Monday, August 15, 2011

Our Weekend

I think I packed a whole week of blog posts into one weekend - it was crazy. All the last minute things you really wanted to do before school starts, the town celebration, visits from family... oh boy.

First things first - 6am Saturday morning found us registering for the Platte Valley Cross Country 5K.  My oldest is running Cross Country this year and they host a 5K as a fundraiser for the team....

Do they look wide awake? Or barely Functioning?

Middle bit is running well - but he is being chase .... by a gorilla, a banana, and a rabbit.... Can you imagine the fright?  (grin)

Little bit coming downt he home stretch - he did awesome.

And then he decided he was never going to move again!!

Here comes middle bit and Wrangler Man. Such a good dad he is - to stay with his kiddos..

Remember the Rabbit? He made is thru the finish line and then went kerplop.. We laughed.

So after the run - we headed over to the firehouse for a hearty pancake breakfast. Which was good timing - all the boys were hungry!!!

 Just so you know - this brought us to 9:30 am.... come back for what happened next......

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Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Oh gosh Alycia....your commentary on the race photos have me rolling!

Can't wait to see what ELSE you packed into the weekend! :0)