Thursday, September 20, 2012


I have been blessed with and inflow of client quilts lately, and I am so grateful!! Not only have I been keeping out of trouble, I have been able to tap into that quilty side!

This first one was huge!! And beautiful, and had lots of borders... so I had fun playing with border treatments!

We decided swirls were great for the stars, and feathers for the flowery parts.. 

I went from huge ( Queen size) to Tiny ( crib Size). This little applique quilt was so adorable. My client was quite impressed with herself for finishing it so quickly - her grandbaby is only 4 weeks old. I agree - Impressive!!

From the tiny to the overly huge!! King size, with an addition - pillow covers!! This was made in flannel, and it will be so wonderful for the winter.The fabrics were wonderful!

I like to lay the quilts out in my front room - I always thought of that room as huge, until this quilt quickly ate up that space! I think we had better add on!!
Hope you have a great day!


beaquilter said...

I'm in the same boat, suddenly getting lots of cust. quilts :-)

Nancy said...

Three great quilts - each with a separate personality and feel.

diana569 said...

Alycia,the last quilt with the houses, are those center squares with the houses crossed stitched. Amazing quilting!

Unknown said...

Is there a pattern for the quilt of stars and flowers? It is beautiful! My hubby even likes it, which is rare for him.