Monday, August 30, 2021

Hiking in Black and White

 I have long had a love for Black and White Photos.... so indulge me a little!

After my Sons Famous Shirt Photo shoot - we , of course, had to hike a little bit and burn off those calories (in preparation for ice cream!!)

These rock structures are amazing to me, and with the clouds and the sunsets and oh wow - I had a great time playing photographer!

These rock outcroppings are so cool - and the skies make everything so dramatic.
This area was known to the Arapahoe Indians - 
\They called it the Land of the Earthborn Spirit

The outcrops in and around this area are almost entirely made up of Rocks of the Sherman batholith, which is a large mass of intrusive igneous rock that crystallized from magma, deep with in the earths crust.

Always a fan of trees - I am amazed at how sturdy they are - and how they will grow out of everything

Again - the skies - and while we were hiking our phones started sounding alerts . We had a flash flood warning and storms coming in - so you knew there were going to be some wicked cool skies coming....

Oh ya - and you had better find a safe spot!!!

This one just had to be in Color....

Enjoy your day!!

Friday, August 27, 2021

Shirts???? and...... Finished (or not) Friday!!!!

 Happy Friday!!

It almost seems like another life ago -  but I used to be a clothing manufacturer.... and then I got into Quilting and I think I forgot all about garment making... until now  haha!!

I started a Maternity Clothing company in 1995 and was the first online clothing company that actually took orders... it was an awesome time. I think its hard to be a *first* anymore....

Anyways - I had 10 employees - we sewed a lot, and then one day quilting entered my world - and I just put those patterns away.... until!!! My son said - Mom - I found this cool fabric and I want a shirt out of it - and I panicked .... 

What is a Mom to do? TEST the pattern again!!! You know just to make sure you still have those skills. And then you make the boy go hiking with you before university starts.... so are you ready??

Ta-da!!! I found a funny Pepsi Print in my Fabric Stash to test my Sewing abilities - and!! There are a few adjustments to make for the 6'8" kid - but I guessed pretty good I think!

I love having a son who is willing to goof off with me!! - 
So now that we have that shirt back in our sewing skills - he asked me to try a different style - before I cut into his *good * fabric.... just have to add the buttonholes to it - and I will make him do another photo shoot!!

*photos from the hike to follow in another post *

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Tuesday, August 24, 2021

A growing Flock of Geese

 I have been working on some Flock of Geese Blocks - while some have been winging their way here!!!

These are the ones I was working on - and I got to this point and thought - I wonder what would happen if I used the Darker ones that are flying in??? would it look Cool.... kind of Luminesce?

What is a quilter to do? Other than Try it and see what it looks like????
So I DID!!

I had a bunch of boys over and this was hanging on my design wall ( Yes -  I have truly taken over the whole house - if you want to eat in the kitchen... you have to see my quilting area.... its just how I roll)

but! the good news is - they all approved and so I felt like it was okay to start rowing it!!!

and look... I had a birthday - ( My 29!! thank you very much) and I told everyone the WHOLE month was about me - so the hubby and I headed out to the Wild Animal Sanctuary and took a selfie!!

If you got sucked in by the drama of the Tiger King in the early pandemic... The Wild Animal Sanctuary was KEY in rescuing a lot of those animals - 78 I believe was the number..... and The WAS did an amazing job!!!!

Alright - back to stitching... I need to Finish something for Finished (or not) Friday!!! See you then!!!

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Sunday, August 22, 2021

A First time for everything


A lot of places that I get to go – have Veterans involved. So it comes as no surprise that a lot of times Quilts are involved –

This particular time still has me laughing.

I was invited to come to a family gathering, to award a WWII Veteran a Quilt of Valor. His family was so excited for this to happen, for their dad/granddad/sibling to get recognized for his service in the war.

They knew he served and when he arrived stateside, at the end of his service, he was given $10 and told to get back home. Of course, they deposited him in California –he farmed in Kansas/Colorado. That was not a real close drop off.

And so I arrive at the Gentleman’s house…. fully expecting to make my presentation and leave. Let the family have a party and celebrate. But this young 94 year old gentleman says to me and my husband – you all take a seat over there – I have one more person coming and then I will start my story.

Well Bless his heart – he probably did not know how much I love our Veterans stories so we just settled in and made ourselves at home.

