was quite direct and staring at me, sort of gave me a complex!

I am linking up to a million things - so if you get tired of seeing this quilt.
I apologize!!

Also - to TGIFriday at

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

QOV 2014

Good Tuesday Evening! Wednesday is Christmas Eve Day.... and  my boys are just so excited!  I always think the Christmas Break goes WAY to fast!! and this one is no different!!

I hope you will get a chance to sit back and relax, enjoy the day - whatever you are doing. We have a rather small Christmas planned...

Enjoy This weeks Quilt of Valor show!!  I hope you enjoy the smiles and that they brighten your week!

PS - if you want to see all of this years shows - here is the link

Bingham Ladies Fellowship
Quilts of Valor

Bingham Ladies Fellowship

Bingham Ladies Fellowship

Bingham Ladies Fellowship

I think the Two above are Called Boxy Stars from

These are what I want you to see!!! The smiles.  Please know how much they love being wrapped in all of our hugs!! You know I can't show each one.... but I sure hope you see the happiness!  Our quilts are so loved!!  That just makes my heart so happy.

This one was fun - he had such a smile on his face when he recieved this quilt. He just couldn't wait to tell his wife how important it was!  A lovely Couple!

This is a big event - we get a lot of soldiers stopping by to visit and compliment the quilts ( the guys in the background)

This quilt was made By Diana B in Colorado - and I quilted it. She did a fabulous job!! It will get bound and out to be loved soon!!

And then we have three more quilts by the Bingham Ladies Fellowship. You have no idea how much I appreciate their support and their yummy quilts.... well... truth be told - I haven't met a quilt I don't like yet ;-)

I wish I knew what this pattern was - Jody.... if you or the ladies remember - would you let me know?

Columbine Quilt Bee

Columbine Quilt Bee

Rocky Mtn Quilt Museum

Did you get inspired by any of those quilts?

Well - here are some more smiles!!!  I hope they lift your spirits!

This is such a sweet picture for me. Harriett ( left) is one of my quilting angels.  She has always been there for me - when I needed to learn to bind, cut fabric, get a hug - she is always there. I loved that she and this soldier were is such conversation about the military and the quilts - that they didn't even notice I was there.

I am not sure how many of you have been watching our Quilt of Valor progress though the years.... so a quick story:

I learned to quilt by teaching 100 5th grade kids to quilt.
Yep - not always the best way to learn - but we did well, and we had fun, and we made 10 Quilts of Valor in a year. 

Now - I DID have a longarm - I knew the quilting part....

So.... I worked with these kiddos - we got the quilts all the way to the binding stage - and I panicked!

Harriett..... she said - bring them to me, I'll show you what to do... and she did.
and She enlisted Lori and Ethel and Mary - and they were so wonderful!

Merry Christmas!!!

See you soon.....

Monday, December 22, 2014

Orca Bay

My Orca Bay has spoken - and she has taken over the design wall.... stubborn little whale is she...

I am getting closer.... our weekend was a little crazy and by Sunday Night - I was plumb worn out... so not much more got done. The couch beckoned and we obeyed!

We were doing another friends chores, and they have chickens. SO! I got their eggs ( the chicken eggs)  - I think I might miss that.......  We also stacked 2 cords of firewood and got the last 200 bales of hay stacked.... I am ready for lazy!

I did get another Block Drive Quilt quilted ... here is a close up

And the full quilt !
I had a goal this year to quilt 12 Quilts of Valor
and with this one ( and the one below)

The Back
 I made it to #28!!!!  

This one was pieced by Diana B.

I didn't want to brag - but I wanted to brag... you know.... some people tell me they can only quilt one Quilt of Valor - and I always tell them - THAT!!! is one more Veteran knowing he or she is appreciated !

Often - I am that quilter that says - well I can only do one.... but it added up this year ( YAY!!)

Enjoy your Monday!