Thursday, October 30, 2008

A quilt for Seth

A long time ago we moved outside of this small town. One of the first families we met had 4 children and they were adorable. Seth was about 4 or 5 years old. I really enjoyed watching this family grow up. The parents are wonderful, wonderful people - full of love and joy with their children. Every day after school I got a wave from Seth. As he got into high school he stopped and talked with me everyday while I waited for my kids. He and his brothers came out and helped us move and load hay. They were life savers.


One day they were out and they wanted to do some target practice. Before we could get targets out Seth took his yellow sweatshirt and hung it out to shoot at.... All I could think of was - "man, is his mom going to be mad." The boys shot quite a few holes in it - and his mother laughed. She is a great mom.


About a year and a half ago as Seth was driving to work at 6am, his car was struck by a truck and he went to see God. Seths 18th birthday was yesterday and I had finished a quilt that was made out of his T shirts and gave it to his Mom. Good thing I wear sunglasses...
The top picture is the front of the quilt, the bottom is the back. He likes motorcycles, outdoors, music, fishing, and bright yellow - so I tried to incorporated all that I could into the back. The Denim piece is the back of one of his shirts - as is the Red Flannel piece.

Friday Fun

I realize that I am a little behind Friday.... but it was great to sew with the 5th grade anyways. Last Friday we finished sewing all the blocks. So enjoy the pics ;-)
Our progress is going rather quickly. This is a great group of Sew'ers! And they have a lot of enthusiasm - its wonderful!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Finished QOV's

These were all sent to me as tops and now they are quilts! And I have pictures to prove it...
The first two were quilted by Liz D. in Thornton. She has a statler - and does good work!! She is also a certified statler teacher - so if you want more info - I know how to hook you up!
Next the Dissapearing Nine Patch was quilted by Kathleen way down in Canon City. I am not sure what she quilts on ( I forgot to ask) but she put eagles and flags in the quilting - very nice! The quilting really brought out the reason for Quilts of Valor!
The last two were done by this crazy lady in Kersey. The far left top was made by Renee and was a quilt of valor mystery group quilt. The one on the right was another mystery from the same group and made by the Past President of my quilt guild.
I sure appreciated the help quilters - our numbers are growing and the quilts are so lovely. Every one has really worked hard for this. - Enjoy the pictures!

From Jill in NJ

This quilt is really cool. I always have trouble setting quilts on point. It is harder for me to "see" as I am laying them out. Jill obviously does NOT have that problem. She did a wonderful job.
Thanks so much Jill!
I think this week is slipping away a lot faster that I want it to. I know we went to Church and a birthday party Sunday, Basketball and 4-H on Monday, Basketball games and a swim awards deal tuesday (oh and I spent the early day in Denver) and now it is Wednesday and I am not where I thought I would be on my to - do list! I better get cracking.... I should probably start with getting the kids to school... *grin*

Saturday, October 25, 2008

From Harriett in CO

This is Harriett - she is in my quilt guild here in Greeley CO! She made this wonderful QOV for our project. It is from the Eleanor Burns pattern called tossed 9 patch...

It was quilted by Lori H in Commerce City. Harriett has a granddaughter in our 5th grade this year - and she was excited when I took her Grandmas quilt to hang in the classroom. This is her granddaughter sewing!
Have A great day...

Friday, October 24, 2008

From Judy in Oklahoma

Last fall Bonnie over at Quiltville Offered a mystery Scrappy quilt. I started it along with about 1000 other people. Mine is still in blocks, Judy - she finished hers... But not only did she finishe the top - she finished QUILTING and BINDING it...


Knowing how much work went into this quilt I am so amazed that she offered it for a Quilt of Valor. But it is perfect and a soldier will appreciate it!! Those little Blue and Cream sqares are 1 inch finished... I had never worked with anything so small. Judys is absolutely perfect - I am really impressed.
Hope you all have a good one!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

From Helen N in MI

These three lovelies came from Helen in Owasso MI. They are all quilted and bound and ready to go! I think my favorite is the jewel box quilt. Well - I have two of those kitted up from years past where I SWORE I was going to make one.
Today was a cold and windy day, made me think of making warm quilts all day long - as I was out running around in the wind!
Hope you all had a good one!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

QOV Tops quilted

Here are a few Tops that have been quilted. The top Rail fence I quilted and I even made the backing for it. My Mom sewed the top.. For the back - I used Marys Off Center Backing

