Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Tuesdays Thimbles Quilt Group

Before I show you some more Quilts of Valor - I need to brag! I cooked - and I cooked a meal that we all actually liked and will probably make again!! I have a blog that I Love to read - it is and she makes food every day in the Crockpot. I thought - Oh this might be a good idea. It seems I am always leaving around 2:30 pm and getting home between 7 and 9... so if dinner was ready.... I wouldn't be tempted to stop at a fast food place on the way home right?


We thought we would try lasagna. I can make lasagna in my sleep. As a matter of fact that is one of the reasons my husband dated/married me. Too bad he didn't wait long enough to realize thats one of the only things I cook... Jokes on him!!


Anyways I made lasagna and used the no cook noodles - piled it up in the crockpot just like a regular pan and cooked it on low for 5 hours. I was supposed to be 4, but swim practice ran long... and it was YUMMY!!! I love my crockpot ;-) I am going to try more crockpot stuff... and will be checking out the crockpot blog!!! Tonite is Crockpot Pork Chili - we have a swim meet and its at a pool about 45 minutes away... This I do make a lot in my Croskpot ;-)


Okay - back to the important stuff.... more quilts! At first I counted 12 - but there is actually 13 from Tuesday Thimbles.. you have seen six... Here are the rest! Aren' they wonderful? You should see them up close - They are really nice! Thank you SO much Tuesday Thimbles!!

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