Monday, August 10, 2020

Studio Clean up and Stash Reduction

 I don't know why this always happens to me - but... when I am away from my studio for any period of time,  I come back, and all I can think about is cleaning up!   I really should just want to sew, but noooooo , my brain says - lets reorganize!!

A stack of Yellows

and So - with all of my strong men home ( see there is a benefit to covid)  I started reorganizing!!

I have my own bathroom in the studio - and since it is just me, I might have batting stored in there ( and then I run upstairs to use the other bathroom - weird right?)  I decided it was time to move it all, and behind it! I found fabric!!  Which led to other fabric, which led to....

Leftover Minkee from the backs of quilts

Finding Denim Fabrics left from My Maternity Clothing company!! I was one of the first clothing companies on the internet in 1995... mostly then people were just using it as an ad campaign... I had a REAL store - with an order form an everything... and lawsy mercy was that catalog long.... but!   I sold the company a few years ago, and I had used most everything I saved.. but denim!.... well   I digress....

I used to order fabric wholesale, and I have noticed, that is a hard habit to break.. you know - buying in quantity!!

Purples and pretties

and so!!

I am sorting through tons of fabrics  - Literal Tons - and am starting to list them on Ebay!!  I figured this would be a great way to reduce some stash, spread the fabric love, and maybe..... be able to empty a shelf... I mean - lets not get carried away over here alright??

Quiltygirl Quilts on Ebay

This is where I will be listing my fabrics - Some auctions have already started... some are starting a little later today - and new ones will post each day.... I mean - I can only do so much in a day without getting to distracted.... my bucket list of quilts to make has significantly grown as well!

PS - I might have had a chance to get out in the real world - the world without people and I might have some photos to share ....

Friday, August 07, 2020

Queen of Diamonds Progress.... and ! Finished ( or NOT!) Friday

I thought I had been making faster progress on this quilt top - but after looking back at my blog posts.... I have not... *sigh*   

Oh well!! at least I still like it right?

This is called Queen of Diamonds - and the pattern is by Atkinson designs. It is in her Dealers Choice Pattern book....  I add this because the few emails I get asking for measurements... the answer is... It is in her book ....- right?  

We have to support our awesome designers... and make them keep designing!

I actually have two rows sewn together now, so..... you know... I am getting there!!

and just for fun - One of my sons had to stay in Denver for a week and he was on the 30th floor. I went to visit him and this pencil caught my eye.... of course the tingling in my feet and the weakness in my knees did not like that height!

The 30th floor people.... oh my!!!

Now it is your turn!!! Show us those great finishes you have been working on!!

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Wednesday, August 05, 2020

Happy Half Square Block SEVEN


In my mind - I saw this one as a spinning Pin wheel in a circle..
I think,..
It would have had a better effect if I had kept the background consistent.

BUT!  I am also using all my pre cuts - so I am working with what i have
In that case - I like it!

A lot of you are asking for names of the blocks
I truly have NO IDEA -
I am just playing with the Half Squares until I figure out something I like.

a few.... I have not been fond of, but I may make them anyways!!
hope you are having fun following along!

Monday, August 03, 2020

Quilts of Valor Colorado

Even though we haven't been able to meet in person for our Sew Days.... My group has been Stitching like crazy ... at home!!   

Then Crystal and Deonna ( sisters!!! That both machine quilt)  Took a huge stack of our tops... and voila!! they are ready to bind.... its so awesome!!


Above: Made by and quilted by Crystal

This was on of our Block Drives
My State hosts them and of course, since I design them I post them on the blog here
So these are the results!!

Pieced and Quilted by Deonna

Again - That Deonna - she never gets bored right?

This one is the Lone Rider Mystery that we did
But I sorta forgot to write down who pieced this one
I think it was Joan

and it was quilted by Crystal!

Hope you got a little inspiration!!

Saturday, August 01, 2020

Mask Dealies ... or stoppers for adjusting the elastic

So many of you asked in comments and emails what the dealies are that I used for the elastic adjustments,

These are them. They are small on one side and a little bit larger on the other - so you thread the elastic thru them, and then you can just sort of squeeze them and slide to adjust.

Here is the How to that came with them:

Mine came in Black and White. the only problem I see is that if you pull them off, you will lose them... but I don't think they come off very easily.

Here is the Link from Amazon for them:

Hope that helps!

