Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Track Meet

Our first day of Spring Break found us up at 3:30 am driving over mountains and into valleys - to make it to a Track Meet.

We arrived just in time to see a daughter of a friend in the Hammer Throw ( or something like that - it was HUGE and heavy!)

 at first I headed to the end of the net to see if I could get a clear shot - and then when I saw what they were trhowing.... I headed back to the net..... I value my camera lenses lol

Then we headed to the track for the running events - My son is the Yellow Jersey, Red Shorts ( 2nd position)

He's the Red Short - Sunglasses guy.  I had purchased him a pair of Really Bright Track Spikes, but he ran through them, and .... he couldn't find a new pair as bright as that front runner. I may start searching for Pink!

Out of all of my track photos through - the one below is my total favorite ( sheesh!)  I couldn't believe that sign just jumped out there and got in the way of my photo!

hope you like vacations.... I might have about 700 more photos......

Monday, March 30, 2015

Design Wall Stall

I am back to my  design wall... sort of.... I have had a few too many other projects.. and thankfully - client quilts that needed to be done.... so I sort of put my design wall on hold.

Good thing my family loves me, they don't mind it being stagnant ;-)

Yesterday was a QOV sew in - so now I am all inspired to start back in on the project stalled out on the wall.... ready???

This is where I left it - the center is all sewn.
but the top kept talking to me - It was loud too!
it said I am not done, I am feeling nekkid

So I started making some border type pieces

It still didn't like just the blue....
so I dug until I found some pink....

I am thinking maybe a little pink in the border might brighten it up?

We will see if it speaks to me this week or not - 
there is a lot of additional noise going on out here 

For more design walls head to:

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Me and My Gang

We might have spent some time with our oldest son, and when we are all together - we might have forced everyone to smile, and pretend that the camera was our friend.

Happy Sunday!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Quilts of Valor 2015

It's another beautiful Wednesday.... and you know what that means..... more Quilty Inspirations!!!

Let's just start with the smiles shall we?  This is at an event for Combat Veterans Cowboy Up  This is just a fantastical program to help our Veterans with PTSD - so it was an honor to attend - and to present a Combat Veteran a Quilt of Valor..

Now this smile - it is going to make you head right over to that sewing machine isn't it?
She was just delighted with this quilt!!!  ( Sandi and Karen - this is one your Mom made)

This is one of the two that Patti in MI made - quilted and all!

This is the second one.
 I took a photo of them next to each other so you knew I wasn;t confused
( that happens some time lol)

The Next Three Quilts come from the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum. That is just a fantastical museum - if you ever get to Golden - you need to go there!!

Both of these quilts are going to be presented to some Women Combat Veterans. We have a retreat coming up - hosting 60 veterans. So I am excited, these will be perfect for women!

This is another from RMQM

This wonderful Disappearing 9 patch came from the Meanders Quilt B
in Marietta GA!!  Beautiful!

This Quilt came from Miscellaneous.... I'm not sure if it was passed off to me at a meeting, or came through a Quilt shop - so if you made this one - please let me know!!

The last Quilt for today comes from the Craft Box here in Colorado. I love string quilts - and isn't this one awesome?

I'll leave you with one last smile for today...

Friday, March 20, 2015

Sticks 3 - A finish!

I have a finish!! Yay me!!!  Somehow March has just flown on by me, and I am not getting caught up with it.... but I like wild rides.... so its all good!!

Sticks 3 is finally finished!!!

It is topped, quilted and.... sit down for this.... BOUND!!  Yep!! I might have even done it without complaint.... what is happening to me ;-)

I used a chevron fleece for the back, and it is yummy!!!

Now that I have my photo program fixed I can find all of my pictures. It was a little scary there for a moment - each time I opened the program I got an App Crash.... the first time was pure panic - the 2 through gazillionth time irritated me! But it's all good now....

I will be linking up to Confessions to celebrate the finish!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Quilts of Valor 2015

Happy Wednesday Morning!!  Have you all survived the Time Change?   I though by now we would be all adjusted.... but alas - we are all still discombobulated.  It didn't help that one of us ( not me) changed international time zones, and was all messed up ;-)

So are you ready for some Quilty Inspirations???   My Photo editing program had a crash, so I reloaded and I think I didn't lose a thing.... but if you have seen one of these quilts before - chalk it up to extra inspiration okay???

Pieced by Kathy, Quilted by Connie - both in Loveland CO

Made by Columbine Quilt Guild - they are SO rocking the quilts this year!!!

Another From the Columbine Quilt Guild

A third from the Columbine Quilt guild.
 I have to tell you - this one above....
 I picture it in Plaids and Blue ( sort of like Denim)  What do think?

And I always have to share a few smiles.... These quilts totally overwhelmed these vets. They truly could not believe that someone would create something SO Beautiful just for them.

Made by Paula From Longmont

Pieced by Rita R in Boulder and Quitled by Liz T. D.

Made by Tina R in Boulder

Pieced by Connie, Quilted by one of our Denver LA'ers and bound by Glenda

Piece by Rubydell, Quilted by Mindy

Pieced and Quilted by Barb S in Longmont

Pieced and Quilted by Barb S in Longmont

Pieced and Quilted by Barb S in Longmont

 Hope you enjoyed todays Yummy Quilts!!  I sure love seeing them up close and showing them off!!

Bev at Kwilt Pharm..you asked last week if I had the Super Awesome Cool quilt in a pdf form -
I do .... It is Here:

Hope that works for you.

Friday, March 13, 2015


We went out to do chores the other morning - and thankfully - before we all made a loud racket - we saw the eagles.....  and we delayed chores for about 30 minutes as we watched.

First of all - our perspective:

We were on our deck and I am using my longest lens... so Not as Perfect as they could be - but still cool!

This is the whole series - this golden Eagle and the Bald Eagle - are not friends

I am thinking that the bald Eagle won - as this one flew away.   And then we headed out to do chores - so they sat on fence posts and watched us.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Quilts of Valor 2015

Yesterday I went to the University of  Northern Colorado Softball game. These ladies stitch with us at least once a year to create QOV's - so I thought I would go support them.   Let me just say - They Rock!!

It is quite strange though - going to an event where everyone you know.... is on the field, or in the dugout.  I sat with strangers.  They didn't stay strangers for long. A gentleman asked me why I was there - so I told him that I was a part of a foundation called Quilts of Valor and that Coach and the girls worked with us often.  He was impressed.... and then he started telling everyone. Too cute.

Alright.... ready for some weekly inspirations????

This first one - Little Bit and I pieced as a sample for our Sewing Days, and Middle Bit Quilted it. He used stars on it - looks great!  The free pattern for this block is here:  Flag Block

I showed you this one in an individual post - it was made by Little Bit.

This is another Allegiance Quilt ( you can find all the links under Free Patterns)  Pieced by Janet - quilted by me.

This yummy string/scrap Quilt was made by Helen O and Melanie P of the Adams County Quilters.

Here is another one that Deb P Put together using the MQX Block Drive Blocks - it was Quilted by Dawna

The next FIVE quilts were made and Quilted by Anne S and Helen.  They are machine quilters and also go to Arapahoe County Quilt guild - It was so fun to take photos of them showing them off!!

They did a great job didn't they!!!

Want to see a few smiles?
I know it always makes my heart happy to see the looks on their faces as they wrap in their quilt.

It's amazing to hear the deep sigh of .... ahhhh.... love.....    They are finally wrapped in Love.

Enjoy!! Go forth and quilt!!!!