Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pride City Quilt Guild

The president of the Pride City Quilt guild asked her members to make a pillowcase for the Quilt of Valor program in leiu of a quilt for her.... and here are some more!!! I think this is the 3rd Stuffed box they have sent me this summer!!!! They are AWESOME!
Thank you all so much! I am amazed at how I find the perfect pillowcase to go with each quilt - so cool!!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Design Wall Monday

Oh Ya'll I am so excited - I did some sewing and I finished something - sort of - and Oh man - who ever's husband pick on them for having too much stash - let them know this is SO much cheaper than therapy!!!

The Quilt I have been working on is a sort of Memory Quilt. A lot of you know we lost our Girls a little over a month ago. So I pulled fabrics that reminded me of them and all the fun crazy things they did, and started a memory quilt. I will give it to A when it is all complete, as in quilted and ....sit down...... bound!!!

Working on this thing was so cathartic to me, I could remember thing, and events, and conversations and it made me happy. I will still miss them, but this was good for me.... anyways - want to see it? 

This one is big, cuz I wanted the center of each star to be 5 inches.... so I did all my measurements off of that. And that is why it is taking my WHOLE floor LOL

And the other good news is - I will have a change in my stash report next week, cuz I forgot to report this as I was cutting it. See how theraputic this was - I forgot lots of things ;-)

Oh ya - and even though I showed you all - this is a surprise for the reciepient - so if you see him - Mums the word!!! - Okay? Okay!!

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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday Stash Report

My Stash has not changed ... kind of.....   I bought a quilt kit at a show, but I have already cut into the kit- so its a wash ... right?

But.... on the good news side - I think I am getting my quilty back..... it has kind of been missing, due to full schedules and lack of inititive to get to the machine, But I am excited - I will even have a design wall tomorrow!  Things are looking up!

Stash report:

Total Fabric Used YTD:   316.84 yards
Fabric in this week:              0

Total Fabric in YRTD:       207.29Yards
Fabric in this week:              0

Total Fabrics Busted:         -109.54 yards

I am going to assume that my numbers aren't going to change much this next month - as I have 3 quilts in process, and have recieved a lot of Quilt of Valor tops that need to be quilted. So wish me luck that I can get as many of those quilted as possible.

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Quilts of Valor from Lois and Friends

My Dear Sweet Lois is Broomfield quilted both of these Quilts of Valor that were made by her Quilting customers - I so appreciate them!!!
This one was made by Linda K of Boulder.

And this one was made by Rosemary F.  and look - the lime green in the corner... its my purse - imagine that!

Thank you ladies for making these and getting them to me! I so appreciate it.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Whoa boy!

Lately I have been seeing a lot of these.... I wonder if that because the days are getting shorter, or we are filling them fuller and chores are done later????

Red says don't laugh because she can't take a non blurry picture.... but I am turning on her - I don't , really I DON'T want to go where she is making me go.....

Alright - if you insist - I'll go - But I am Mooning you in the process.... take that missy!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Design Wall Monday

I quilted, I sewed- a little itty bitty bit - but we are back in some sort of action. 
These are the few little blocks I have done for the Crazy Mom Quilts 36 patch sew along. I believe she has ALL her blocks done... and is working on setting them... overachiever!!

I have strips sewn for 4 more blocks, So hopefully they will vbe completed on this very day!

This is my Memory Quilt that I am working on. Progress is being made!!

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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Still nothing quilty

But there is such hope - I got 3 of my men off this morning at 4am to head to Pueblo for the state shooting competition, C Monster and I got all the outside chores done by 7:30 am, and I am thinking that quilting might just be around the corner!!!

Friday was my birthday and 2 of the boys and I headed to a sculpture garden and then to some shopping. In the evening they took me to Red Losbter - yum. They even have gluten free cheesecake... I am in heaven!

My 29th birthday party.

Kind of ominous clouds behind us, I had the shivers, so it must have been a cold front coming in ...about time!

