Monday, November 28, 2022

Crumb Blocks and Fire Trucks....

 Doesn't that sound like a fun combination? 

Last Sunday (not yesterday - the week before) We woke up to do chores, and there was frost on the ground, and it was so pretty, until.... we saw something odd.... along the fence line.

I ran in and Grabbed the Binoculars and K started moving animals into a different pasture - and lo and behold - there was a car flipped over. I couldn't tell a whole lot so... I called the Non Emergency hot line to see if a wreck had been reported.

It had not - so! I reported it.

The awesome Dispatch asked if I could keep her on the line and go see inside the car to see if people were there. and I said I can - but - I have to get in the pick up, get thru two gates, and it may take a moment.

She gave me her direct line to call back.

K and I took off quickly and got down to the car. He started hollering to see if someone was in it. We did not see anyone, but we heard the sirens pretty quickly.

The Emergency team got there, and we sighed. The Girl Driving the car - had just arrived at the ER  ( 35 minutes from us) and the Emergency Hot line informed the Fire Trucks. They still searched the car - as there was a car seat in it. 

Now - here is the kicker - she rolled her car and !! LANDED RIGHT on the fence.... I mean DEAD on... 

First - I am so glad she is okay, second is it just a fence - but .... seriously - she couldn't have hit is any more perfect to knock it down... 

Now here is the funny - You can't see the car until you are right on it from the highway. So - the accident happened Sunday Morning - and by Tuesday they had had the wreck called in 8 times. 

One of the times I ran down there to see if they knew when the car would be removed so we could fix the fence. When the Sherriff stepped out - I was shocked! It was a kid ( well ahem a man) my oldest son had gone to school with - I've known him since he was 5 .... but now!! Holee cow - he's like an adult!

Good thing about it being called in so many times - they removed it faster than normal .. which led to us fixing fence on Friday !!   

Back to the Quilty stuff!!!! My Crumbs!!!

I took off all the other ones From this post : Plaid Crumbs  so I could see what I had left - and here I am....

oh !! and I checked in on my leader ender churn dashes to see how many blocks I could make with the parts....

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving... we had too much food, but a relaxing time!

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Friday, November 25, 2022

Finished ( or not) Friday

 Heck fire - I got a very late start this morning ( on the computer!)

Hope your Thanksgiving was awesome....

Today we are relaxing and fixing some fence... I'll have to share that story later... 


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Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Plaid Crumbs in Progress

 I am still *making*crumb blocks - but my design wall got too full.... so i started to put one together.

The big crumb blocks are 10 inches, the small are 5 inches ( built up to 10 with the blue strips)

and .... here is where we are today :

I think I like it - I will add borders ( I think) to make it about 60 x 80 ish when it is done.  Good size couch/bed quilt that way.

and.... I am quilting away!!!

I love this time of year - and I can just imagine all the wonderful smiles when they open their quilts!!!

I am taking Quilting appointments for January - Mail in, Meet up ( if your close to me) , Message me for details ;-) 

Happy Wednesday!!! I have pies on the list to make today!!

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Monday, November 21, 2022

Falling Charms

 A friend of mine gifted me with some Charm Packs.... so I grabbed one and started in

I played around with the colors - and found out I have 3 squares left.... so I will save them for another falling charms quilt

That was kind of fun and fast.... stay tuned.... May get it quilted this year....

Until next time.....

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Sunday, November 20, 2022

Sunday *Sigh*


Take a deep Breath..


Friday, November 18, 2022

and another ! Plaid Stepper Finish and !!! Finished ( or not) Friday!!

Way back in August I got this top all laid out, I thought I had stitched it together.... and then I didn't remember where it had gone.... So imagine my happiness when I saw it in my To Be Quilted pile....

I quilted it in a free form baptist fan style... Bound it 

And got it all washed up..... 

and Ta-da!!! it is all finished!!!.... 

here is my PSA for the week - Next Thursday is Thanksgiving - if your cooking turkey - take it out of the freezer sunday!! ( or maybe Saturday!)

and now!! it is time for you to brag!!!
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Until Next Time.....

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Wednesday, November 16, 2022

More plaid progress ... and Water....

