Friday, June 28, 2013

Roping the day away

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Warning... this is a picture laden post.... and.... it's not about quilting... at all ;-)

Our email and servers changed Computery type stuff, so all computer work was off... and it was HOT....
 H. O. T. Hot... 

and we just couldn't take it anymore. So we loaded up and headed over to my Sister in Law's place . They have trees, and water, and calves and 2 more boys!

A horse ;-)

Wrangler Man - I love this mare... she is always on Full Alert
No matter what!!!

They also have clouds.... I like clouds!

These are the babies.
They are really growing.

We decided to practice a little calf roping.
Little bit - he doesn't like the dust.
And of course, it is quite dusty out here.

This horse ( below) was Wrangler Mans horse in College!
Mostly Little Bit rides him now.
He still has it!!! I love this horse!

This is my nephews horse.
I think he is three. 
He is out of the same mare that my brown mare is from.
I think that makes them half horse siblings?

Wrangler Man. ( and the Brown mare)

He's still awesome.
And totally swoon worthy!

I know this is kind of out of focus - but I loved how the sun was setting behind us.
I swear it cooled down another 10 degrees.

Hello.... anyone want to feed me?

I only have about 50 more pictures, but I didn't want you to take too long of a quilting break! Or Working break. 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

6/26 Quilts of Valor

Good Morning!!! It sort of feels like afternoon - I was up at 4:15am, for no good reason, so I decided to put it to good use!!!

I quilted.

It was awesome, and quiet, and cool.....  great way to start the day!!

For todays Quilt of Valor show I have 6 quilts to show you from Ros!! She quilted ALL of them, and pieced three of them!!  LOVE it!

Aren't all of those fabulous? They will definitly be loved!!

This next quilt is from Charlene T from San Marcos TX. It is called GLINT - it was a mystery at the yahoogroup called Mysteryquilts4military.  Search for it and join in - they are getting ready to start a new mystery. Nancy - the designer - does a FABULOUS job!!

This second one is from Charlene T as well - it was a mystery called Gettysburg.  It is quite stunning! I think a lot of time when into it!

And!! Check out all these fabulous Pillowcases!!! These are from the Pride City Quilt Guild in Colorado. They are down where all the fires are, and I am sure they are covered with smoke.
Before you go - hop over to these two posts -  Did a block drive for us at their last quilt show - and we started working on the tops Sunday.

And check out  This is Kevin H's QOV - a Bonnie Hunter Mystery. You will enjoy the eye candy - I promise...

You all have a wonderful week!!!

PS - if you want more Quilty Goodness throughout the week - feel free to follow me at: my QuiltyGirl face book page

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Working Working Workin'

Machine Quilters Exposition in New England  did a wonderful thing for Quilts of Valor!!! They did a block drive in conjunction with one of their events!!!

The blocks have arrived, and oh boy - have we been working with them!!

I was so tickled when J-L , one of the founders of MQX Shows asked if I thought a block drive could help our project. She generously set it up so that all participants could bring blocks to a dinner event, and she would handle the rest. I believe over 500 blocks were brought. They were split between me and the New England QOV group - Whoot Whoot!!!

Can you imagine yummy quilts we will have?

Here we are setting some of them up on the design wall... contemplating sashings, borders, layouts..... yum!!

We have piles of the blocks, all separated and again - testing out fabrics to go with them  - such a fun time!!

J-L and Mary have been awesome supporters of Quilts of Valor for years, from having booths at their shows, to providing backings when we had special projects, and now doing this block drive. It is so wonderful to have such support!!

If you are attending the Portland Quilt show - be sure to thank them!!  By the way - they are taking entries and you can sign up for that show RIGHT! SMACK! NOW!!  CHECK it out

Thanks again for all the support!
I look forward to showing you the tops that we make!

Friday, June 21, 2013

HOT!!! Off the Frame!!!

I did it ! Whoot Whoot - This week I have been getting up early ( 5am ish) every morning, making the kids breakfast and running Quickly to my quilting studio.... before anyone can ask for anything else.....

Of course, the whirlwind that is summer starts at 8am - so my time is a little limited.... but!!!

I FINISHED Quilting this quilt!  It is a Quilt of Valor made by Kevin the Quilter, of the Mystery Pattern from Bonnie Hunter - which I can NOT for the life of me remember right now!!!!

I tell you - Kevin did a fabulous job piecing this quilt - It was TOTALLY square. With this many pieces and the triangles in the corner - that had to be no easy feat!!!  

I am linking up with  and for Finished Fridays - Whoot Whoot!!!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Pineapple Blossoms

Today I spent the morning with some awesome ladies - and I sewed- and it was wonderful.... and I made progress on my pineapple blossoms ( pattern from

And I came home all excited to continue - and my iron reached out and bit my finger, and now I am sitting with my finger in a glass of cold water.... and playing on the internet - waiting for the burn to stop.

You feel sorry for me right?

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

6/19 Quilt of Valor Show

Good Morning All!!! I hope you are ready for some great Quilty Inspiration today!  I forget that I sometimes have new visitors - Welcome!!! So thought I would tell you a little bit about this No Soldier Forgotten Quilt of Valor project!

I have been with Quilts of Valor since 2005, ( shew!) Our first major project was making these Quilts with the kids in our fifth grade, and delivering them to the injured soldiers at Fort Carson, our Army Post. Since then it has taken on a life of its own, and we have covered soldiers in our state, through various locations, as well as Military at Landstuhl, Afghanistan and Iraq.
 Two of the first quilts we finished.

I love questions - as I know what it is that we do, but I forget that others do not. And of course, I love to talk - go figure ;-)

Our very first QOV recipient

The first two Quilts in today's show come from Deb P. in Colorado - these were quilted by Dawna Sanders.
I forgot to ask her what quilting designs she used, but Dawna designs Panto's and they are lovely!

The Colors in this one are fabulous! I just love blues and greens together. It's very soothing. Again pieced by Deb and quilted by Dawna.

 The back!! Isn't that cool - she pieced it from all the leftovers!! Clever!
The HeartString Quilters are an amazing group of quilters. I am proud to be in there group. But Holy Cow - some of them are SO prolific. Mollie is the head task master - and we love her. This is one of the quilts they sent to me.

 The back - Mollie has a pattern For this. ... Love it!

Since I am in my plaid phase at the moment, I think my heart stopped when I pulled this one out of the box... seriously....  Is it not Scrumptious???

 Again -  A cool back. Plus you can see the quilting better on it.

Another Yummy String quilt -

 And a string quilt with sashing - Love it. All four of these quilts were quilted by Mollie, one each was made by Ann, Paula, Tish and Mollie - but I am not sure who made which?

The Next quilt was made by Jill S at - But I wanted to show you her label first - I love it!! How cool is that - that this quilt is made in honor of other Veterans?
 Here is the quilt - it is from Judy's New Years Day Sit and Sew. The pattern is Here

Thank you all for your support - and your quilts!! These are wonderful and will be so loved!! Have a wonderful week!