Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Batik Quilts

Lately my clients have been bringing me a LOT of Batik Quilts! And they are just lovely.

This one was so pretty. We chose a modern-ish all over design to quilt on it - and She LOVED the final results.

 I have heard of quilters having trouble quilting with batik fronts and backs - but so far ( knock on wood) I have not had any troubles. I am just loving the way these fabrics feel
And the back....

Monday, September 29, 2014

Sew Days

This is my design wall - ish post lol

Once a month we have Sew Days for Quilts of Valor. Yesterday we had the honor of the University of Northern Colorado Softball team come in and sew with us!

They are such a great team - 22 ladies and their 3 awesome coaches came in... here is a little peek of what we did:

I think I had kitted up 16 Quilt Kit - and I believe that there were only 2 left undone! Quite impressive if you ask me!!

Thanks UNC and the team!! We sure love having you around!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Quilts of Valor 2014

Happy Wednesday to you all!! Glad you have a chance to stop by!!

Couple of answers to some questions:
Are these all the Quilts of Valor in Colorado?

No!  These are the ones that have passed through my hands or through our Sew days. We have other groups quilting as well and they do a fabulous job of local presentation and sending them where our National Destinations Coordinator asks.

Do all the quilts have to go through you?

Again - No!  We have a bunch of awesome toppers - and they get the tops to us, at our sew days we put them with backs and battings and make them into kits. Then someone gets them to our awesome Quilting Volunteers ( who also work at machine quilting full time). The quilters usually get them back to me - and then I take them to our sew days to get bound... so it is a virtual Quilt show at my house often!!

So.... on to the show!!

We tried to get a group photo... got everyone gathered - and then.... I realized I only had my phone. takes pretty good pictures though!!!

The quilt below is made by Marcia and Mary and Quilted By Connie H of Loveland.

This one was made by Irma of the Columbine Quilt guild QOV bee - and quilted by Dawna. - the Quilting pattern is called Sparkler and is on Dawnas Design Threads for sale as a panto

This lovely was pieced by Kathy N and quilted by Dawna  - I REALLY like these starS!!

This one was also pieced by Kathy N and quilted by Connie....  I think they all are awesome!!

This lovely was pieced and quilted by Sue S. She started this as a block of the month, and now has made two of them. They are really awesome!!

This one was pieced by Sue S and quilted by her sister JoNell... this is the quiltiest family! I tell you!! I adopted them!

This one was put together by Sue - but all the blocks were made by Mary Jane M. When Mary Jane passed away her husband donated the blocks. I love this!

This one was pieced and Quilted by Judy V of Adams County Quilters ( she either lives in Thornton or Broomfield and each time I put that down - I guess wrong - so I am going with the guild name this time!!)

This beauty was pieced and Quilted by Linda H of Adams Co Quilters. I believe she is the president!!

This is a string star and I really really LOVE it!! It was pieced and quilted by Sue S.  I told you - she is one quilty person!!  I watched her work on this one, and WOW - is it a stunner!

Hope you enjoyed today's show! I am off to quilt!  I am so glad that my clients are keeping me quilting! Keeps me out of trouble, and happy!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Running.... but not me ....

All three of my boys are running cross country this year - the oldest in college ( acckk!!) , one in High School and one Middle school.... so while I am not physically running... I am running around like crazy trying to see them!!

 Here!.... I have saved you the trouble of running around trying to see them....

Unless of course you see that oldest of mine running. I don't have photos of him yet.....

To the left is the High Schooler....

This is little bit.... however - I may be looking up at him real real soon.... He is still smiling - how does one run and smile?

High school new uniforms... I am still learning to pick them out of the crowd ;-)

I have decided that I get to credit my chasing them as exercise - and they have to share the calories burned ( free weight loss right?)

Saturday, September 20, 2014

RSC Scrappy Saturday - Orange

Orange is the color of the month for the RSC Scrappy Challenge... and yep - I am behind ;-)

I think that when school starts it takes me six months to getback in the swing of things! Oh well...  My progress - ... I found my Orange Scraps! That means the work can begin.

Here are the two projects that my scraps came from:

I won't even begin to tell you when I made it - as it is still not quilted......

And then from the scraps of that quilt - I made this one:

And yes - I did quilt this one! I even put a little butterfly in the corner.

For more RSC challenges head over to:http://superscrappy.blogspot.com/  and see all the wonderful Orange projects..

I leave you with another wild animal we found on my Moose hunt.  This time when I yelled Moose... this little guy froze ...So I shot him ( with my camera - scared you didn't I?  tee hee)

Have a great Saturday!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Quilts of Valor 2014 - Pillowcase edition

Welcome to the Pillowcase edition of Quilts of Valor!!!

A lot of the Quilts come my way either by our local groups. block drives, or our wonderful supporters - however a lot of them don't have pillowcases.... ( which is NOT a complaint mind you!)

