Monday, June 21, 2021


 My Surprise Baby is not a baby any more - and when she decided to grow - she kinda went like a weed... She is only 4 month old - but.....

She needed a friend I am not going to admit what I did yet... but look at that sweet face.... would he not make a good friend????

Friday, June 18, 2021

Blue Placemats ..FINISHED!!! and..... Finished ( or not) Friday

 This week I am celebrating a small finish... but a finish just the same!!

For the Rainbow Scrap Challenge ( hosted at So Scrappy)  I have been making placemats out of my Block Box. I have been having a blast Quilting them and trying new patterns and new ideas, without the commitment of a king size quilt!! but!!

Did you know... that if you quilt them - you must bind them? ( oh ya!) and so now!!! my FInish for this week is all of the BLUE ones are Now bound!!

Blue is the Color for April - so according to my trusty pile - I now have Pink ( January), Yellow ( February) and Blue ( April) all bound.... I must not like Green ( March) much - cuz I just passed those on by.... which means - I had better get to binding in green!!

And because I love you all SO much I trekked out in the 100 degree heat and snapped a photo - so that maybe you could see the quilting.... I made it fast tho! 
Then look ...upside down - hahaha!!

I am pretty happy with myself for binding all of these ( and the other colors) and not going into anaphylactic shock! and I didn't even have to use the whole bag of chocolate to get it done!

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Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Back in my Happy Place


See that snow?

Well - I am missing that right now!! I have never been a fan of heat - I mean I am good up to 75 - but then... I am out!!! and the last two days we have hit 100!!!

I didn't have my Air Conditioner uncovered and cleaned yet - but you can bet that I do now - Holee Buckets!!

With as hot as it is - I was glad to be able to go into an Air Conditioned room and be with these Amazing People!!  my Heroes ..... Getting their QOV Hugs - 

Doesn't get any better!

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

The Quilt Ladder

 if you remember - we decided to have our wood floors redone... and oh lawsy mercy do they look good!! But!! They kicked up a LOT of dust....

So Like one does when there is dust, and new floors - they clean and then! they decide to paint!!
Except that I couldn't remember the exact shade of paint I used the first time.

So I chose what I thought was close.... and I was wrong!! So the WHOLE kitchen/dining room got painted.... because.... just touching up the spots made my poor wall look like it had calamine lotion on it!

As I was painting I started thinking of accent colors - and the Quilt ladder I always wanted... and so - There is a little antique place here in town - I headed over there and found an old Ladder.....

Cleaned it all up and started painting it.....

But then!!

I decided that my trim needed updating. Okay I will be honest - we never put trim in in the first place - we moved in and just got to living... so! I went to get some trim that I liked and I painted it the same color - and now.....

I have teal trim in the kitchen...... I just love it!!

And ta da!! Here is the whole thing - now that bend in the floor - that a camera bend - I couldn't' get the whole thing in one shot! Oh!!

See my photo wall on the right - teal photo frames!!!

And!! the next thing I want to do is reupholster  the chairs around the table - they are yellow and probably 100 years old - I think they need an update. But that will be my July project .

So that was a fun project.... wait till I tell you about my bathroom.... I kinda flooded it... so you know - we had to re do it as well. ( good thing my husband loves me!)

Monday, June 14, 2021

Diamond Back

 I am working on my One Monthly goal and putting the blocks up on my wall, and I turn and look - and I scared myself!!!

You all!!! it looked like a rattle snake skin to me!!

It did to my husband too - so I am renaming the Rectangle Wrangle ( Quiltville design) to


and that is the only anything near a snake that I want to ever see in my life... yep!!

And ( oh Weedy Mama!! ) I would like to point out that I have finally made it as a quilter  - I have 4 projects up on the design wall....

but! Better yet - I have a stack of them next to the sewing machine... its getting deep in here people!

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Friday, June 11, 2021

A little Double Slice - and Finished... or not! Friday!!

The first thing I got finished this week - was this field!!! Just in case you can't see - those are bales of hay. They are now baled, and loaded in my trailer. FINISHED!! Whoop Whoop!!

And then after the field was finished - I got to this!! A little Double Slice Quilt!! 