Friday, July 31, 2020

Mask making for college and!! Finished ( or Not) Friday!!

Happy Happy Friday!!

hope all of you are doing well! I have stayed away from saying to much about the whole * you know* going on... because.... well it makes me annoyed... and you know annoying a quilter, equipped with scissors, rotary cutters and all sorts of other things... Is just not good for the environment - hahaha!


Two of my Three Kids are headed back to college next month. Every day the information changes, as to online vs in person, and what the rules vs. the should happens change....and well!

We just decided that it is going to be in all of our best interests to be prepared one way of the other. and one of those things - each college states they will require Masks/Face protection in the classroom.  

So we decided to have some fun with it - Little Bit  chose his fabrics for his masks.... he already has two, but I figure.... Boys... laundry.... Better have an over abundance right??

Here are his choices:

Aren't those just fun?  I found these little dealies to put on the elastic so you can adjust the fit - and they are pretty cool!!  That way, I can just cut the elastic to the size I like , and they can make it fit!

So now... I am off to make masks for Middle Bit... he starts a week later, so you know... he came second... poor kid - always stuck in the middle!

NOW!!! It is time for:
Please do provide a direct link for me, so that later in the week - I can get right to that post.


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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Happy Half Square Block SIX

Happy Half Square Project
Block SIX

These are kinda addicting..
Just to see how and where you can place Half squares to make  a block!

This is my BLOCK SIX
and I wanted to do all red...
Mostly because my stack of red is large,
and the other reason
I have a few blocks that are just blues....

so I thought this might even it out??

Again - you need 16 Half Squares for this block

And then I was chatting on the phone with my son,
and started playing around with colors

This might be cool as a two colored block too
Gives it a little spinny look?


Kat over at 
Put this in her computer programs - and check this out!

it creates a secondary pattern!!
Love it!!
Thanks Kat!!

Monday, July 27, 2020

Another *Books* post!!

I read some books again!!  I may have to make this a habit!!

Of course - with 4 people vying for the Wifi in the Middle of Nowhere.... Books are much easier to get my hands on than a show to binge watch.... 

The first one I read:
The Country Guesthouse.  
I didn't think I liked it, and was ready to put it down, when there was a twist that kept me reading. But the start was a little Cliche for me... but then there was a little mystery and that made my mind go all over the place - and if I was a writer... Inow have about 15 plotlines this could follow haha!

This one I really liked - it is not a hard read, but the story starts from two different perspectives. and the decisions that the characters make come out as the book goes along, and you sympathize.... and look over your shoulder.... just in case ;-)

This book intrigues me, only because Cleo is a single mom who was pregnant in her senior year of college, she goes to Law school with a young child and is a Senator at 37.... well then her life comes into focus for us.

BUT!! I have a kid who just graduated law school, and he is in the middle of prepping for the Bar ( or maybe he will have taken it by now) and being a mom myself - I just wonder where in the heck she could do all this without boatloads of help --- 

That aside - its actually a good book about Women and realizing we need our other women

Friday, July 24, 2020

String Stars.... and Finished ( or Not) Friday

Once upon a Time... about almost exactly Two years ago - I had a friend... and he came to our Quilt guild and did this most AWESOME presentation - and then the next day - He taught a class.... and I participated - and then.....

I did not follow through... cuz I am a bad quilter ( bwahh ha ha)

But today!! I fixed that - and I followed through!!

My original Post  about this quilt - and now!!!

The Reveal!!

So this one is outside and gives you the true colors, but the sun was so blinding - you can't see the quilting to prove that I Quilted it!!

I took one inside as well - so you can see the quilting... because - come on people - I am a Machine Quilter ( for hire, if your looking haha)  but the colors are a little darker...

I think that I shall bind it in Navy Blue.. but that is a post for a different day - like maybe October... ( I did not say which year tho!)

Now!! BEfore you link your post - click here to open a new song from Estin and the 86'd - a little local ban here - and give their song a listen.. let's see if we can get their listens up about 1500....

now!! Lets see what you are up to!!:
how has the stitching been going for you?


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Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Happy Half Square Block FIVE

Ohhhh Now I really like this one too!!
I may have to revisit it and make A whole quilt soon!!!

Apparently I am drawn to Stars - since the last blocks have all been star like.... But This one with the Starry background.... I am liking it!!

Here is the drawing - I think it would be pretty as a two color block too, but I sure so like having a spinner looking one pop out!