Friday, September 28, 2012

it's Friday!!!

This week - this is a yay!!! Wranger Man is home, I slept in till 6am... we have a cross country meet tonight and football is an away game ( I don't go to those) and I have a DVD waiting for me.  My sewing table is cleaned off and ready to be used...

It doesn't get much better than that... except maybe if there is chocolate!!

In my quest to learn all I can about photography, I have gotten a lot of "deletes" pictures. And I think they are kind of funny. 

From the first glance - I though - O this is pretty good, but when you click close up - that fence is the best part of the photo....I kind of lost my focus.... hmmmm

And then I thought - oh I will take photos of the band at night. I took some great ones of them on the field for the first performance... I think my confidence was a little ( teesy weensey bit) too high.... 

The blur was the best!! And the cymbals glare - oh my goodness - and the sticks in double motion... gracious ( oh the other hand that is my boy with the sticks.... so at least he did show up!)

The tuba player said... get me... and oh boy... did I miss!! Because it was dark I set the light exposure for a little longer, but I forgot that no one is allowed to move then.. and they Moved!!!

This one right here?  It's my absolute favorite!! EVER!! Its the stars!!!  My house is out in the dark, away from most city lights and the stars... oh Lordy - I lay on the deck and just stare sometimes.... so I thought I could capture it... sure nuf!!!   

I was mistaken!

Oh well, it is a fun learning experience. And since I don't have to pay for picture development, and I can delete them -

And once I delete them......
they really don't exist....

Hmmm... does that mean you aren't really reading this post?  ( creepy......)

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Judy's Quilt

Judy brought me this quilt to quilt, and I really really think that she meant for me to have it. But every time I hint.... or even outright say it... she says no   *sigh*

I really like it - and I know how she made it, so I am now on the lookout !!!

Isn't that just a cool quilt?  So funky and black and white - and ... oh I just love it.

I had some fun quilting it
Lots of texture to it, and oh! it was so fun!

Here's the back!
Now seriously - wouldn't this be a great quilt to have?
In your house?
On your couch??

Now - to scare you...
My cousin is going thru some old family photos. 
And she has been scanning them in
And I have been giggling!!

I have no clue when this was taken - but I sure don't remember it - 
On the left is my Paternal Grandma, then my Maternal Grandma, then my Dad's sister and then me!  ( I'm the short one in this picture) I think I grew to look down on all of them !!

I am pretty sure that my Maternal Grandma made her dress, as well as mine. She was cool that way!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Quilt of Valor Quilt Show

Oh Boy - 
I hope you are ready for these beauties.... again all of these Quilts of Valor are intended to comfort our combat wounded... you can always find more information about Quilts of Valor at   -

The first four today were made by Judy of Thornton/Broomfield  ( ha ha gotcha Judy!!)

We have sew days in my area once a month, and she surprised us and came by!! I loved it!!

It was fun to have an impromptu Show and tell with these quilts!!  ( the one above was made with blocks she won at her guild)  The one below had a hard time leaving her home, her husband fell in love!!

This next one - I had a hard time letting go - I just LOVED how it turned out!! Of course I did not make it, but I sure love it!!

This one is one she saw on Moda Bake Shop - It turned out so great!! I think it was called Modern Vintage Pinwheel .. Judy????

These next two quilts were sent by Nancy C of New York!! I tell you - when I pulled this one out my breath caught.... it is just beautiful!!

Don't these colors remind you of the southwest? LOVE!!!

Dianne K - My neighbor to the South - made this one!! Again - I love it. Can you imagine all the happiness in our house when I get to photograph quilts???  My kids want to leave ( tee hee)

Mollie - the fearless leader of our HeartStrings Quilt Project ad the owner of sent these my way. She quilted all of them.... and pieced this lattice top.

The Crumb quilt was pieced by Tish and quilted by Mollie

Pieced y Ann and quilted by Mollie

And last - pieced by Jackie and quilted by Mollie - These logs are just great - a big variety!

This one was pieced by Carolyn B of the Cane Cutter Quilters in Houma LA - Beautiful!!

And... the last four quilts in todays show came from Linda R in Nebraska. This one is a Bonnie Hunter pattern - wonderful for the Patriotics!!

These colors are so great - they are really vibrant and bold in person. A total girly quilt - I know it will be loved!!

Aren't string quilts cool? They can be made so many ways!!

And last but not least - a cool strippy quilt!!  Linda outdid herself!!

Hope you enjoyed seeing some of the Quilts of Valor!
They are so wonderful and so appreciated 
Thanks Quilters  - for making sure 
No Soldier is Forgotten
( or Marine, Air Force, Navy)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Jeananne Wright

Oh. My. Goodness. 

I. Am. In . Love!!

Jeananne Wright  came to speak at our guild about the history of quilts. She has a million quilts... okay maybe not that many - but enough, that I have decided we are long lost sisters, and she should be required to tolerate my presence as I wallow in her knowledge... and pet her quilts....  

Oh - big sigh!!

She let me take pictures, I don't think she knew that I would take each and every quilt that she brought 's picture.... but I did!!!  (Oh don't correct my grammar .... I know its off!!)

Is that not GORGEOUS!!!??

I really think she meant for me to have this one? 
If she looks hard enough I bet my name is on the label!!!

And then we had show and tell....
Check out this beauty!!!

I believe she made it for a gold star mom - but wouldn't that be a wonderful Quilt of Valor?

This black grey and yellow one was a winner at the fair - such a cool quilt!!!

And this one, I can't remember how many fabrics she said they used, but it was yummy!!  It made me want to come home and sew!!! So... I am sort of looking forward to this weekend... we have NOTHING ( okay maybe one or two things) but NOTHING that should get in the way of me.... bonding with my machine!!!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Design Wall Monday

I sewed!! Yay!! I tell you - it has been so crazy around here lately, that about all I get to do is look at my fabrics.... but not Sunday!!

Sunday was our QOV sew day and boy did we get a lot done!!

A few of our Sew'ists dissappeared before I wrangled everyone in for a photo - but
we made ..... ( drum roll please)
52 Pillowcases
Bound 13 Quilts
and took 10 more home to be bound!!!

Woo Hoo

Oh - and Gisela stopped in with THIRTEEN quilt tops for us to work on
Kathy and Connie brought 5 tops!!

Oh boy!

I came home so inspired
that I worked on my string QOV - and here is the wall so far

I need a bigger wall!!

Please talk to Wrangler Man about that for me - would you?

To see other desing walls head over to