Thursday, June 28, 2007

Last week of June

My how time goes by when you are having fun. My Cousin says I am running around like a turkey with its head cut off - Thats just too funny! We are running a lot for swimming but I am managing to get some quilts done, and some fabric shopping in. I don't quite have enough fabric for the Quilt of Valor project for next year at the school, so I have been watching the sales. Some of the Patriotic stuff is on sale now. I found some really neat prints on the clearance rack at the LQS that would be great for backings - so picked some of those up. I now have backings for 2 quilts. This is a good start! When I told the owner what we were doing she threw in an extra yard!

Another friend of mine says she has a box of some fabrics we might be able to use - so I am looking forward to picking those up .

A customer recently brought me a jewel box quilt. I just love the look of these quilts and she used such vibrant colors. It turned out really neat. She made it a few years ago , then didn't like it, so I assumed it would be wavy and unsquare - bad assumption. This lady's piecing is perfect - I learned a lot just studying it!
Have a quilty day!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Fathers Day

See - I am catching up. Who knew you could be even busier in the summer than in the winter? But its a lot of fun.
Fathers day was a nice sunny day here in CO - it was 102 where we live, so we headed up to the mountains to go fishing. It was a lot of fun, and we caught 4 trout. The two little guys were given instructions not to get soaked, I wonder why we even thought about that - they didn't last 15 minutes before they were soaked - clear thru to the socks. But they had fun and I laughed.... Good thing I had an extra blanket in the truck - they needed to sit on it for our ride home. There is a store - Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and of course our truck led us there - the truck was feeling the need for some chocolate so we all obliged!
We ate our fish on Monday night and they were pretty good. We BBQ'd them.
Have a quilty day!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Our First Swim Meet

My middle son had his first swim meet last saturday ...see how far I am behing already? Anyways it was an 8 and under meet so it went rather fast. As soon as he was done with one event they were calling them to the heating area for the next event. Needless to say he was a little tired. He swam Backstroke, Breaststroke, Free Style and was on a relay team. After his first meet he is hooked - ready to swim even faster!
Here he is all finished! I was so proud of him and his whole team. They did a great job.
The rest of us were very warm - it hit 100 that day. Well we better get going - swim practice you know!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Finds from the past

My Aunt sent me a box of things that she had or had been given from my grandmother and her relatives. I found 7 tea towels in there that had never been used. Each one has a little sunbonnet gal on there appliqued. They are adorable - We guess they were made about 1950 or so. So I am going to make some sort of quilt out of them. Right now they are in the stare at every day and look at a few more details stage.
I have some thirties prints that would look cute - but I don't know what I'll do yet - so I am just looking at them.
My dog - he chased a prairie dog and the mean thing bit him. So today we go get his stitches out. It has been a pathetic 2 weeks for the pup - he had to have one of those funnel things on so he wouldn't bother his stitches. He looks so dejected when he wears it. Plus he has to stay in the house to keep it clean. He is not a complete house dog....we have been taking him out a lot - but I think he misses the great outdoors.
Have a great day!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Pink Lemonade Quilt

This quilt is called Pink Lemonade. I just love bright colors and have been getting more and more bold with my fabric choices - and this is what I came up with. And since it is summertime I like it even more. Of course it is not quilted yet ( but the top is done!!!) and my son thinks I should use lime green thread- he may be on to something.
Summer is here today - Thursday it was so blustery that the pool had to close, and Friday it was so cold in the morning. There was snow at my parents house Thursday nite, so I was wondering if we would have a mild summer. Today so far is 86 here and very sunny. Its nice - but easy to sunburn.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

A Fishing Vacation

We had a successfull fishing vacation! We took 10 days and traveled north. It was a blast. We went to the town where my Grandfather grew up and got to see his house - built in 1915 but him, ( he was 12), his father and his grandfather. It was awesome. The man who owns the farm now has kept the house in as close to original condition as he can - it was neat to see the tile that my great great grandfather used in building the fire place.

This is the boys at the water pump that has been there since 1915.
We spent days at the lake fishing - both from a boat - a brand new experience for my boys, and from the shore. The shore proved more successful in number of fish caught. The big whopper was caught by my oldest son. It was 3.57 pounds and I can't remember how long, it was a white bass. They are somwhat difficult to reel in - they fight rater hard and since they are like a plate they resist a lot of water!

We also took a drive to the International Peace Gardens - so we got to jump into Canada and back. Our trip back home found us at Mount Rushmore, and of course - I found a quilt shop, and since it was only 4 miles out of the way they let me go - and didn't even rush me thru the 6000 bolt shop!!!