You know I had to take it on my wood floors - I am so in love with them - and! 
a little close up!

Isn't that just so sweet?   Now that I have that finished, and the hay ... I have been told it is time to mow fire breaks..... Is that fair????

Now it is your turn....
What have you finished???
Show it off and let us Ohh and ahhh over it!!

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Tuesday, June 08, 2021

Just a little weather

 Yesterday late afternoon I got an alert on my phone - Tornado warning - take shelter. Of course, I texted my husband first ( working in the basement) and asked if he got one, he said no - but there is a cell by Denver.

So I went back to work, and then the skies got a little darker. I got up and went to the window and Bam!!

This was dropping out of the sky! I ran back in and got my camera - and watched it!!

I took a ton of Cell phone photos - and my husband took this one thru his binoculars!

The reports on the news were crazy - watching it get so close to people, and the shots of it over their head - I was so glad to view it from a distance ( we figured 20 -30 miles away?)

At first then news said it was coming straight at us, so we let horses out, and moved stuff that could fly (like the trim I had been painting)  but it started to dissipate - and the actual storm cell moved north, North east - towards Cheyenne.... But those people on the ground..

As soon as I finish chores ( okay really playing on the computer  - I rode and did all my morning chores.... I just wanted to sound important)  I'll turn on the news to see what other damage there was...

Monday, June 07, 2021

Positivity Blocks, a Gingham top and Scrap Blocks

 This weekend was Cr-azy!!!!  we had Heat and a huge thunderstorm, and about 17 inches of rain ... okay kidding - but there was a ALOT of rain, Hail and strong winds  - so you know when storms happen - I get no stitching done.

I am too busy watching the rain - and of course the lightening. Some of the lightening was hitting at the same time it was thundering. My dog and I cuddled.   and we watch for where the lightening hit... No fires ( shew!!!)

Positivity is growing!! And I decided to cut 10 more out, I had been doing them 2 blocks at a time. So now I am prepped for the week? Month? All the info and the pattern for Positivity can be found here:

Sew Preeti;s Positivity QAL

Got my Little Gingham Top Done - I think mine is 50 x 58 . 

and!!! My scrappy Leader Ender Blocks have grown into this:

Not sure if I will make more - or just start adding corners??? Who knows - we will see where the happy leads today ;-)

Quilt away!!!!

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Saturday, June 05, 2021

Purples Skies? Purple Horses? Or just Purple and horses and skies?

 Today is the Saturday of the Rainbow Scrap challenge PURPLE color!!!  and!! I found some purple blocks - I was a tad worried there! My son organized my block box, and Purple was way on the bottom.

Mostly I was worried I would mess up his great organization system - he has an eye for that sort of thing! ( whereas I use the Pile method)

So here are the Purples I will be working with this month:

Not a bad looking Bunch of Blocks right? I should be able to get some Placemats out of those! My goal is 7.... wish me luck! because....

June bring a lot of this!  ^^   Ah!!! mazing skies - and Yay for some Green pastures - Praying and hoping the heat stays back and we can get a good few months off of this!!  

( Ps - my cattle are out there)

June also bring a lot of this:   
Isn't my Baby so handsome???

He gets all decked out and ready to ride!!!  

Have a great weekend!!!

Friday, June 04, 2021

Stars Unfurled times two - and Finished ( Or Not) Friday!!!

Happy Friday!!!!

As you (may) know - I have been working on the Stars Unfurled Pattern from Katie Mae - I tested her pattern... and I have to tell you - I think I got an A!!!  Oh - whoops - maybe she got an A !! It's a great pattern and the instructions are very clear and great to follow!!

and now.... here are two of the Quilts that I made.....

Version Number 1 - I think it is so fun!! and love the graphicness of it ( I am learning to make up new words, so if that's not one... it should be!!)

Notice the Flamingo Clips!!!  I have no quilt holders at my disposal anymore - so! I improvised!

Version Number 2 - The wind graciously helped flip the quilt so you could see the back. You know you wanted to.....

And!!! Please notice - both of them are bound!! Is that not impressive?

Katie's pattern releases next Friday - and you will be able to find it here: Katie Mae Patterns

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have a great weekend!!

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