His last guest arrived and this young gentleman got to talking. He told us how he was drafted and sent on a train ride – his first train ride ever – to the west coast. After training there he was sent on a huge plane – his first plane ride ever – to the east coast for water training. After that he was sent on a huge ship – his first ship ride ever – overseas. And then he got to talking about his travels overseas and the things that he did … and lawsy mercy – you could have heard a pin drop. Even his 4 year old great-great grandchild was at attention.

They weren’t told much about where they were going – just put on a ship and told to prepare. And so he did, and his first stop was Leyte in the Philippines – to the Japanese held island – and a Battle to take the island ensued. He had three other such amazing stops, and stories to tell us. We were spellbound.

Then he mentioned being injured, and receiving and award for it – One of us tentatively asked – A Purple Heart? And he said:  Why yes – that is exactly what it was. Would you like to see it? Again – you could have heard a pin drop. No one, not a one of his family members was even aware of the injury or the award.  He brought out other mementos as well, and told stories about each item. I could not have been more excited to learn about this man.

This is why I love our Quilts – I think they bring healing, they bring the stories, and they bring out History. Real History: from the people that made it.

Friday, August 20, 2021

A Quilt of Valor and!!! Finished ( Or not) Friday

Happy Friday!!!

We got a tiny little bit of rain this week - so we are all happy dancing around here and pretty much praying for more.  People tell us Colorado is not in a drought - but they sorta forget our county when they say that - and we are!!! So any little bit of rain is good.... except... with that and the smoke - my poor little rural internet just doesn't know what to do !!

I had Two Finishes this week!

This one : I finished quilting. My Friend Ethel made the top - and I quilted it all up for our next QOV sewing meeting. She will take it back and Bind it.. oh ya!! Easy on me!

I had fun!! I quilted Eagles in the triangles and eagle heads in the corners... 

and for my Second Finish!! I participated in the Orange You Glad Blog hop by Creatin in the Sticks - and Wednesday was my day.... So I showed off my Orange you glad - and!!! I did a little block tutorial ( go me!!)

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Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Orange you Glad!!! and a block tutorial

Today is my day on the Awesome ORANGE YOU GLAD  Bog hop!!

I saw this one and said "Self!! Go outside your color range and join in!"  and then I got to planning... and looking at my fabric and I said "Self!! you sure have a lot of orange-ish fabric.... why haven't you dug in?"     

So this !! totally  got me going!!

Let's just jump in with the Final Product - and then, we will go to the Block Tutorial

Are you ready? Sure?  Alright?

I am not going to tell you how old these fabrics are - but I am pretty sure they are at least 12 years old. I must have loved them and had a plan - and then - put them in a hiding place! I am so glad I found them - there is Orange, shades or orange and pink in them - I loved them even more this time!

Because I am a machine quilter ( and was a machine quilter first!! haha) You just have to see the texture this panto creates.... I love it!! and I think... its pretty modern.    
I decided that this quilt needs to live in my house - and I love Flannel Backings and I had the cutest puppy dog print - so ! This is the back!!
Now for the individual Block!!!

That's just a fun one right? I can see it in a lot of colors - and way more scrappy that this.... 

The block is 12 1/2 inches - so my 30 blocks made a 60 x 72 ish Size quilt. 

Just so you know - when you open your colored pencil pack and you have the 72 pencil pack - you will be surprised at the lack of Shade Difference from the Oranges they have in there..... I think kindergarteners everywhere are going to be sad when they realize this... I had to have a piece of chocolate to stop my sadness!

Ta da!! Now you can make your Own Orange Block!!

As I worked through this Quilt I kept thinging - you have made orange quilts before.... Haven't you? and then I searched my photos... you know photos - always tell the truth right????

and look I did!!

and I did!!!

and the last one!!
Apparently I like Orange more than I thought I did!!

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Wednesday, August 18th

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Monday, August 16, 2021

Quilting Quips

 or snippets?

I have had the privilege of working on some really cool Client quilts this summer - and heres' a few little Quips of them!

You know I LOVE inspirational quilts - and this was totally one of them - I loved working on this one!!

This one was fun too - it had these triangle spaces and was patriotic - so totally called for an Eagle right?  I think it fit just perfect... 

