Saturday, January 27, 2007

Stack n Whack is Quilted

Well I did it - I finished my Stack n Whack top annnnnnnd even finished quilting it. I know I won't get the binding on for a little bit. This part always slows me down! But here it is - I made it out of animal prints - and quilted it with Quilters Dream Puff batting - it is so soft and comfy and warm!!

I took this as a class at the Quilt Shop in Windsor - and the group I took it with made a reunion date. I am so glad we did that - it put pressure on to finish it before the next year (or two or three for those who know me)

Today was a basketball day - we played in Johnstown, and battled just a little bit of snow, but man am I snow shy. The second that snow started coming down I drove the vehicles to the highway and parked there - no more snowed in junk for this girl! I will hike the 1/2 mile to guarantee we are not stuck!!!


Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Lasagna Quilt is Finished

Finally my Lasagna Quilt is finished. I very enthusiasticly cut strips for one twin size lasagna quilt, but when i started sewing I realized that I had cut enough for 3 quilts. 1 set went to a lady who makes comfort quilts, she sewed them up. The first finished quilt went to Houston for victims of Hurricane Katrina, and then there was this one. I oh so kindly put it in a bucket, stacked it on a shelf - and promptly forgot about it!

When I was moving my sewing room around I unearthed it, quilted it, and then put it in a bin for forward to January - it became my goal to get it bound and Finally I am Finished with it.
This pattern is from "Atkinson Designs Spring Cleaning book" - Its a really easy quilt, a great stashbuster too. I quilted it with tons of hearts all over it.
We have been plowed out now, but this morning as I tried to get the one car that had been stuck out, it argued! It slid everywhere, so I very promptly parked it and decided it would hang out until the spring thaw! I am very wholeheartedly looking forward to a thaw - at some point in the near future LOL.
Happy Quilting

Monday, January 22, 2007

Snow Snow Snow and More Snow

Well We needed moisture, the pastures needed moisture, but I really didn't expect we would ever get this much snow. When the temps are in the 30's its a blast, but with the wind and biting cold, last week we were a "Leeeetle" crabby. Saturday evening we came home to 2 more inches of snow, and Sunday it dropped another 6 inches on us. Now we already have drifts of 4-6 feet eveywhere. Driving down our road feels like a tunnel. From a formerly warm land person this is amazing to me.

My Car had been snowed in, and 2 weekends ago DH managed to dig it out, so the hole that it left we used as a walkway. Well Saturday the walkway was no more, the wind blew it shut. We have been trying to keep it shoveled - but it has gone from 7 feet wide to 2 feet wide....Where my DH is standing used to be where my car was stuck.

Warmer weather is predicted this week - but can all this snow melt in 40 deg weather? And how long will it take - days, weeks? My oldest son predicts a month..... hmmm

Hope everyone stays warm! School was cancelled today as many of the roads are blown shut, so we are busy playing, sewing and playing some more ;-)

Sunday, January 21, 2007

4 patch Quilt of Valor

We have been working as subcontractors ;-) We were sent some great 4 Patch blocks from Marianne and we got them put together into a top. I have some Navy Blue in my bucket and the kids thought that would make a nice border. So it is on it! I washed and pressed some muslin - so will be putting the backing together soon and will get it quilted. I see a Flurry of Angels type quilting on it - so will see what everyone else thinks . We learned a lot about 1/4 inch seams!!

On a not quilty note - we are getting plowed with snow again!!! I think another 6 inches has fallen since just last nite - and my lane had been plowed so nicely! Ah well - I will just think of the green grass and pastures we will have in the spring! Oops - I just looked out the window - dh has the truck stuck - I gues I shall go volunteer my super woman powers - maybe I'll bring him a piece of chocolate while I watch him dig out LOL

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Scrappy Log Cabin by SB

This is a great quilt one of my customers brought me - I really like the look of it, and like the colors she used. I think its a great idea for a scrappy quilt with less control as well.

We had our guild meeting last night and had an excellent speaker on How to do Borders and Binding. She even showed us how to do mitered borders. I took a class from her last year - so it was great to hear her again. Laurie is her name and she teaches at the Quilters Stash in Windsor CO.

I have been busily working on my Stack N Whack quilt. I got it quilted and my goal is to bind it before I post it here - Incentive right??


Friday, January 12, 2007

2004 Block of the Month Quilt

One of my January goals was to finish a UFO - it was a Block of the month Star quilt from the Quilters Stash in Greeley ( now they are in Windsor) . I had finished all the way to November then put it in a bag ( gasp!) So I got it out and when I did I found that I had purchased 3 different border fabrics for it, as well as a few extra FQ's - My And now I know how my fabric stash grew!!!

Anyways - this is where it is at the moment - what do you think it needs? I can't decide if its finished ( because I am getting tired of it) or If I want to add one more border. I am thinking maybe a Light Blue Border??? Its current size is 60 x 80 - Well I'll keep looking at it........

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Red & White Quilt of Valor

Whooo hoo - one of my January goals was to get this Quilt of Valor bound and mailed out. Well as many of you know my absolute least favorite part of quilting is putting on the binding. Its really not that hard, and really doesn't take all that long - especially as I machine sew both sides - however it is still my least favorite part. I find I make many U F O's this way. My resolution this year is to finish those quilts to the bitter end LOL - I only have 2 more quilts left to bind in my U F O pile, so if I stay focused I should be able to do this right??? Right - oh yeah....

We are still snowy here in Colorado. Since we need 4WD to get up and down the lane - DH gets the truck and the kids and I get to stay home. This has really helped me to get stuff done, and not be stressed about it. Too bad school starts Monday, and we have a funeral to go to in between. Oh well - I can't get too lazy now can I? This is my little car - stuck up by the house - It is snowed in and I think it might be retired for the winter. Maybe I will commandeer the Pick up and make DH walk some where!!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Grammy Ida

This is our beloved Grammy Ida - she is my husband Gramma, and we love her. She is pictured here with my boys. We were at Thanksgiving in Thermopolis WY.
She made it thru the New Year and passed peacefully in the night on January 1st. She will be missed. Her husband is in heaven waiting for her, and I am sure it will be a joyous reunion.
She is my Gramma in law, so I have only had the priveledge of knowing her for a dozen or so years. But the stories that have circulated - this woman was an amazing person!
She and her husband were the Bullwhackers that led a team of oxen on a 4200 mile trip opening the Hwy US 40. She was 21 and newly married.
Joe and Ida May ranched in the Douglas WY area, and she told me of a failed water well. So instead of having water easily accessible, she hauled water from a neighboring ranch to take care of her family. 3 little kids and the ranch - she is quite the woman!. AND they did not have disposible diapers back then!!
We will miss her a lot. I loved the stories she told, and the way she loved my kids.