 There is growth on my design wall!!

it has turned into a game - how small of a crumb I can save ... and my husband just looks at me like I'm crazy.... he knew that when he married me tho - so what's the problem hahah!!!

That purple line - that is denoting what I think the first quilt will be.... maybe - i am sort of playing in the creativity and just letting it take me where it needs to go.....

Water.... oh boy.... remember we are in the country and we have our own well/cistern for water usage. that last couple of months I have thought the water pressure was getting lower, but in the summer we use more water - so its kind of hard to tell if its pressure or the pump trying to keep up....

Until we got home last Monday ( from the wedding you know!!) and the water sort of ....trickled.....

Then I knew something wasn't right  - so I called the well pump guy and he diagnosed a problem. He did an intermediate fix so I wouldn't ( fingers crossed) lose all water - and then yesterday came to replace the parts.

Why is this important? I have a Waterpik Powerpulse Shower head....  and its got great pressure, even with our water failing.... but now... Oh my stars NOW!!! I have full water pressure and I turned the shower on and stepped in... and Holee Cow.... 

I have a shoulder issue and the water pressure helps it a lot - but with real water pressure - it was like a masseuse had worked on my shoulder !!

Too much info I know - but you all need to check this showerhead out - it should be called the Quilters Relief Shower head... you will be able to stitch all day!!!

Back to the Crumbs....

Until Next Time.....

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Monday, November 14, 2022

Plaid Pile Project Continues

 After I finished piecing the Random Plaid Blocks... ( see that post here

There were still more plaid left in my bucket.... I mean... I may never NEVER see the end of it....

So I laid all the pieces out and decided to make Crumb blocks

And I turned on the TV and mindless stitched and watched The Crown ( for a few episodes)
then I had this!!!

Blocks.... AND EVEN MORE CRUMBS!! Wait? What?  How are there even more crumbs now???

This is where I was as of Last night - Or at least what I can put up on the wall .....

I still have a huge pile of Blocks getting up to size.... I may be here a while....

Oh and at the bottom of the strings in the bin.... was another project I had started..... oh boy......

Until Next time......

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Sunday, November 13, 2022

Sunday *Sigh*


Ahhh.... Your Sunday Sigh....

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Friday, November 11, 2022

Long May She Wave Finish!!! and !! Finished ( or not) Friday!!

Oh my Gosh! it has been a crazy week and a half for me and my family - but I think... we now have all the laundry done, groceries have been purchased, and maybe... we are back to our routine life haha!!

Let's start with the Finish!!!!

My LONG MAY SHE WAVE Mystery came to a close Wednesday... and now... its time to show off my Quilt!!! I tried to keep it under wraps for the past 8 weeks/.. but I need to brag now!!!

Ta- Da!!!!  All those flying geese turned into something PATRIOTIC!!!
Just in time for Veterans Day!! and more Quilt of Valor Awards!!!

A Close up of the Quilting.
I love all the Starry Pantos Available to us quilters now!

now.. on to the things that kept us busy....

We had to get dressed up. ....

All for a good cause tho!!!

We finally got to celebrate my son and .... his wife! ( how did my baby get old enough to have one of those????)

And now we wait for the Professional photos - but... I just couldn't wait to share haha!!!

And lastly - a few of you said the Quilt hangers were out of stock - I had to order more yesterday - and they were back.....that means I am up to hanging 24 quilts!!!! I had no idea I had that many to hang!!! Most of mine get given away or sold... or so I thought!!!!



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Until Next Time!!!!

Wednesday, November 09, 2022

Long May She Wave - A Patriotic Mystery - Clue 8... the FINAL CLUE



Yes - I shouted.... don't you get excited when the end is in sight?

Well Here you go!!


All the previous clues are at the link above ;-)

And don't forget - Here Friday is Finished ( or not) Friday

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Friday, November 04, 2022

A Patriotic Steppers Finish!! and .....Finished ( or not) Friday!!!

 Maybe you remember at one of my QOV sew days we all sat down and made Stepper blocks from my HUGE pile of 3 1/2 inch strips.....

Well - One is moving forward!!!