This one had lots of starry fabric - so what's better than a Starry Panto? Too much fun!!

Now this one - Oh my gosh... the blocks were made by the Clients Grandmother - and she has since passed away. She worked on stabilizing the blocks. NONE of them were the same size - and none of the fans or the centers of the block were the same size. It added a lot of variety to the quilt. and of course - the centers puffed... so I did a LOT of stabilizing by stitching in the ditch as well as 1/4 inch inside the read - and then feathers.   Feathers can cover a multitude of Puff...  I think it turned out so great. 

Alright - back to quilting some more.... Twist my arm 😂🤣😂😂

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Sunday, August 15, 2021

Air Fryer Zucchini - only because you asked for it!

 Around here in my family - it is well known that Vegetables are not my most favorite food - but the veggies I do like.... you will eat them over and over and over again and possible for more that one meal that day....  but they still keep coming back... So I must not have scarred them too badly!

(except my dad.... he's boycotting broccoli!)

One of those veggies I love - Zucchini!! and the garden is starting to produce! I used to make these zuke fries in the oven - and we hated how hot the house got!! and then!! An Air fryer arrived to my door!! and Viola!! I was back in business.

These are so easy to make!

( Disclaimer - the first time I made these I sliced the zukes into 4 in x 1/2 inch slices.. now I am too lazy and too hungry )

Step one - cut your Zucchinis!! I sliced them in half. Then sliced the half into halves and then cut them into chunks.

Get some Parmesan cheese ready. ( I usually just leave it in the shaker - but I wanted a picture of it, and you wanted to see my pretty bowl - you know you did!)

I put my Zukes in a bowl, toss with about 1/2 tbsp Avocado Oil, and then sprinkle the Parmesan on.
( Note to self - if Niece to be comes over to eat - use different oil - she is allergic to avocados!)

Toss everything together - and then pour them into your air fryer. When I put them in I only put them one (ish) layer deep. 

And then!!
I put them in on Air Fry ( my fryer has 5 functions)
at 390 deg for about 12 minutes.

Fried Zucchini!!

Now - I have tried them two ways now - the first was labor intensive - and a little more messy

I dipped each stick in Egg, then rolled in Parmesan then air fried - And they were yummy - believe me!

But this way To me is Just as Yummy, not as messy and is truly a one pot way - I stick the bowl in the dishwasher - and bam! Dishes are done!


Friday, August 13, 2021

Positivity - the FINISH.... and Finished ( or not) Friday!!

 I am so excited!!! I am actually on time for Preeti and Bernies Quilt Along !!!! 

So I am sure by now you have heard of the Positivity Quilt A long

 My POSITIVITY is now finished - it is quilted and It is bound!! 

and! It is in a bag to take to UPS and fly over to Bernie!!

Are you ready to see it - all complete ???

Just so you know - the Smoke and the sun make really really weird photos!!

But!! here is a close up of the quilting:

and because I am sure you want to see the back as well:

I sure hope this one brings a smile to someone!!

So last week - did you see a post or two you really liked?

This one got added to my Bucket list - and!! It got the most views - so I guessing we may see a few of these popping up soon?

RSC Jumbo Granny Squares by Gretchens Little Corner!!


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Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Quarter Log Blue Blocks

 Is now a top!!! oh ya!! Off to select a backing for it!!

I think I like it the other way better - but! This is how I have it pinned on the design wall.... I was waiting to see if it asked for more and it said no... I am done... start another project... and so I did!!

And!! Look - I made Fried Cheese sticks!!! I am GF - so I have not had these in like 12 years  - and my Dad got me an air Fryer.... and look!! I am cooking now!!

Well this is the air fryer and Zucchini Fries!! These are so good I am not going to stress when the man starts bringing in 7 zukes a day... we will just eat them UP!

and THESE are the Cheese sticks!! I only made 6 just in case they weren't good - and I got told to NEVER make that little again haha!!

Alright - Off to find a Back and Quilt a client quilt - then Play time!!

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Sunday, August 08, 2021

A Laid back Kinda Holiday


I met a man, well, a boy really…. Okay – I will guess that judgment comes based on how old you are – but he had already been to war… yet, my own son wasn’t much younger than him. So for this essay – I will call him a man.

I have a feeling that war makes you that way. It makes you a man… maybe even earlier than you would care to have happen.

