Thursday, February 28, 2013

QuiltCon Meets

One of the best things about Quilt Shows is meeting people. However, sometimes you start to wonder if you really know that person.... for example -

On my shuttle from the airport to the convention center I was sitting next to a nice person, she was talkative, smart, funny, and looked a tad bit familiar... but I just couldn't place her. I finally asked if she was teaching or an attendee. Turns out she was Lizzy House  - the author of a blog that I read.....

I also got to meet a few facebook friends.... Maddie of BadAss Quilters Society. Please be nice to us - this was the last day, and both of us were exhausted....

Cheryl Arkison - author of Sunday Morning Quilts and a new book on the way....

And then.... this sweet lady and her daughter were in our booth. I just kept staring thinking I really really know them - but do I really? So I finally asked - are you Sandy P? and she says why yes - I told her who I was and we both cracked up. Sandy and her family lived two houses down from us in our growing up days. I grew up with her kids, stayed at her house when my brother went in the hospital, learned how to play the piano with her, and her son and I used to compete to see who could spell 'super cali fragilistic expi ali docious' the fastest. He won... EVERY. TIME!
 A picture I did not get, and am very upset with my self was with Jacquie Gering!!! But I really felt a little stalkerish on that one! She kept walking around the convention center and I would swear I knew her, but I just couldn't place it. She finally stopped by the Modern Quilts Unlimited booth, and she talked to me, for like 30 minutes.... and I finally realized who she was... and that I read her blog A. LoT. And that she was an author in our First issue, and oh my gosh - it was really too funny.

There were quite a few more people that I had a wonderful time with - and loved hanging out with, I just wasn't smart enough to take a picture.. maybe I hadn't been loaded with enough caffiene yet!!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A snowy Quilt of Valor Show!

The quilts are not snowy - but it sure is snowy here!!! YAY!! We need it, we love it, and we are laughing because I keep getting stuck in it. At least Wrangler Man has a sense of humor!!

Last night the winds were howling, the snow was snowing, and we live up a 1/2 mile road that constantly gets blown over, so I DO NOT know what I was thinking.... I started to drive up it anyways - and got stuck!! Not just a little stuck - a complete stuck - no forwards or backwards.

Never fear Wrangler Man got me out this morning - but could not bring the car up to the house - it is parked at the bottom of my road.... ready for me to go.... or not!

With all the cold - it really makes me think of quilts!!!  The previous two posts are all from QuiltCon  The Modern Quilt show in Austin TX - so there is even more inspiration there. And if you want to see the winner of the Modern in Mini Challenge check that out here , or too see a great quilt by a second time quilt maker go here   and Now......... Quilts of Valor!!

These Quilts of Valor - are all Pieced and Quilted by none other than Liz Taylor Davis ....

These next four quilts all come from the Trinity Lutheran Quilters here in Greeley :

I think this was one of the easiest shows ever!! To have two big groups of quilts like that!!  You all Stay warm and keep quilting!!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

More QuiltCon Quilts

I just want to make a quick clarification, I did not yell at the gate agents -that was another person. I am a pilot, I respect their decisions, and I would much prefer to wait on the ground, than circle in the air - hoping for a dry spot to land...

More QuiltCon Photos:

Time Travel by Barb Forrester

From One Color to another
by Mary Langenberg

Apeeling Rainbow
by Jen Eskridge

Orange Trails
by Leila Gardunia

Curried Plums
by Debbie Grifta 

A close up of Curried Plums

Techno Flakes
by Amy Ellis 

Log Cabin Improv
by Sherri Lynn Wood

by Lauren Hawley

Enjoy!! We are off to drive a little bit in the snow! We haven't had many snow storms here lately and I think we have got a little lazy in our snow planning... So... off we go to practice :-)

Monday, February 25, 2013

QuiltCon Photos

I think I may have overworked my camera a little bit. I wanted to make sure I had every quilt maker down, along with their quilts so I could give the proper credit.... That's a lot of shots!!

So let's start with these quilts!

This first one is called Hurle Burle Marx - and is made by Daniel Rouse in CA

This one is made by the Oklahoma Modern Quilt Guild

This one is called Hannah. It was pieced by Katie Scaiarrino, and quilted by Susan Scaiarrino out of Oregon.

And next we have Graphic - from the Portland OR Modern Quilt guild.