The other hanging Rail fence was made by Laurel at the Livermore Church Quilters , the one under it was sewn by Audry. She is a very prolific Livermore Church quilter! I sent both of these to my friend Lisa in NC to quilt. And she did a great job. I really appreciated the help. Tonite they are off to be bound by a sweet gal in my quilt guild! ( teamwork!! Gotta love it!!)
Have Great day!
Ours is rather foggy and I hear rumors that snow may be flying by tonite. Which totally makes sense... I had to give up and take my truck to the mechanic to see if he can figure out why it won't start when its cold. Truthfully - I think it just wants to sleep in, and if everyone would change there schedules around my trucks desire to start - it would make everyone happy!! See ya!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Janet M in Colorado

My Nieghbor to the south - and a wonderful wonderful Machine Quilter sent these 3 quilts for QOV's. I hope the pictures do justice to the quilting. I think you can click on the picture and see it even larger.

This first one was in the Colorado State Fair and it won a ribbon! It is really pretty!

The next two were made for MQS. What talent! I, of course, had them hanging in my dining room for a minute ( okay a day) so I could take pictures and a friend came over. I had to check her bags on the way out - she was trying to "borrow" them ;-)

Hope you all are having a great day. I got a fair amount of quilting done - so I am happy.... now its off to chase kids for a while ;-)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

A fishy Top

Susan S in Carthage TX had a lot of Fish Fabric. Susan was wondering what she could do with the Fish Fabric... Look what Susan did with the Fish Fabric!

My kids just LOOOVED it - I did too. I thought that was a clever way to use the fish fabrics - and I even have a fish panto that would look so great quilted on it!

Today was a very lovely day. After church we headed over to my SIL and BIL's new house. My hubbys parents had come down for the weekend. The house is still being built so we got a wonderful tour of it in progress. It is going to be awesome! It looked so big and roomy - I remember when my house seemed that way... What happened??!! So we came home for boys to do homework and practice band and I cleaned the kitchen so well and threw bunched of junk away. I must have needed some inspiration. Maybe next weekend we will go look again and it will inspire me some more... Nah.... I want to quilt! Tee hee

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The day that got away

Yesterday my Husband and Oldest son were planning on heading up to the mountains, Maybe do a little hiking and a little hunting. As they got there the transmission went out on the vehicle - so while they were still in cell phone range they called me and my other two sons for a rescue. Of course it was 8 in the morning as they had left at 4am!


So we gathered a few things up and headed up the mountain. They were near my parents house so I had grabbed a bag of fabric and a pattern or two. We got them rescued and then went in my parents house. They of course, were not there.... so we took over the WHOLE place.

I don't know if you remember but this summer I got my Mom hooked on quilting. So on her table was a cutting mat, and the iron was set up in the hallway, and her machine was even out. I was kind of like Little Red Riding hood - I had to test which cutting mat to use, and the iron settings.... and even the machine ( shhh don't tell her!) I can totally see the benefit of two quilters in the family now ;-)

While the two smallish boys played legos I cut out a Queen Sized quilt and even finished sewing Step 1. I have no clue how many steps there are, nor do I care, but I was tickled to get that far.

When they first had called I was so dissappointed - I had plans to finishing quilting the quilt on my frame, Start a QOV being quilted, put some borders on another quilt, and make a backing for a quilt that I am making for a friend... but the car changed all those plans - and I am still happy!!!
The rest of our week consisted of a football game - did you see the little heisman trophy run from littlest Dude?
And a swim championship.... it was a long day but an awesome meet - biggest dude did VERY VERY well. I just might keep them both!

Okay - gotta go make up for lost time - the list from yesterday is still beckoning...
I'll be back...

Thursday, October 16, 2008

From Ruth W in Indiana

The kids have today off of school. I tease that they should really stay in school and get smart, but I really enjoy having them around. We ran errands all this morning and are now getting ready to head out for a football game.


These beautiful quilts came from Ruth W in Indiana... plus she sent a BUNCH of pillowcases. The Black one at the top really sets off those bright colors. It is very very eye catching. The second one - those half square triangles are not very big - she must have a A LOT of patience! Both quilts are very very lovely. Thanks Ruth for your help!
Have a quilty day!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Quilts from Vicki in VA

Vicki W from VA has been one of our most supportive supporters! When the 5th grade started this project 4 years ago she sent me a huge bunch of fabrics, and she has sent lots more since then. She has been a constant encouragement!

