LongArm Quilting

Email or call to book your appointment.

I am a machine quilter, working on my hand guided Nolting Pro.

If you are interested in having me quilt a top for you - please email me.

My Prices range based on the type of quilting you are asking for

  • A Meander 
  • An All over design
  • A Pantograph - the less dense the panto, the lower the price range
  • Custom Quilting

For all the Forms and more info you can always check out

Here are a few Samples as well. You can click on the photo and see it larger:




Baptist Fan


square ferns

A la Mode



The back of a client's quilt - click on the pic to make it larger - Feb 2012

I quilted the quilt with Tan Border in this post.

This is my Carolina Crossroads quilt

Free hand feathers

This is a customer's group quilt. Many ladies made the blocks and she did the borders.

This tan and green quilt I quilted with the instructions to use lots of feathers. If you click on it I think it will get larger and you can see all the feathers.

She wanted lots of curly feathers in these red borders.
 This bright quilt is a more whimsical quilt, and she wanted swirls and movement on it. She also wanted quilting that would stand up to being washed.
This one was another one where they said to use feathers. I am starting to see a theme *grin*