There are some wonderful groups that make Pillowcases for our quilts - and our Veterans LOVE them!!! They are one of the first things that get put on their beds. The quilts usually stay around their shoulders for a long time.

I put out a call for pillowcases as soon as Middle Bit told me I was down to 5.... And I am proud to say - the call has been answered!!

at our August Sew day - Mary and Carol went to work on the fabrics and made a LOT ( I forgot to count!) of Pillowcases..... and then I came home and there were two boxes from the Pueblo Quilt guild .... check out these pillowcases ( 40 I think... you all should know by now that Statistics are not my favorite things!)

And then the next day there was another box!! This one came from Laura - she is in California - as a matter of fact her town has made the news ( Weed) for the fires - pray for them - last I heard from her they were ready to evacuate but safe.

 For those of you who have been following my nature hikes - and wanting to find a moose.... well there you go ! I got a Moose in a pillowcase!!!  I am sure a soldier will love it - but in the meantime.."Moose!!!"

and then!!!  I received another box from Zoe Ann... she and the Columbine Bee made pillowcases!!

And then..... Kathy - the president of ACQ (Arapahoe County Quilters) called and said.... I have a few things for Quilts of Valor..  Just so happens we met up when I went to the Combat Veterans Cowboy Up fund raiser.

Now... she said a few things - OH MY Gosh!! There was more than a few things!! 130 Pillowcases! ( she had them counted for me)

Wrangler man grabbed the bag thinking it was quilts, and Middle bit grabbed it too.... it was heavy!!
Above are some of them laid out.  Below.... this is the rest of the stack!!
PS - ACQ also had quilts and tops in another bag - but I will save those for another day!!

Hope you enjoyed seeing all the pillowcases!  I just love how they wrap everything together for our Veterans, and how much fun they are to see!

Monday, September 15, 2014


I feel like the military - acronyms for everything!!

DWM - Design Wall Monday:  My design wall hasn't changed all that much! There are a few things that are sewn together now, so that means some decisions were made.... right?

I am not 100% sure where I am going to end up with this one, but I am proud to say.... I have made a TINY dent in some of my scraps!  ( please note I said small dent!)

We did however.... go someplace!

CVCU:  Combat Veterans Cowboy Up!  

 CVCU is one of my favorite places! They are an Equine Assisted Therapy program for our Combat Veterans. It is a fantastic programs filled with the best people! This weekend was a fundraiser at 4 mile Historic Park in Denver.  Wrangler Man and the boys and I headed out!

He really wears that hat well doesn't he?!

We took a little tour around the park. It is gorgeous there. This was the last stage stop 4 miles out of Denver - so it is very historical.

Little Bit thought he needed some ice cream 

They checked out the corral's - and we so excited they were not on the chore list for the day!

Middle Bit was glad that this was not the only mode of transportation available.
 He sort of likes his truck!!
Hope you all had a great weekend!!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Finished.... the Blue and White quilt

It sort of needs a name though... It sort of reminds me of those Dutch Dishes that were blue and white?

Thanks to Hettie My quilt now has a Name... "Delft Blue"   Thanks Hettie!!

It is bound! That is the first thing I would like you to notice please ;-)

The sun was shining for it's photo shoot!  Which is good, since yesterday when I was going to take it's photo - it was raining ( or snaining - there was snow mixed in there!)

I can't remember exactly how many blues are in this - but I had such fun digging in my blue bucket to find just the right color.

The quilting was fun and crazy!

And of course - the back. I actually had this awesome blue ready for this quilt, before the quilt was finished!!!

It finished at 42 x 54 and is for sale in my Etsy Store :https://www.etsy.com/listing/203246660/blue-and-white-lap-quilt-made-by?ref=shop_home_active_1

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Still looking for Moose

I am determined that there is a Moose for me to see somewhere in all of these woods!!  So I drug my family to another wilderness area... good thing they are easily persuaded to hike!

After mile two - I found a tree monster! He reached out and grabbed me and I was sure he was going to show me a Moose... alas - he just laughed when I tripped over my own shoe.

And then I saw where the Moose had rubbed his head.... he must have been large - both trees had rubbings!!

And we found his... well.... his scat ( he was at least a little discreet)

About Mile five - we met this cute little thing. Just so you know - I did yell Moose and make everyone stop. But then they laughed at me. Cuz he was such a tiny little "Not Moose".

at Mile eight - we encountered..... *the Grinch* - oh come on - you see him too! I know you do!!

But alas - no Moose... foiled again.... No worries..... I'll be back!  ( that may be two movie references at once - crazy!)

On a more serious note - please hug your loved ones today. This day holds a lot of memories for many, and things we can't even imagine. I know it changed they way I saw my life going.  Hugs to you all, my friends.