Saturday, May 01, 2021

I am seeing RED!!!

 Ohhh May's Rainbow Scrap Challenge is RED.....

and holee cow - I found a lot of little RED blocks!!

and wait!!! There's more!! I just couldn't fit them all on my design wall!! Now - Placemats to make and!! I even have a little idea for a Quilt out of some of them.... fingers crossed... it works!

I also Finally finished my Blue Pineapple Blossoms..... 

For lots of other really cool Rainbow Scrap Projects  - head over to:

Friday, April 30, 2021

Bichon Quilt ( OMG) and !!! .........Finished (Or Not) Friday!!

 It is that time - and I am making it just under the wire!! 

My One Monthly Goal is...... Complete....

Oh ya!!!

This was also Februarys One Monthly Goal... and I got it into a top... but it just needed more - so I added the fun borders ( please note... The plaid)   and I got it quilted up!!

And then just to throw you all off track!!!! I BOUND it - Oh yes I did!!!  I even washed it, and took it over to my Mom!! Her favorite color is Yellow - and I thought it would just brighten up her house! Its also starting to warm up, so she can keep her electric blanket off.  and she said it was the perfect weight to keep her warm in her comfy chair!! Win!!!

I would like to say this is the oldest UFO I had, but then I would be jinxing myself!! and I will find another one... Of course, they can't be too much older - I didn't start quilting much before this....   right??

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Elm Street Quilts  For One Monthly Goal!!

and now!!

It is your turn to link up your Finishes!!! Go us!!

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Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Mercyful Positivity Quilt a Long - from Sewpreeti Quilts

 I am sure many of you have seen this Quilt a Long that SewPreeti is hosting?

if you haven't go check it out!!!

When Preeti called me to see if it was something I thought she could do, I think I giggled - and said really? Have you read your blog? YOU!, my friend, can do anything!  

Random Ranch Shot

So, basically - Preeti is going to host a Quilt a long for her Positivity Quilt - and she will provide the pattern - we provide the love and make a quilt to be Donated to Mercyful Quilts Hospice in Sacramento - all the details ore on Preeti's and Bernie's Needle and Foot Blog. 

I have long been involved in Quilts of Valor ( still am), but this outreach also spoke to me. My mom is now on Hospice, and I tell you the care that these nurses give to their patients is amazing. So I wanted to help them out a little and give them something to leave their patients to snuggle in.

Random Quilting Photos

I also decided that I should reach out to our local hospice, talked with the director, and then of course, went thru my finished Quilts to see if I had anything that fit their needs. 

You will never believe this... but I DID.....  So I rounded up 8 quilts and delivered them (washed and ready for love) . Totally made my day!!

So now I am excited to participate in Preetis Sew along - and be able to spread our love to Mercyful Quilts!! What a priviledge!

another random quilting shot!

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Monday, April 26, 2021

Monday Checking in!!!

 I have been working on my Stars Unfurled Quilt ....

Got all the pieces cut out - and yay!!!  I started stitching....

This is going to be a fun one ! and I am having fun pattern testing it ... the pattern is called Stars Unfurled - and is designed by Katie Mae . Someone asked what pattern testing involves - and to tell you the truth - I think it depends on the requestor... I have done it for one other person and her requests were different that Katies - Both a lot of fun so far!!

I also finished Quilting this awesome Modern Quilt for a client. Now talk about fun - each diamond was the coolest fabrics - and I enjoyed checking them all out!

I used stencils and free hand -

And!! the best part - it made it back to my client and her daughter claimed it immediately!! I am sure that means she should make another one right??

Isn't this just fun!!  I have never made a diamond quilt before - but now this one make me want to try it!!

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Saturday, April 24, 2021

Blue Rainbow Scrap Challenge and Table Scraps

 Its that time again!!! Holee smokes - this month just flew on by. 

I know it is not over - but Today is the day we are supposed to show our Blue Table Scraps Projects... and I was really thinking I have 5 more days.... but.... you'll just have to take it as it is!

Ta-da - here is my April PLACEMAT PROJECT progress

I got Six Placemats pieced and Quilted!!  

(I have 4 ready to piece, and of course - they all need to be bound!!)

and then - just cuz you want to see my March progress:

All of the Green ones are now quilted!! Progress right??

So check out everyone elses projects - 

Rainbow Scrap Challenge at

and Table Scraps at : Joyful Quilter

Friday, April 23, 2021

Dakota Inspired - My Finish!! and.... Finished ( or Not) Friday!!!!

 I just hope this was a Stitchy Quilty week for you all!!! We had snow!!! and I will tell you, I must have checked out from the news, because that was a surprise to me!  A good surprise... I like snow... but still...

All right!! Dakota Inspired is now a *finished* Mystery!!!  and here is mine!!

( if you haven't downloaded the latest clue, avert your eyes!!)

Ta-Da!!!  My Finished ( yes un bound!) Dakota Inspired!!!  I think this was a fun one, but I have been sworn to produce a Mystery with not as many half squares - okay they really said no half squares... but I am not sure that is possible... so my brain is off to ponder another quilt design.

And you can tell - I took this photo before the snow.  I actually took it when Little Bit was home and willing to hold quilts... Thank goodness for kids! Middle Bit came over for a Whole Day!! and he helped me rearrange my fabrics and sewing room and I loved it!! I have some space!!

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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Dakota Inspired Clue #8 - THE FINAL CLUE!!

 Its here!!! The Final Clue for Dakota Inspired!!! Whoop Whoop!!

Now!! Because I don't want to ruin the surprise for anyone... you will have to come back Friday to see my complete quilt... but!! The last clue is here for you!!  ( PS  Friday Is Finished ot Not - so you could even do a blog post, link it up and let us all ohh and awww on your quilt!!)

I also know a lot of you are sharing the clues ( yay!) But please link to this blog post - not the google drive documents... that way who ever is seeing you share can find all the clues ;-)  ( thank you)

Alright --- are you ready??

Here we go!!

THE FINAL CLUE ( click HERE to get it)

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Thursday, April 15, 2021

Finished ( or Not) Friday!!!

 I am so so close to a finish... but! It did not happen... and that's okay - because this week I am going to revel in all of your Finishes!!

I did however... spend a lot of time outside and that was just what I needed!!

So now Brag away - show me what you are up to!! Let me ohh and ahh over your Finishes!!


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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Dakota Inspired Clue Number 7!!

Happy Wednesday!!!

Hope you are all stitched up and ready for Clue 7!!!!

I know you are getting closer to the finish link!!! Whoop Whoop!!

Here is the link to the clue!!

 Dakota Inspired Clue 7

I have had a few emails asking for patterns of past mysteries - 

they are in My Etsy store

(link below)


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Monday, April 12, 2021

Surprise Update...

 I have decided that Surprise.... likes horses.. or maybe she thinks they are her relatives!!

She has tried to make friends with all of them! 

And here - she is trying to steal Mommas Grain
Momma does not share with just anyone!

The Three Sirens
( haha!)
Check out their tongues!!

We have a fertilizer pile... sure - that's what I Will call it. I am sure everyone with horses has one of these.. We have Gardener friends that swear by it... but this cracks me up - Momma is Queen of the hill - and Surprise... does that make her Princess of the Hill?

I am telling you - Surprise really thinks she's a horse! At night, we bring all the horses in to the corralls. And there is always one horse who meanders in, resists, and tries to be aloof!! Surprise was trying to emulate that trait.... 

But it's not so bad when they delay you enough to see this:

Happy Stitching!!!