Anyways this man had a rather hard shell. He seemed to be quite defensive, and maybe, just a little callous. And with most men that had been to war, and with most men sitting around the campfire, the stories are tough. They are dangerous, and they carry a lot of truth to them. As we sat around this fire, and all the men took turns sharing their stories – I couldn’t help but feel that his had some extra significance to it. Maybe a little but more of the angle that he mattered. That he was the key character in the story he was telling. Maybe, forgive the word, some self importance to it.

As the evening drew to a close I found myself drawn to this particular man, and so I headed his way to get to know him better. I struck up a casual conversation, essentially leading to – and what plans do you have for this holiday? To which, he said…. None.



This brave young warrior who had stepped up for the country I live in, who had answered the call, and left everything behind…. No plans. Alone. No one to hang out with.

To which I said – I have an extra room, how would you like to come with my family. I knew, of course, that such a brave man would probably get flustered and say no. So imagine my surprise when he said – I can be ready in 15 ma’am,

And that is how I had an extra man coming for the holiday! Because I already feed a family that eats like the starved… adding one more was not a problem when it came to food. The problem was – would he like our laid back style of life in the country for the holiday – when he was used to a bustling military base?

Turns out – he did. As we all hiked our property, rode horses, and did some target shooting, this young man’s story came out. He became more willing to talk, and as he became the center of our attentions he began to realize his life did have significance. We let him talk as he wanted, participate as he wanted, and yes – put him to work just like the rest of the gang. He also made a mean Sweet tea.

I was surprised with this young gentleman. Based on the first impression, I could not have realized what an enjoyable person he was, what a sweet spirit he had, and what a fun happy person was hiding under that veneer.

I guess that saying – “Don’t judge a book by its Cover” is for real.

Friday, August 06, 2021

Scrappy Rail Fence Finishes and...... Finished ! or not! Friday

Oh how I love a Rail Fence - the scrappiness, the Variety, that *where's Waldo * moment!! 

These two Rail Fence Scrappy quilts are No exception - they have such fun finds in them - and when I was quilting them - I'd have to stop and read a piece of fabric, or laugh at the little doggies face!! They are just too fun!!

These two tops were made by San ( GypsyQuilter) and she had sent them with the intention that they go to Veterans... and guess what?  They will be! 

So I was excited to quilt them up - and guess what!!!! I bound them - I tell you there is a sickness going on over here... but I probably should not be healed of it - as that way more quilts get out the door!

This is the first one - and of course - Since I used a solid back - you just HAVE to see this quilting! I had a blast following these lines!!

And this is the second one. 

Aren't they fun and colorful? The are just filled with all sorts of Visual goodness!

I was so glad to have these tops ready to quilt when the call came for these to be needed. Its kinda cool how that works out, and it wasn't even planned!

Alright!! NOW it is your turn - 
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Monday, August 02, 2021

I Bound and I bordered!!!

 I think I am sick - very very sick - I have the Binding flu.... yep - that must be what it is..

And the sad thing.... I am not even really procrastinating it that much. WHAT happened to me? 

I bound this one:

It is from a pattern called Merry Go Round - and I actually even listed it in my Etsy store! I am not usually that organized!!

Here is a close up of the quilting - because - I love it!

And then... I bound Diamondback!!  I really like the way the Black binding makes that black pop out !!
And get this - I even got it listed in my Quiltygirl Etsy Store!  I am worried about myself - can I keep up with me????

This is the back! I found this camping print on my Man Shelf and thought it would be perfect!

and then..... my machine started getting goofy and I was worried! So! I took it down and got my other one out. Okay - I drug the other one up the stairs and then had to take an hour nap from all that hard work! and as I got back at it...

I bordered.... 

Maybe you remember? I bought the Log Cabin Block on Board from accuquilt and made a greek key quilt? ( Click here to see the first one) 

well - I liked it so much!!! I had to make another one.... so here it is!  ( above)  The other one was white with reds and blues, so I wanted to see what happened when you changed the solid to a tan - I still like it!  This is a Quilt of Valor once I get it quilted

And then I had leftover block from one of the ColorBlock Quilts.... don't ask which one, my brain is slowing down.... so I put them together and bordered it !

after all that - I deserve a cookie or a brownie or a nap right!?

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