It is pieced and Quilted... and that s A FINISH on this one for me - it now moves on to the Binders!!

Its super fun, super scrappy and Super Patriotic - a total win in my book!

In case you wanted to see the back and the stars

and..... just because.... time is changing on me again - and I have a lot to pack in , in the daylight hours... 

And now it is your turn!!

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Wednesday, November 02, 2022

Long May She Wave - A Patriotic Mystery - Clue #7

You are getting SUPER close now... remember when we played hot and cold with our kids?  well you are getting hotter!!!

This one and ONE MORE CLUE... and you will have solved the mystery!!!!
Stitch the day away!!!

The NEW CLUE - CLUE 7 can be found HERE:  CLUE 7

Monday, October 31, 2022

Storing of the Quilts and the Scrappy Design Wall

 I have always wondered how people store their quilts, and when they show me on their blog I am amazed. Its such fun to see what hangs where, and how they keep their precious quilts.

For a While I had them piled on a bed, but then I had a child who needed that bed... so I started looking for other options.

I decided I would put them in a closet, but found the piling them on the floor made it hard to see what  I had, and it was a LOT of work to get that bottom one out.... and then I thought about hangers!!!

I found these really heavy duty hangers:

And I thought those would work? So I ordered a set and got to hanging quilts - and so far!!
I LOVE them!!

They come in Sets of 6, and you know - in my innocence - I figured 6 would do the trick... I was wrong... I am on the 3rd set now!!!

You can find them here : Heavy Duty Hangers if you are interested. It sure makes it nice to have my quilts hanging up where I can see them.

It might even make it easier to change out my quilts for the holidays.... A girl can dream right????

NOW!! what is on my design wall?

In the ever attempt of whittling down the piles... I have made a mess!!

I started with 12 of these little blocks, then started counting my Half squares... I could made 48!!

So I sat down and started stitching.... and before I had to go do chores I had this: 

And then!! 
I got all 48 of them done!!!

One of my kids said that is just a total unorganized mess.... and I thought... I totally understand this quilt.... I am pretty sure it will stay as is... Random Plaids

Until Next Time...... 

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Sunday, October 30, 2022

Horsin' Around

Just a few horse  shots :

This is how they tell me - We are tired of grazing.... Grain would be nice. 

and they camp in front of my dining room door:

Hanging together after a good run... I really think they are conspiring to see who can buck first... but aren't they so cute???

My Riding Buddy... Sometimes we hang out together ;-)

Pure Happiness.... and of course mess making . But this is the way he relaxed after a ride ( workout  for him)

At the end of summer the flies get really really bad - when its cool at night and warm during the day - they annoy my babies - so!! Testing a new fly mask.   Worked pretty good!

"I like Big Butts"
( the horses.... don't think I'm talking about the humans)

This was actually me trying to text one of my kids to bring a T post and the pounder out - I found the hole.... but I *apparently* had to take a photo first. It surprised me when I saw in on my phone!

My view....
He's such a Sweet boy

Until Next Time......

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Friday, October 28, 2022

A Little Floral Lap Quilt and !!! Finished ( or not) Friday!!!

Happy Happy Friday!!!!

We were invited to a persons house for a Anniversary dinner of our Lions Club. And the Lady who invited us has this AMAZING house.... She even gave us a tour. I was trying to think of a Hostess Gift to take, as she really went out of her way. She had 20 of us to feed and host....

Anyways - every time I see her she is wearing something flowery. So... in one of my piles  ( See I really am working on them) was ( were?)  6 inch floral squares.

I thought , Small little lap quilt, or even something she could keep in the car for winter.....

I stitched them all up, added a border, flannel Floral backing and:

Ta Da!!!

I quilted it with flowers too ;-)

Isn't that  pretty Flannel backing?

I did wash it too, I think I like to wash them to make sure nothing is going to happen to them - and they are ready to use.

I gave it to her, and then she said... someday you should see my antique quilts.... Okay!!! I'm in!!

So!! What is you favorite 5 inch square pattern/quilt block to make?  My go to is the Churn Dash... but I need more in my favorite list as another quilter just gifted me a LOT of 5 inch square packs!!

Now it is YOUR TURN!!!

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