Sunday, December 05, 2021

Day 4 Part B - Cape Cod and More Light Houses

 After Chatham and that yummy Clam CHowder!

We headed up the peninsula - I would tell you that was north - but what do I know? We headed towards Provincetown

we stopped at Nauset - and the Light House was under construction!

it had been closer to the beach but - they had to move it back since the beach was shifting !!

It was built in 1836 - and has had to be moved 4 times already do to Beach erosion

We drove all the way to the Northern Point and started hiking on the beach. then we decided we had already hiked 8 miles that day - we weren't going to make it to this lighthouse. The sand was cold, the wind was blowing and... we had to be heading back to Newport by 3. 

I was discouraged but, we got in the car - and voila!! you could see it from another angle!!!

We started going back down the peninsula ( and if I have that wrong... just call cape cod that for me for this post ok?)

And we saw a sign for the Three Sisters Light houses - so Detour!!!

These Three Sisters were no longer in service but had been moved back out of the way.


This is the current light house in place of where the Three Sisters used to be. It's kind of pretty!

After that we really had to get going and get back to Newport - I had to have dinner with my Son!!

Priorities you know!

Friday, December 03, 2021

Hats and !!! Finished ( or not) Friday!!

 I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving!!!

I sure enjoyed having my family around - and I was so surprised - I did not even turn the computer on for 4 days.... that is almost unheard of!!!

But!! Finished ( or not) Friday is back!!!

We will skip Friday the 24th of December too - so be prepared!

Alright! So - What have I finished? I am still knitting hats for M - she has committed to 500 Operation Christmas Child Boxes next year and would like to have a hat for each - and so - I thought I will keep knitting... maybe get her a dozen more or so.

Also - have you heard of Hats for Sailors? I think they like wool - and I have a skein of that ... 

Anyways - here is what I did in November for M:

That should keep 6 little heads warm!!! So I will pass those off to her and start on Decembers caps.

I also might have snuck a few in for some friends.... want to see those too?

I hope you said yes - because! there they are!!

Alright - next it is your turn to brag - this week feel free to link up TWO posts - the one from the week I missed and this weeks - FINISHED ( or not) Posts!

PLEASE do use the DIRECT link this week - if you don't I won't be able to find a week old link ( cuz I am too lazuy!!!!!) 

Have fun!!   Thank you all for making this link up so fun!

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Wednesday, December 01, 2021

Quilts.... Quilts..... and more Quilts..... for our Veterans

 We have had some Great QOV awards here lately!!

They are all out of date order - but you really don't care right?

This was my Black Friday event - I did not shop - I awarded! It was awesome - his who family was able to be there since it was the holidays and the smiles on all their faces - Priceless!!

This was a cool group
I had such fun with them - and!
they had a campfire so we got to make s'mores!

We had a little female Veterans Presnetations!
they were so very cute
Both ladies were Air Force and served in Afghanistan

Just a super fun group!
one of these gentleman wanted to read us a poem
and there was not a dry eye in the house!

Just a little inspiration - just in case you are thinking you should make a patriotic quilt - I know there is a Veteran or a QOV group near you that would love to award it!!

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Day 4 ( part a) Cape Cod

You probably knew this - but! Being in Rhode Island meant we weren't very far from Cape Cod. So I had researched Lighthouses that we could see on the cape.... and on Day 4 - we headed out to see what we could see!

This is the Chatham Lighthouse 
and!! it is still active!!

It is maintained by the United States Coast Guard . Isn't that just a gorgeous place!

For some reason I figured Lighthouses would be On the water... but they aren't always - some are set back so we headed down to the beach to get a better perspective

I think you can still see it!
and I timed it to get the light shining at me.
( you are impressed - aren't you?)

When I was a kid I read the Misty of Chincoteague books and they always talked about the salt grasses and the marsh grasses - but I had never seen them.... well ! now I have! this is pretty cool 

we had to head down the beach a bit just to see what we could see.... 

as you know - we like to hike - so we had researched a hike out to another lighthouse. We drove to the start point and headed to the trail - only to find the whole side of the beach was washed out. 

For some reason Dogs like me. When we were at Chatham a golden retriever found me and made me his friend - we played fetch and I know he left some hair on my sweats.

While we were contemplating what to do at the new trailhead - a lady with another golden walked by and her dog ran to me and decided I was his new best friend. Which made her talk to us, and realize we were not from here.   We told her our dilemma and she said - Don't tell anyone I told you... but here is the work around. 

Which we immediately followed and headed out on a 5 mile hike.... to nowhere haha!

There was some cool trees and salt marshes with horseshoe crabs growing in them

and we of course - took the high route out - so we could see houses like this! We were kinda on an island with beach on both sides. I loved it!