Just for Fun - here I am with Cheryl Arkinson. I was next to fame.... *sigh*


I have made it back from Quilt Con!!! And I am so excited!!! I had a great time - I took a ton of pictures - and I want to share them all!!  My flight was really delayed coming into Denver last nite  - so I am still a little travel weary. The plus side - the roads were just filled with Me and the snow crews.... Easy travel!  Snow packed roads, really really icy - but with only me... much easier to drive.   Of course, there is no school today as the roads are so bad.....

I learned some traveling tips on this trip!

1. When going to the airport, knowing full well you live in Colorado, at least TAKE a jacket and gloves to leave in your car. It probably won't be 80 when you return *sigh*

2. Knowing that you have to go through security - it is NOT a good idea to wear thigh high zip up boots, and a low waisted mini skirt. Because the show you give all of us, standing behind you.... not as pretty as you think.... and we get frustrated that it takes you SO long just to get through security.  ( PS I wore Flip Flops and Jeans)

3. When TSA says 2 oz of liqued, that applys to everyone.... not just those behind you in lane. And YES - water is good for your skin, but 64 oz of water is just a smidge over the limit....

4. Have a good sense of humor - you will need it - a LOT!!

5. When your flight is delayed, don't yell at the Gate attendants. They do NOT control the weather.... but they do control if you get a seat or not! If the gate attendants do control the weather - I put a plea in for another foot of snow on my place ( its really a rough drought here!)

I can't wait to download my pictures and share... so I will get on that!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Is anyone heading to QuiltCon?  



(okay - we just watched Ferris Bueller - so you know, ask that in that cranky teachers voice!)

I will be at QuiltCon!!!

Come and see me, I will be in booth 308, not wearing red, orange, or any other bright color - so that when I turn bright red, it won't be as obvious.... *sigh*

But I am excited!! I will try to share photos here and on my facebook page... I really will -

Monday, February 18, 2013

Getting it Done

AND design wall Monday!! Since I really can't show you what is on my design wall ( its for a little tiny competition) I will show you what I got done!!!  (yay me!!)

This is even on my February list!!

This quilt is a Quilt of Valor and the pattern is from Patch worktimes 

I even used up some scraps!
For other design walls head to

Friday, February 15, 2013

A Hand Dyed Beauty

This quilt was made by my friend Norece  and we fell in Love. When it first arrived, I stretched it out and Little Bit said - I want that!

I was the lucky one to quilt it.... and ohh and ahhh over it, until she demanded it back *sigh*

There are all these Yummy Hand Dyed fabrics from Vicki

There is a ton of open spaces - perfect to do swirly feathers in!!

A side view so you can see the textures...

In each of the color blocks we quilted a little something different - something to enhance the colors.
To be honest? I was tickled that I had that many different colors of threads!!!

For more Finishes head over to 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

More Family History

My Mom found another quilt that was a family quilt too! This one came from my Dad's side of the family. I am thinking that quilting is really one of those latent gene's that was hiding in my DNA...and who knew?

This quilt comes from Michigan. This is where my Dad's family is from. His Great Aunt lived in Pontiac MI - and owned the Birmingham house... perhaps if you are from that area you have heard of it? There is quite a history - but anyways - when we visited - this quilt was given to my Mom. A. LONG. TIME. AGO.   but we won't go into details...

This quilt was from a kit and was probably made around the 1940's
How do we know it was from a kit?

Get this!

It was hand quilted by my Great Aunt
and if you look close - there are still little pencil marks.
The border quilting - it echo's the blocks in the center.
I don't think I realized that the first time my Mom and I examined it...
Now I'll have to show her.... I might even impress her!

I feel very privileged to have this quilt from my Dad's side and this one from my Mom's
There are times I wish I had one room just for them.... but then we would have had to wait longer to move in to this house, and if you all know me well - you know patience is NOT in my DNA!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentines day Quilt of Valor Show

Well Kind of - this is a last minute reminder - in case you forgot tomorrow was Valentines day, and you needed to Say Happy Valentines day to someone.... just in case, cuz as you know I. Would. Never. Forget, except for that one time....

The first three quilts today are quilted by Sue S in Colorado

 This one was made completely start to finish by Sue..... I Love Bear Paws!

This one was quilted by Sue, but the Miracles group in Denver made it.... LOVE!

Another one made by Miracles and quilted by Sue. I like the green tossed in with this one!

Sue always pieces her backs! I LOVE them .

The next 4 come from the Amelia Island Quilters
They are so lovely!!!

 This one really catches your eye - doesn't it?

This is the back of the one above... i love it!!

Looks like they tried the jelly roll race too!

This beauty comes from Ruth C in GA 
The appliqued stars.... Brilliant!!!

Hope you all are having a quilty week!
Thanks for stopping by!