Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Track Meet

Our first day of Spring Break found us up at 3:30 am driving over mountains and into valleys - to make it to a Track Meet.

We arrived just in time to see a daughter of a friend in the Hammer Throw ( or something like that - it was HUGE and heavy!)

 at first I headed to the end of the net to see if I could get a clear shot - and then when I saw what they were trhowing.... I headed back to the net..... I value my camera lenses lol

Then we headed to the track for the running events - My son is the Yellow Jersey, Red Shorts ( 2nd position)

He's the Red Short - Sunglasses guy.  I had purchased him a pair of Really Bright Track Spikes, but he ran through them, and .... he couldn't find a new pair as bright as that front runner. I may start searching for Pink!

Out of all of my track photos through - the one below is my total favorite ( sheesh!)  I couldn't believe that sign just jumped out there and got in the way of my photo!

hope you like vacations.... I might have about 700 more photos......


Sherrill said...

Hmm, those signs have a way of doing that! LOL I think your son needs a pair like the guy in the back--one blue, one green. COOL!

Ranch Wife said...

Cheering on your kids is always worth getting up for! Looks like it was a gorgeous day. 700 photos? Bring it! You know I'm as much of a photo junkie as you are!