Monday, February 29, 2016

Monday Monday..... after Sunday

We sewed, we stitched, we bound, we labeled... all on Sunday.... and Wow!!!  The team of quilters that works on Quilts of Valor - they are totally awesome!!   And then - we had a second 4H group join us for a while - young kids - so excited and full of energy, and oh gosh.... I wish I could tap into their energy this morning!!

I'm drinking my fruit shake and I added a peach to it - so maybe that will pop up my energy level??? Goodness -  it was a great day!!  and I don't have a single photograph to prove to you we existed - I was THAT busy!!!   So much fun!

This is a True Shot of my design wall - I didn't even try to make it pretty for you......

I have a lot of the strips up now - these have been the leader/ender project for me, and wow - all of a sudden there is a LOT done -

The bottom Left corner is the March Scrappy Blocks ( This post  )   I have enough cut that I think I will make a whole quilt - or a quilt until I run out of the fabric, with it!

and  My Allietare - ALL the rows are not into rows .... AND!!   Sit down.... are you ready?

Half of the rows are Stitched TOGETHER!!! There is a Light at the end of the tunnel!!!! Yay Me!!

Another photo for you - In my photo challenges - the hardest part is choosing just one image, especially when you shoot 400 to figure out what you are doing ( Thank Goodness for Digital Cameras, I couldn't afford my film addiction!)   

You all will by my lucky friends - I will show you all my "Other" Images - until you are sick of me and cry "Mercy"   or send my chocolate begging me to stop!!!

Ha ha!

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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Depth of Field Blur

This weeks challenge was a Depth of Field Blur - BUT!  The real challenge was to get Blur in front of, as well as behind your selected image.   That front part was a bit of a challenge for me... But here is my Submitted Image:

This is the Scrolling on our bench on the deck. So nice - didn't have to go to far.... But I did - I have a LOT of rejects  Ha ha!!!  

I tried to accomplish this with my Puppy too. He did NOT like being behind the fence. He reminded me that the ONLY time he should be in that fenced area is when I am working with the Big ( dumb - his words , not mine) Animals that can't see him and could possibly smush him.

So we took his photo, and he climbed back up on my lap - all is good in his world now.

My self critique of this one - I couldn't get the fence to the left to blur out. Didn't matter how close or far away I got - well - I couldn't get too far away or Puppy left me.  So now I have something to work on....

Saturday, February 27, 2016

March 2016 Scrappy Block

So for March - hopefully you can clear out that 2 1/2 inch strip drawer and start in on some 1 1/2 inch strips.    I don't know about you - but every-time I think I am ready to see the bottom - more strips appear!!!

I use this block as part of a scrappy rail fence.  In this example I did them in the same layout - but!  If you go to the bottom of the page - you can see where one is Very scrappy - and not in any order - very randon

This block will measure 8 1/2 inched by 8 1/2 inches

So for this block you need:
(3)   2 1/2 by 8 1/2 inch pieces
(2)   1 1/2 by 8 1/2 inch pieces

Unless you are doing a random placement - lay them out like above.
and the stitch the rows together.

Because you will be laying them out like a rail fence - it really doesn't matter which way you press.

If you have longer strips  you can create strip sets like below, and then just cut them into 8 1/2 inch blocks

A sample Layout:

Here is the more random one
None of the blocks were exactly the same and I mixed up the placement of the strips - 
For each block though - you will notice there are (2) 1 1/2 inch white and (3) 2 1/2 inch wide pieced

I created a PDF file as well - you can find it here:


Friday, February 26, 2016

OMG (One Monthly Goal) and little progress

Today was going to be my big finish - the big reveal..... and then......  I ran out of Month!!!

My One Monthly Goal for January and February was to finish this quilt

And here is where I am:

Those are rows..... Stitched together...... I have at least 1/2 of the rows put together!!  And two of those rows are even stitched together!!!

So this rolls over to March - This time..... I'll get there right????

In the meantime - Look at what I get to see......

PS - I did not edit this photo.  If I could have figured it out I would have like to make that little ice reflection at the bottom right stand out more ....

Come back tomorrow - the March Scrappy Block will be posted!!

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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

2016 Quilts of Valor Feb 24

I host a Sew Day once a month, and you all - at our January Sew Day - SO many quilts ( FINISHED ONES!!) were delivered - that it took me a long time to take all their photos - so most of these - came to me at the end of January.

All those people who say quilters are too busy in December - they have NO idea what these quilters can accomplish!!