Of course - when we came home from dinner look was waiting for us.. I think they were a little jealous that we went to town without them. Maybe they needed a night out as well!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The boys of fall...

Or Sunrise, sunset... except without the sunrise part....

My Itty Bitty Baby boy has decided that it is time to play tackle football.... oh boy....

He is the one on the far right with the black socks - too cool for words I tell ya!

The best part about the day....

This morning my high schooler (gulp) went back to school... so you think I might have some quilty posts coming up in the future? These last two weeks have been a blast but way to busy - away from the machine... you know Sports Physicals, paperwork, pre training training, pre sport parent meetings....pre marching band meeting, hemming pants.....

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The evening

Mind you - this is still Saturday.... after the parade we went to the park and perused the booths, they decided to go home and eat lunch.... then we found ourselves back on the road to an art class.   

I was quite skeptical - I do not see myself as a very artistic person . But Wrangler Man had found this studio that offered classes based on works of famous painters. So we took one about Van Gogh.... it was cool.

Here is our blank canvases... Notice the smile....we are a little overwhelmed - all this artwork is on the walls - and its pretty.......

I have added some things to my canvas - and each time I pick up a brush to start another spot, I think I hyperventilated!

But I perservered ( this is my word of the day) , and here is mine finished.

Both of us - all done - and its only 10:30 at nite - did I tell you we had been up since 5am?

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The rest of the story

9:30 am found us in the parking lot getting dressed up for the parade. 2 of my children were in it - one on the quads in the marching band, and one of the football float.  The other one - sweet child - was responsible for catching candy for his brothers. He succeeded!!

Mine is a quad player - and look at those pants... are they not fitted perfectly? Another Mom and I did the hemming this year - and even got to fix a couple of jackets.... Did I ever mention how much I like to quilt???

Heres the football float - Little bit is pretending to throw candy....

And this got us to 11:30....

Still no quilting .....

Monday, August 15, 2011

Our Weekend

I think I packed a whole week of blog posts into one weekend - it was crazy. All the last minute things you really wanted to do before school starts, the town celebration, visits from family... oh boy.

First things first - 6am Saturday morning found us registering for the Platte Valley Cross Country 5K.  My oldest is running Cross Country this year and they host a 5K as a fundraiser for the team....

Do they look wide awake? Or barely Functioning?

Middle bit is running well - but he is being chase .... by a gorilla, a banana, and a rabbit.... Can you imagine the fright?  (grin)

Little bit coming downt he home stretch - he did awesome.

And then he decided he was never going to move again!!

Here comes middle bit and Wrangler Man. Such a good dad he is - to stay with his kiddos..

Remember the Rabbit? He made is thru the finish line and then went kerplop.. We laughed.

So after the run - we headed over to the firehouse for a hearty pancake breakfast. Which was good timing - all the boys were hungry!!!

 Just so you know - this brought us to 9:30 am.... come back for what happened next......

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

From Meredith, Linda and Ron

This team of Quilters is a great team!!! Every time they say they are slowing down I don't believe them - because these wonderful Quilts of Valor arrive on my doorstep!!!

This first one was made by Linda L and Quilted by Ron Olsen

The rest of these Quilts of Valor were made by Meredith and Quilted by Ron.

I see several in here that I would like to attempt to make, but am so glad that they do - so I get to Ohh and Ahh over them!! Thank you SO much!!

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

From Lydia P

I recieved a great box of quilts from Lydia in MO - and did I have fun taking over the house with them!!! The first ones are made by Lydia and quilted by Sally R of MO

This log Cabin was amde and quilted by Lydia - arent; they all gorgeous!!

Thank you SO much for all your hard work !!!

Monday, August 08, 2011

Design Floor Monday

My design floor has been confiscated by Quilts of Valor!!!

This one was made by the Miracles group in Denver - headed up by Jessica. And it was quilted by Debbie Y in Ft Collins. It turned out just beautiful!! And will now go into the *to be bound* group!

Thanks ladies for your awesome work!

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