Thursday, May 31, 2012

May Color Challenge

Well.... it is not 100% finished... I don't think - but this is what I have come up with so far for the May Color Challenge....

Here is the Palette...... It makes me hungry......

And here is my top ( okay its just the blocks) up on the design wall.... I think it needs a little more so will work on it... hopefully today... although there are a lot of Ranch Chores beckoning.... Sigh...

A close up - I love the Butterflies.....and the paisleys

And the plaid like oranges!

Oh!! And for those of you who asked - this is my new camera. It is a Nikon D5100 and it is shown here with its telephoto lens. The running joke in our house is that * it is all about me*

So....My oldest son qualified to go to the State Swim Competition, the venue was a big pool in Denver, where the pool is on the ground ( duh) but the seating is way up high. My little Canon Power Shot Camera, which I love and adore, does not take great far away pictures.....

I decided that I needed a better camera - actually have been thinking on it for a few years - and so decided the time was right....

Although my Son made it to state - it was all about me! I needed a new camera to get pictures that I wanted....  aren't I good LOL
I will be linking up with Judy at for the color challenge...... enjoy!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Quilty Inspiration!!

Are you all ready? After spending the weekend remembering our military, quilting some Red White and Blue Quilts, and resting up... I am totally ready to dig back in to some quilts!

These Quilts pictured are all Quilts of Valor and the person who pieced them and quilted them is listed as well. I wish I could take credit for making them all.... but no such luck. All of them are either in process to be presented to our military - or have already been presented. Sometimes my picture shows are behind.... oh well - I love the chance to see them again ( and again, and again.....)

This quilt just amazes me... it was put together by Connie and Kathy - the amazing duo from Colorado. But the star blocks are part of the 100 QOV challenge from Moda.... It was quilted by Linda B in Pueblo.

And here is a second one - again put together by Connie and Kathy - this one was quilted by Mel P in Co Springs. I LOVE the different looks the quilting gives a quilt!

This yummy plaid quilt was made by Sue T on the Wind Rose Quilt Guild in New Jersey. It was quilted by Rita A of Colorado Springs CO. Doesn't it just make you want to snuggle????

So - my new idol is Dee Dee... over Here  is quite the quilter!! Check out this string star beauty....

And this one - Again from Dee Dee in TN.... I believe she both pieced and quilted these quilts!! Love Love Love that border fabric!!!

And Dee Dee made this one..... again - a total snuggle quilt right??

MMMMM - and this one!! Dee Dee again!!  I think this one would make a great leader/ender quilt....

And the last quilt from Dee Dee - and the last one in my little show today - if you look at it in a different way - its a total different quilt! I LOVE it!!

Thank you quilters, for your efforts to help us cover our wounded, and those who have stood in Harm's way. You bring comfort and healing ... Thank you!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pictures from our weekend

So - a warning.... go get a cup of coffee, and can of pop, or a donut.... I went on a shooting trip with my camera. I got a new camera - I might have mentioned that a few times before.... but just in case you missed it.... I got a new camera ( giggle)   and it is a cool on - the lens has a telephoto and I Love it!!

These are in no particular order.... my boots.... cuz everyone else is showing their boots... mine are plain.... sigh

Click on this one - see the Blue tape? See what it says... Brownie M.... this is NOT to be confused with just plain Brownie - the M - it stands for Mare.... Do NOT get confused!

And just so you know - I rode too, I am just not quite coordinated yet to get on the horse with my New Camera - so I rode a while, put my mare away,.... and then shot  - tee hee

Have a great day!!

Monday, May 28, 2012

My Big Board and Storage

I feel like a rock star!! So many of you asked about my storage units. First they were from Home Depot - they are the Martha Stewart Collection in the storage area of Home Depot.

Martha Stewart Living 36 in. White Stackable 9-Cube Organizer - is the one on the left

And the 6 cube one is the one on the right - they are 36 inches high - which - If you remember I am 5'10" , and with my shoes on am closer to 5'11"  - so this is a great height for me!!

So the total length of the cubbies is 5 ft...  I had Wrangler Man measure the area that I sew in - its about 8 ft, by 8 ft, by 10 foot. There is a diagonal couch that I hide behind. Mind you  - this does not include my fabric - that is downstairs next to my Long arm machine.

I always thought I would want to sew downstairs, but since my family resides mostly upstairs, as well as the kitchen ( and I am the cook), and the laundry room, and the TV, I think I get more Sewing done up here.

Hope this answers all the questions... that was sure fun!!!

Saturday, May 26, 2012


Oh boy, am I having fun so far this weekend!!  We have a ton of stuff to do outside, and that's cool - but the weather man said there was going to be gusting winds of up to 70 mph.... and we don't like that!!  Usually we all come inside and grumble.... but NOT. THIS . TIME!!!