And this was the Big Beach side

We found Conch shells. When I was a kid we would go to the west coast and search for these thing and NEVER find whole ones. We found 2 whole ones on this walk. 

aren't they pretty?  We left them for the next people to enjoy

And horseshoe crabs. Obviously he washed up!

My husband decided this was the inspiration for Darth Vader!!!

as we were hiking along there was another set of hikers down on the beach ( we were still on the top of the island) and they yelled at us. So we leaned over the edge to talk with them. Turns out - they could tell we weren't native - and warned us that we had till about noon and then we would be stuck as the tide comes in and covers a lot of the place we hiked over.... oops!! 

Good to know tho right?

We were hiking out to see another lighthouse, but because of the hurricanes and storms  a good part of the trail was washed out - so we didn't get to hike to it. 

The reward - we found a local diner that did ALL GLUTEN free food - I could live there!
Got my Clam Chowder and I was ecstatic!!

On to the rest of the day.....

Monday, November 29, 2021

Rainbow scraps

 I don't have any room for scraps anymore.... so instead of putting my rainbow scraps back from my Pineapple Blossom quilt....

this is whats up:

On the right - the half squares are the cut offs of the pineapple - and the strips are the leftoovers.


Somehow in the strip bin - I have a LOT of extra red - so I decided that strings blocks would finish up the rest of the scraps.... maybe... its the thought at the moment.

So!! I never know if I should be Small Business Saturday or Cyber Monday - but... just in case you are looking for a pattern or something.... my Small Business online store on Etsy ( haha!) is open!!

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Friday, November 26, 2021

Finished ( or Not) Friday - on vacation - see you December 3rd

 Finished ( or Not) Friday is on Vacation this week - 

But!!! I expect a lot of things to be ready to brag about on December 3rd!!

You can even link up TWO posts on the 3rd !!!

Hope your Thanksgiving was awesome!!

and just so you know -

We are in a turkey coma!!!

Oh and PS - I had to give back my extra rooms for the weekend.....

Monday, November 22, 2021

Day 3 ( Part b) Sailing in a Sailboat

 After Lunch we decided ... it was time to take a sail!

in a Real Sail boat - 

PS - New England is tough on super curly hair - it either puffs ( think Diana Ross) or it goes flat and tangly. so Pony tails became the necessity...

But look - the Sails are going up!!

and we didn't get in the way - or get the boom !!

The boats in the Harbor are so pretty to me - the captain said they take the majority of them out by November 15th so they don't freeze over the winter. 

Look !!! My Third Lighthouse!!!

When we told him we hadn't really seen lighthouses - he got us a little closer!!!

This is the Bouvier compound - where Jackie O summered!!! the thing on the left was a windmill and it powered their water. When she Married JFK they converted it to a guest house and that is where they stayed when visiting.  - but that big house - Holee Buckets.... their Summer Cottage... that still floors me!

This is Ft Adams - it was established in 1799 and named after President John Adams - all those window looking things are were cannons stuck out. It was rebuilt in 1824 and used in 5 wars - ( including the Civil War and WW1 and WW11)

it was active until 1950 and now it is a state park ( hence the guy walking his dog)

Sailboat training Class??

Just another Cool Boat. Not something I see everyday in Land Locked Colorado ;-)

The sail was amazing - and the Captain was so cool - telling us all sorts of stories!!

We ended the day at The Red Parrot - isn't that a cool name for a restaurant?
and look

Lobster Nachos!!

PS - we will skip our Finished ( or Not) Friday for this week... just a heads up ... but the week after - you should be ready to brag again!!!!

Sunday, November 21, 2021

Day 3 ( part a) The front of the Mansions

 We woke up bright and early and decided it was time to walk down Mansion Alley.

and on weekends - its pretty quiet bright and early, so we had the whole street to ourselves.... and a few birds!

The cool thing is - they have these plaques that tell you all about the mansions - I know - they call them cottages - but heck fire - they are huge!! and they really only got used 8-10 weeks out of the year.

So this one is the Issac Bell House - and it is the least Mansiony of the lot . But they say this construction inspired Frank Lloyd Wright and his style of construction. Issac Bell was a cotton broker and was rich by the time he was 30... I use cotton... and wear cotton... what happened???

It was still fall there. Our own Fall came and went in like a day! so it was so cool to see all the color - and how things grew up on the houses. 

This is Chateau - sur- Mer
I like it a lot!  I did wonder how many people it took to keep those grounds mowed, and then I thought - well I bet in the olden days the horses kept it pretty mowed.   

Again - Color!! Its just beautiful!

We found a little Seafood joint - and had to have Lobster!

and a Lobster Roll ( pretend he didn't eat it all before I took a photo)

The Newport Lobster Shack!! And it was - a two shack set up right on the water. It was soo cool!

But I tell you - the next time someone complains about the price of beef - I think I will send them this price list - Holee Cow - you could go broke eating out on the east coast!!

And that was the first half of day 3....

( Picture overload???)