Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Quilts of Valor 2015

Happy Wednesday Morning!!  Have you all survived the Time Change?   I though by now we would be all adjusted.... but alas - we are all still discombobulated.  It didn't help that one of us ( not me) changed international time zones, and was all messed up ;-)

So are you ready for some Quilty Inspirations???   My Photo editing program had a crash, so I reloaded and I think I didn't lose a thing.... but if you have seen one of these quilts before - chalk it up to extra inspiration okay???

Pieced by Kathy, Quilted by Connie - both in Loveland CO

Made by Columbine Quilt Guild - they are SO rocking the quilts this year!!!

Another From the Columbine Quilt Guild

A third from the Columbine Quilt guild.
 I have to tell you - this one above....
 I picture it in Plaids and Blue ( sort of like Denim)  What do think?

And I always have to share a few smiles.... These quilts totally overwhelmed these vets. They truly could not believe that someone would create something SO Beautiful just for them.

Made by Paula From Longmont

Pieced by Rita R in Boulder and Quitled by Liz T. D.

Made by Tina R in Boulder

Pieced by Connie, Quilted by one of our Denver LA'ers and bound by Glenda

Piece by Rubydell, Quilted by Mindy

Pieced and Quilted by Barb S in Longmont

Pieced and Quilted by Barb S in Longmont

Pieced and Quilted by Barb S in Longmont

 Hope you enjoyed todays Yummy Quilts!!  I sure love seeing them up close and showing them off!!

Bev at Kwilt asked last week if I had the Super Awesome Cool quilt in a pdf form -
I do .... It is Here:

Hope that works for you.


Pat R said...

I love Wednesdays!!

Terri said...

Lovely smiles, lovely quilts.

Tami C said...

The quilts are all very lovely. I really enjoyed the smiles that you put on the Vets faces! Thanks for sharing!