Here we go
(L) pieced by Ethel Quilted by Kathy and Sue, ( M) Pieced by Jean Quilted by Kathy and Sue ( R) Pieced by Deb Quitled by Kathy and Sue

(L) Quilted by Bea, quilted by Kathy and Sue  ( M) Pieced by Nancy E and the Peace by piece Quilters quilted by Kathy and Sue  (R) Greeley Group Quitled by Kathy and Sue

(L) Pieced Connie and Kathy, Quilted by Kathy and Sue   (R) Pieced by Kathy F in Texas Quitled by Kathy and Sue

Pieced by Elenna in Eastern CO , Quilted by Kathy and Sue

(L) Pieced by Unknown Quilted by Kathy and Sue (R) Back of Harriets

Front of Harriet's Quilt - Quilted by Kathy and Sue


Monday, February 22, 2016

Another Plaid Quilt

Back in February of 2015 I might have started digging into my Pink Plaid fabrics - and I was going to make one quilt, and when I was done, I had enough cut strips to make more.

As in my normal fashion, I put them in a box and started something new.. ( cough cough sputter)

Well - this month I sort of needed a leader ender project for some client quilts that I was making - and so - I pulled them back out.....

While they are not quite on a design wall yet - they are the quilty project that I am working on .....

Here is a link to the pattern for the first one I made 
I am not sure that this one will look like it when I am done - or something else

Our challenge last week was Black and White
We also learned alot about the element of art - which I really enjoyed
So when walking through trying to compose THE photo for the class - this is another one I composed

And now - I want Wrangler Man to take me there to eat!

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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Photos for the Week

For my First Photo Challenge of the week
Black and White

This is the court house downtown
I really liked the stark contrast in the colors, and all the shadows that came out.

The other Challenge was a Portrait of your Love
I am sure there are a lot of interpretations
But I chose to try a Portrait of my Love
Without a Cowboy hat

I think I will put this one on the wall
( And no Dad - not to throw darts at!)

Friday, February 19, 2016

Deb's Quilt

Happy Friday!!!

It is sunny, the snow ( from December) is alllllmost melted..... there are still a few spots it is deep - BUT!!! WE can see the ground! My dogs are so excited to play outside - its all good right???

This is a quilt that Deb made - I thought it was so cute. She used a layer cake and it is just snuggly!!

I quilted flowers all over it 

And just because

Go forth and Quilt!!!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Quilts of Valor February

And on to Part 2:

Our Quilters love to wrap the quilts around the Veterans. Its just an extra way to give them a hug

I love that not only are they getting a quilt hug
they get a people hug

This was fun - 
The Veteran on the right was not 100% sure what was going to happen

then!! It turns out one of her good friends is one of our quilters - 
so Surprise!! She got to present the quilt!!

Just look at that face - you all - the look of pride!
Not only for his service to our country - but in being honored along with his fellow Veterans

This one was another surprise
he had an idea - but not really the full idea

and it was cool!!!

Then - since all the Vets are up front - 
I have all the attendees have a chance to come say thank you

and it's even more awesome!

But I tell you - Look at that line!

This is a former recipient finding out he was in the same area
as a current recipient and wow! That gives a girl the goosebumps
It's like finding long lost relatives

This one - I am so tickled that K captured it
The sons are holding up dads quilt, and going to get a photo of Dad in front of it

Our presentations are pretty cool - and I am so glad that all of us are in this to make it happen.

One of my favorite parts is that when the Vet looks out and sees 100 people there
All being a part of saying thanks - it just is too cool

Hope you enjoyed seeing what happens with all the quilt, blocks and parts that you are all a part of !

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Quilts of Valor February

One of the ways that we learn about Veterans that could use some of our Love ( in the form of a Quilt of Valor) is Individual Requests.  A nominator will go to the QOVF website and click on Request a QOV - that information then goes to the State Coordinator.

So I compile all of those, and we host a presentation at one of our sew days when we have the Quilts ready.  The last one happened in January - and it was a blast. I shared the photo of all the Recipients sitting with their quilts - but now I have some better photos ( courtesy of my husband)

Are you ready??  I just realized I have a LOT of photos - so lets call this part 1, and I will share the rest tomorrow?  That's a lot of love to look at!!

This was our first recipient - and I know I fell in love - a WWII, Korean and Vietnam Veteran - AND - boy did he look sharp in his uinform!!!

Then we got to wrap him in his quilt!!

I always start our presentations about What a Quilt of Valor is

Why they are so much more than a blanket
and how much love goes in to creating one

I tell them about our Blocks and pieces that come from all over the world
and the love that is being shared

Then I call a recipient up and I talk about their military history.
Let me tell you - as I am learning about each veteran in preparation for this presentation
I learn A LOT of history I didn't know!!!

Then I tell everyone about the history of the quilt

Where it originated from, whether it was a part of a many block quilt

Where it traveled to get finished

and then I make them sit up front 

Of course - that's more so that I don't get stared at the whole time!!

Come back tomorrow for more!!!

Friday, February 12, 2016

My Fur Babies

Just a few of them that would hold still for me to photograph

The girls ( above) would like you to know that you can feed them anytime you would like

And this one - if you have a milkbone - she is all yours!!