Friday, October 03, 2008

Miracles Sewing Group

My Friend Jess Sews with a group of gals in Denver that are called Miracles. Every week they sew and they make quilts for Denver Childrens Hospital. About 6 weeks ago they heard about our Quilt of Valor Challenge and some of them thought they would like to help out. They invited me down to talk to them about Quilts of Valor and see the tops they made. I headed out on Wednesday and was in for a pleasant surprise.


There few quilts were actually 12! And all of them were patrotic and were awesome! I was so tickled, and excited that they thought of our challenge.


I took some photos with me of the soldiers recieving their quilts and passed them around. One of the gals was totally shocked... one of the soldiers that recieved a quilt was her daughters best friend from High School. Very small world huh? She was hoping she could request a quilt get to her - and lo and behold - one had!!

Ms Jess had to make a quilt too! - and this bottom picture is her with her quilt.


Thank you so much ladies for helping to meet this challenge! I truly appreciate the time and effort!! Now to get quilting!


Vicki W said...

You are doing some awesome work! You have everyone motivated! I hope my quilts arrive soon.

swooze said...

Awesome. What a jackpot!

Jessica said...

Alycia, we're proud to team up with you on this project. Look out for our next round of tops. Hugs to you dear friend...