Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Day in the Life of a QOV: The Complete Set

Continuing on in the ways A QOV can arrive in Colorado....

As a Complete Set:  A top( 55 x 65 min, 72 x 90 max), and back ( 6 inches bigger than the top) and Binding, and a pillowcase.... This is like hitting the mother lode of unfinished QOV's - all I need to do is add batting to it.

But - before you think that is it.... there is more.

The complete set, with the batting, is then labeled - I put a 3x5 card on the set, with the piecers' name, the size of the top, backing , batting, and a place for the quilter to put their name. 

All of this is then placed in a clear bag ( NO BLACK BAGS HERE!!)
and put into my to be quilted bucket.  

Colorado is just the best state - I have some AMAZING long-arm quilter volunteers that take in a QOV when they can... they are so awesome. I know that in our QOV show posts you can see a close up of the quilting - these ladies and gentlemen add so much to our already lovely tops! And are truly wonderful for working them in to their schedule!!

They take these sets, quilt them up, and hand them back to me.... then the next step begins.  The quilt is layed out and photographed for the blog ( if I don't do this at this step then I forget!!)  

Then the quilts are trimmed and there is NO WASTE:

Batting scraps that are big enough for Quilt as you go, or rag blocks go to quilters who do that. Many of those are used for our Northern Colorado Honor Flight Vets..   Batting scraps that are too small go into a bag that is taken to a group that make pet beds for the Denkai Animal Shelter.... NO WASTE. Fabric is sliced into strips and fed into their appropriate bins for more quilts!!

The Quilts then get a fabric label put with them, and since they came with binding the binding is pinned in a bag on the quilt, and they are put into the *to be bound* bucket.  Once a month this bucket goes to a sew day with me and BAM! They are labeled and bound.

Then they come home with me, get washed, pillow-cased, a journal added and written into my Ready Journal!!

So - Did you learn anything? See anything that could be streamlined?  Made easier, better?  Hope you are enjoying seeing all who get to touch a QOV - many hands made beautiful hugs for our Veterans!!

Link to A day in the Life - the Finished Quilt

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Pat R said...

I think we are all in awe of all you do and how organized you are. We are truely blessed to have you, along with all those 'hands' that contribute to these quilts!! Thank you all so much!