Thursday, September 27, 2018


I might have played hooky yesterday and headed up to the Top of the Rockies

and again - I might have taken a million photos

But I will start with these - because you need to drink this in....

and know that it was SO quiet your ears were searching for noise

and it was SO peaceful you wanted to tippy toe to not scare anything

And those mountains in the distance?

we hiked until we were even with them

it was AWESOME

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Wednesday, September 26, 2018


From your Dark #2 ( Blue in my example) we will cut the following:
Cut:   8   - 1 ¾ inch strips Width of Fabric
Sub Cut into:
12 – 8 inch x 1 ¾ pieces
24 – 6 ¾ x 1 ¾ inch pieces
12 – 5 ½ x 1 ¾ inch pieces

You will need these – plus the Dark #1 strips you cut in Clue #2

Grab the blocks you made in Clue # 2 and add your Dark #2  - 5 ½ inch piece to one side of it
You are then going to go around the block adding the Dark #2 layer just like you did in Clue #2

                              The Dark #2 round will measure 8 inches Square.

Now we will add the Dark #1 strips that you cut in Clue #2 – same way as we added these – just like a log cabin.
Start with your 8 inch red strips

You should now have 12 of these blocks measuring 10 ½ inches

Pat your self on the back!! See you for Clue #4

Again this clue will be in PDF form in my Craftsy store - And I will link it as soon as I can!

Monday, September 24, 2018

A little Sew in

Our QOV group got together yesterday

Bernie and Charlene did all the prep work and these are the two tops that just need borders!

It was a fun day!!

The blocks were fun - they used 6 1/2 inch centers and 3 1/2 inch strips!
Too Cute!!!

Enjoy your Monday!!
and see you Wednesday for!!


can you believe it???

Saturday, September 22, 2018

More on the Train Hike

are you ready for another picture laden post?
Some of you said - share more from your train hike
You may not have known what you were saying - we might have taken 700 or so photos...

jusy sayin'

Here we are --- 4/5ths of us getting ready to start our hike

We hiked along the river for a bit

then we hiked up the tailing trail
So! When they mined the mountains they had waste called tailings and it just piled up
but they had to get the silver to the wagons to load it out - and some of the tailings were starting to make mountains - we are standing on a tailing mountain
and those tracks? That's what they sent the carts down to load out the wagons

It was pretty steep!


and thru the trees you could see the Train going around the Loop

This is an old mine just left on the hill
When they showed us pictures of it working in the late 1800;s early 1900's 
The trees were completely gone 
the land had been clear cut

and now look at the size of those trees!

I got up close and a little too personal with the train going over a bridge@

The trail

Beavers are all over the place
and this is proof

and the beaver dam

We stopped and did a little gold mining
I mean! We were in mining country
I found a little

AND!!  this is a BIG AND
I went into a mine
( me who is pretty claustrophobic - really  I DID It!!)

and so did the boys
and the husband , but he was the one taking the photos
and encouraging his wife to breathe

Inside the mine

and look!! My  new work crew
They were fixing the tracks and I asked if I could help
the guy in the middle promptly gave me a shovel!!

and here we are - on the train going back up the mountain

I'm just saying how smart we were
we hiked DOWN the mountain and rode up

we are no dummies
Ha ha!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2018


Clue #2
For this clue you will need your Dark #1 – Red in my Example and your Light – White in mine

From your Dark #1 Cut
1 – 3 inch strip Width of Fabric ( WOF)
                Sub Cut into 12  - 3 inch squares
12 – 1 ¾ inch Strips
                Sub cut into: 12  1 ¾ x 8 inch strips
                                   :  24 1 ¾ x 9 ¼ inch strips
                                                                                                                : 12  1 3/4 x 10 ½ inch strips

I don’t like to waste fabric – so on 3 strips I cut the 4 - 8 inch strips – and the leftover was 10 ½ inches – but check your strip length to make the  best use of your fabrics.

From your Light Cut:
5 – 1 ¾ inch width of fabric strips
                Subcut into:     12  - 1 ¾ x 5 ½ inch strips
                                             24   - 1 ¾ inch x 4 ¼ inch strips
                                                12 – 1 ¾ inch by 3 inch strips
I started with the 5 ½ inch sizes and worked my way down. If you original wof strip is smaller you may need 6 strips

Sew a 1 ¾ inch  x 3 inch Light strip to your 3 inch Dark #1 – Press
I press to the dark side



Sew a 1 ¾ inch x 4 inch Light to the piece you made in Step #1


Sew 1 ¾ inch x 4 inch to  the  piece you made in Step 2.

STEP #4  -
Sew the 1 ¾ inch by 5 ½ inch piece to the final edge:

And your final for this clue should look like:

Save the other red Strips – I promise you will need them soon!!

THE PDF's will be in my Craftsy Store - Look for Clue #2

Monday, September 17, 2018

Finished Quilts of Valor

With the mystery going - I sorta have forgotten to post the finished Quilts of Valor that we have been doing - so I thought I would remedy that!

These two were made and quilted by Crystal - Her sister did the binding! That panel in the center is so cool!

These two were finished by Connie and Kathy. Kathy has been a little sick ( ok a lot) and could use your good thoughts right now!  We made all these blocks at one of our sew days and they are working on putting them into quilts!

Another two made by Connie and Kathy

This one was made by Deb T - She has been having way to much fun in her fabrics!!

These two are from Meredith in Arizona - LOVE the bright colors!

and when Kevin was here - he left this behind!!  Isn't that great - I still need to quilt it - so you may see it again soon - but I liked it!

( PS - A bunch of you are asking for this pattern - here is the link to it
amd here you can see all the ones I did using this pattern :Rainbow Scrap challenge  )

He loved his Quilt of Valor
I loved the stories he told

Doesn't he look happy?

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Railroads and a Hike

Once upon a time a girl had a birthday - and instead of being showered with flowers and dinner - she convinced her family to go on a little adventure with her..... and they had a blast!!!   And pizza..... so in the end she still got her dinner!

They got up early and headed up the mountain to a place called Silver Plume.

They then hiked from Sliver Plume to Georgetown  ( about 4 miles)

and then they caught the Georgetown Loop Steam train back to Silver plume -

and the girl was in Love.... and the girl is going to have a really really really hard time choosing just a few photos to share..... but you will still like her right???

Welcome to engine 111 of the Georgetown Loop Railroad!    It was so cool watching it pull into the station - I was immediately enthralled!

And the Engineer - he really did smile after he heard me clapping like a kid - but - you can't clap and take pics at the same time. 

Anyone here a fan of Sandra Dallas Books?  She writes * The Brides House*  *Prayers for Sale* and a lot more - and she talks about this area - so you know I had to go!!

We started hiking from Silver Plume and went thru this really cool cemetery - I could have been there a few hours - the headstones just drew you in.

How many headstones do you see that has the ages of the deceased 
And how young they were.... Oh man

As we were hiking the train that works on the rails came thru
Can you see the engineers - their beards!!!

and in color - just cuz I know Joy will want to see color ;-)
Plus - It was really really really pretty!

Some of the old cars

And check that out 
I got to the edge of the track and the train Steamed 

I found Santa!

I am pretty sure he was checking out the area
seeing as how he will be back for the Santa Ride later!

The conductor
He came by to stamp our tickets

This is the big bridge
I think its called the Big Loop
It was completed in 1884
and it was cool

Another of the train

it was just a cool trip 
and I have more photos
So maybe.... maybe I will make another post 
Just to annoy you ;-)

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