Now she sent 4 of her quilts for the Challenge - and they are wonderful.

This first one is fabrics that she dyed and the pattern was a Quilt for an Hour Quilt from Judy L website. It is done in all my favorite colors - although I don't want to be injured to get it - I want it (grin)

This quilt looks to be dyed or batiks fabrics - it is Beautiful!! They were made by her friend Wanda over at Exuberant Color and Quilted by Vicki - same with the snowball quilt.

This last quilt is a quilt as you go quilt and it is reversiable - I showed you both sides and the binding. The binding is too cool - it matches each side. To me that takes talent!

Thanks so much Vicki!!

QOV Statistics

Many of you have emailed privately asking for statistics so far... so I thought I would make a short post and tell you where we are at and what we have...

Total QOV's ready to go : 137
Female Quilts: 26
Pillowcases needed : 36

They say that the soldier wounded ratio is 1 female to every 10 men - so it looks like we are on a good track. Based on my experiences the women appreciate Patriotic quilts as much as the men - so I think we are on a good roll.... I sure appreciate everyones efforts and all the questions and the warm hearted "keep it ups" .

Now I gotta go eat lunch and I will be back with some more eye candy!

Monday, October 13, 2008

From Norece in KY

These are Two more Quilts from Norece... I LOVE them. I have always been partial to chain quilts - and this spinning star with the chain is a Beauty!
The Star quilt has 4 patch centers. They are awful pretty and lots of different reds!
It is really fun to hang these quilts and take pictures. I usually go to King Soopers and get a print made to pin on the pillowcase of the quilt. Today I also got some pictures printed from MQS that had been on my camera. I went to pick up the pictures and the photo ladies started asking me all

sorts of questions about the quilts. I think I might have made some new friends *grin*. There were a couple of quilt pictures they had to pull out to show me. It was kind of neat!
And after wards I even got to a quilt shop for a little bit. Just being around new fabric is really inspiring and made me think of what I had at home... and now I really want to get to making a quilt...
Have a Great one!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

From Nancy L. in WA

Came these beautiful quilts!!
This first one is called "This n That" and it was a mystery quilt thru the QOV mystery group. You can find it in the yahoo groups under QOV mysterys I think. They usually do a mystery quilt every 2 to 3 months and get them all ready for soliders. Its an impressive effort!
The next one is called Scrappy Boxes. I think it is pretty cool looking! Nancy says she is a scrappy quilter and she sure has made some beauties!
The last one is a String Star quilt. I like the way she used the string blocks here - a very attractive design!! All three are quilted and ready to go! Thanks so much Nancy!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

From Jane in Indiana

From Jane:
"I've sent quilts to Walter Reed in the past, but as I said, these two were waiting for those dratted pillowcases. My sister and I pieced these at a mystery quilt workshop with the Bloomington Quilters Guild, and we both decided that they should go to QOV. I hope to be able to send more at some point, but it seems we are deluged with causes that need quilts. In Bloomington we are building a place called Jill's House which will provide lodging for families of patients undergoing cancer therapy at a facility run by Indiana University."
She is awful busy quilting for lots of folks in need - I sure apprecate you sending these quilts our way. And I have the perfect pillowcases for them - Not to worry!!
Thanks Jane!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

From Eileen

Eileen in MD happened upon Kim Brunners website, and on it there was a call to action for quilts. She immediately emailed me - and a few days later... Two Awesome quilts showed up in the mail!
The Deletable Mountains one was at a Show n Tell in Nsahville where Eleanor Burns was - so it has a touch of fame ;-)
Now - I am baking some cookies. A group of gals ( and two of my 3 kids) are getting together to work on Quilts of Valor. One lady is a nurse and she doesn't want me to go into anaphalactic shock, due to my allergy of binding.. so she is coming to bind as many quilts as she can. I am making her my best friend for the day *giggle* I shall present her with a cookie! Oh - and I am being healthy too - I made a veggie tray.
Hope you all have a great day...

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

From Carolyn in PA

These quilts are from Carolyn in PA. She has been quite busy!! Not only does she quilt - she is becoming a farmer ( grin) Her son has a new place that needs a lot of work, so she has been helping out. And learning about Alpacas, Llamas and what the road looks like between her house and theirs.


I sure appreciate these quilts - and I know the soldiers will. They will be glad you had a moment or two to spare for them! Although you must need a nap now!!