Saturday, October 04, 2008

Heartstring 'ers

The Heartstrings group has been busy! And the soldiers will be the beneficaries...
This String quilt on the right was made by Gail S. I think she said it was her first string quilt - and she did a wonderful job.
The two tops on the left were made by Fran B - She also does stockings for the troops for Christmas. And when her son returned - she made every soldier returning with him a welcome home quilt... she is amazing!
Lori A in California sent me all these plaids - and it was perfect timing. One of our theme quilts for the 5th grade is a plaid quilt. So some of these are in it. And there is enough that I have backings for the plaid quilts from the kids.
Jessica in Wa found a sale of patriotic material and got the flag backing for me... It is cut and ready to go on a quilt made by the ladies at Livermore.
Thank you ladies for all your efforts too! It is exciting to watch the numbers grow and hear of all the interest in getting a quilt to a wounded soldier.
Take care for now. My middle child decorated a cake today and we think we are going to go eat it now!

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Mary Johnson said...

This all look great - I'm glad you're getting a lot of help from other HeartStrings members.