I was prepared!!

Way back in 2011 - my ironing board had an unfortunate incident with someone who leaned on it way to hard.... and they bent it. But being handy, they just took a metal rod, and re-bent the board, and duct taped it.... and it worked O.K. , until you needed to put pressure on it. But I survived.

Then in January or February I went to CQC and heard the organization lady!! And she said to get something else to put your big board on, and utilize all that space under it.... and SO!!! 

After shopping around for a long while - I found what I wanted.  And when the wind started blowing, I so secretly pulled it out, and said- "Hey Guy's - I'll make cookies if you put this together"   

Total Win Win situation!!

So - here is my new ironing table!!!I didn't know how many cubbies I really wanted filled with the colored buckets, but it looks like I guessed ok!!  And it is sturdy!!!

After I was all organized - I finished up my Sweet Treat Quilt top. I did the borders different - only because ... patience is not my friend.... and I wanted it DONE!!!  

And then... because deadlines make me work faster - I started a Carpenter Star quilt... what is the deadline you ask? June 1st!  Judy L is going to post some feather videos - and I want to follow along, and she is going to feather a quilt like this!!!

I figure I will follow along, and have a Quilt of Valor done and ready to go!!!

So.... how is your weekend going so far? Please hope the wind does die down for us, we still have some outdoor projects to get to!!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Finished Friday

Well not really - I think it is finishing Friday and starting a new project Friday ..... 

So I am finishing up all the things that were on my cutting table - I hope that ALL of them get done, but I won't worry if they don't, its always nice to have a project in process....and an escape ;-)

Wanna see what I am going to start???? Because - honestly - what is one more project, right?

This is very similar to Judy L's ( Carpenter Star quilt - except it is missing a small border.... only cuz I am not smart enough to figure out how to do that in EQ7!!

So far - I have the yardage chosen and the creams cut.... 

If you are interested in this layout:  EQ7 says that you need
1 3/8 yards of Cream
1/2 yard of Royal Blue
1 5/8 yards of Navy Blue
3/4 yards Dark Red
1/2 yd Light Red

I decided that I would cut 7 inch squares for the half square triangles, and mark the center - then sew 1/4 inch off of that - so the half squares should measure up to 6 1/2 inches.... sound right?

So - what is everyone else up to? Link up and let me check them out!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

A sea of Red White and Blue

My sewing table is covered in Red White and Blue. I got laughed at last night, as I think there are 32 batrillion projects going on at the same time!!!  
On the Ironing board in the far right corner I have string blocks waiting to be trimmed, in the center I have Double Slice Blocks needing one more slice, in front of that I have a pile of scraps to feed into my string bins.

On the left, hanging over the table are rail fence strip sets The pattern for them. They need to be ironed and the sub cut, and on the far far left - where you can barely see, is the fabric for my Sweet Treats blocks, and sashings!

And here is my cutting table - strings are all over it for my string blocks. The front right has those blocks - some just need a teeny little corner sewn, some still need lots of strips.... in the back are my double slice blocks that are ready to go into rows, and the blue and yellow up in the back left corner - small friend ship stars - I need them for my Row Robin quilt borders - but of course don't need them for 2 months - so.... I will procrastinate - I know this about me ;-)

Oh - and you can't forget the floor -  more blocks ready to be ironed - and then I'll see if they need any more strings, or are ready to be trimmed....

And the left - those are my other string bins - someday I would love them to be empty so I could fill them with more ;-)

And then!!!
Every once in a while the foundation gets a QOV request that can't be filled by someone local. This gentleman was one of those, so I mailed him a Quilt from Colorado.

He posted a thank you on Face Book - I love it - so here he is with his Quilt!!
Thanks to Stephanie P - he is covered!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Quilt of Valor Inspiration

Good morning!! Hope your day is going wonderfully!! I think it's going to be a beautiful day - my to do list is long - but it's just about all quilty - so I should be a happy camper!!

First off - this was our sunset last night!! 

This quilt was pieced and quilted by Pat R in Colorado Springs. I am amazed at how different these jelly roll quilts can look based on the roll that you use.

And of course - a few close ups of the quilting - oh la la - Beautiful!

And a beautiful String Quilt made and Quilted by Pat!!  I love string quilts!

I love the corner of this quilt!!!

This next quilt was made by Kathy and Connie - they are such a supreme quilt topping duo!!!
It was quilted by Pat R as well!!

And the last one quilted by Pat - it was made by Agnes K in NJ. Just beautiful!!

Hope that gives you a little inspiration this morning!!
Have a great day!