Thursday, March 31, 2016

Honor Flight Quilt

Twice a year Honor Flight Northern Colorado sends 120 Veterans to Washington DC - and when they return, they are honored even more with a Quilt of Valor/Honor Flight Quilt.

Gypsy Quilter  - who blogs at Gypsy Quilter Designs  sent me some amazing tops to use for this event.. This is one of her tops - all quilted up!

I used a Baptist Fan on it:

Isn't that a fun quilt?

I used a red stars on the back ( which of course I forgot to photograph)
and will include red binding - and off to the binders it will go!!

Thanks Gypsy Quilter ( and Dolly!!!)

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Quilts of Valor - 2016

Happy Wednesday Morning!!!

it is Spring Break here for some of us, so who knows what we will be up to today.... do you ever have plans, and then realize that the people you are hanging out with might not have those same plans?

This happens a lot when my husband is around - Ha ha!!!

For National QOV sew day ( in February)  my group made a lot of these awesome Lasagna Quilts ( Pattern by Teri Atkinson in her Spring cleaning book)

This First one was made by Carole
and the one Below was made by Bob

I quilted both of them.

The two quilt below were both Pieced and Quilted by Crystal S
They are both so amazing!!!

The one on the Left was pieced by Deonna and quilted by Crystal
On the right - Pieced by Mary Ann and quilted by Rosalie M

On the Left from PJ and Gina in the Longmont/Boulder area
on the right pieced by Debrah, quilted by Dawna and bound by Diana  
A little about the one on the right. At our sew days we have orphan block boxes
and Orphaned fabrics - Deb took a stack of things and started piecing, and building 
and - that just amazes me!

Left Pieced by Debrah Quilted by Dawna
Right Pieced by Kathy Quilted by Connie

Enjoy your day!
and wish me luck - we will see where the day goes......

Monday, March 28, 2016

April Scrappy Block

I hope you have been enjoying the scrappy blocks for the last few months.   I still have more scraps, and every time I turn my back on the little boxes - they explode!!!

This month we are back to the 2 ½ inch strips!

Method  1:
The easiest way to construct this block is to use width of Fabric strips,

 For this sample I pulled 1 red 2 ½ x 41 inch, and 1 white 2 ½ x 41 in white strip.

Stitch the strips together, press, and then sub-cut into 4 set of 10 inch pieces.

Then you stitch the 10 inch pieced into a strata – and that is your block. 

It should measure 10 inches by 16 inches

Method 2:

Pull 4 - 2 ½ x 10 inch dark strips, and 4- 2 ½ x 10 in light strips and stitch together.

This is the quilt that I made with these blocks – It measures 58 ½ by 80 inches 

Ta - da - that is such a fun way to use up your strips!  and of course you could use a jelly roll, or yardage if you didn't have scrappy strips!!

As always - this pattern is a downloadable pdf file in my Craftsy Store ( for free)

Alycia Quilts Pattern Store

And ta-da.... I even had a chance to quilt it:

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Dutch Masters

One of my photo challenges this week was to create and image that would be reminiscent of the Dutch Masters Paintings.

This was a lot of fun to learn about - and I decided - the best time to try it would be when we had no power..... It is something that doesn't take Electricity - to set up a photo right?

After I had it set up - I used the light from the Fire on the right side, and the light from a candle on the left side - to create this image.

I'm not sure I am as good as the painter - but it sure was fun to play with the light sources and see what you could highlight.

And I was glad our power wasn't out that long - many of our neighbors were out for 2 days - that is rough!!!

Friday, March 25, 2016

Friday Finish - Starry Night

yay - A little bit of happy Dancing going on around here!!! I got this awesome Quilt of Valor Quilted!!

It was made by Julie - it is one of 3 amazing quilt tops she sent to me for Quilts of Valor!
Julie blogs at :

This quilt is called Starry Night for Josh in honor of a fallen soldier.   The pattern is available in my Craftsy Store:

Check out her back!!!!

It was fun to quilt and even more fun to get a bright sunny photo!!!

Enjoy your Friday!

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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Quilts of Valor 2016

Good Wednesday morning - This morning snuck up on me!   Sunday was our Monthly QOV sew in with my quilters - and we worked on Orphan blocks! Oh my - such creative folks!!!!  A LOT of tops were created - but you'll have to wait and see them.....

We lost one of our QOV'ers last week.  She wasn't just a QOV'er though - she was an amazing mom, grandma, and most recently a Great Grandma.  Her funeral was quite amazing. One of the things that was said was how much she wanted her family to remember her. The girls all told her "Mom - we have your quilts, your curtains, your recipes, your love..."   and it made me think too - this amazing Woman has been helping with Quilts of Valor for at least 10 years.

The quick math and knowing what all she does - means that there are at least 300 Veterans who also get to have a little bit of Janet Love in their lives too.  Pretty amazing isn't it?   Say a prayer for Janet G's family if you think of it. They are suffering quite a loss.

The first three quilts today
The two on the left were made with Block Drive Blocks and Quilted by Margaret R in Ft Collins
The one on the Right was pieced by Mary Beth of MQX Block Drive Blocks and quilted by Sara G

The one on the left is another block drive block pattern - it can be found here:
It was pieced by Deb T and quilted by Sara
The Middle Quilt was made by Verna B and quilted by Kaylene G
The one on the right - Pieced by Jenny

Below :
Donna Mae taught a class at the Lyons Quilt Shop 
They made 10 that are very similar and then had a few quilters who made something different

They are really cool!!
The left quilt here was pieced by DJ and the right was Betsy

The Left Quilt was by Kat, and right was Terri

The one on the left was by Velma and the one on the right - by Von

LEft by Sharon and right by Luann

This one was made by Vicki
( one of my holders had to go walk the dog!!)

Left was Loretta and right was Terry

If your in the Lyons area - go check out the Quilt shop there!
Donna Mae is going to be teaching another QOV class - and she has great designs!!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Pink and Blue is on the wall!

My leader ender project is growing on the wall - I am thinking I may just focus on it for a bit and get the thing finished.....

That's it over on the right side.....   I have plans for the holes
I promise -
But since I always change my mind a gazillion times -
I am not going to tell you what it is until it is stitched!
Yep - that's the way I roll

On the left side is the March Scrappy BOM
You can find the free pattern here:

It's growing too
( PS - those are Ty Pennington fabrics- remember him?)

In one of my other photo groups we studied Bounce Lighting
It's a pretty cool idea, and if you don't blind your subject first
The photos turn out very well lighted

middle bit was my model for this technique.
He is a good sport - but! 
If he is not nice to me.... I now have some really bad photos with which to blackmail him.
I used the reflector once and when he opened his eyes - he squinted so bad - it almost brought tears to his eyes...... 

He said he will be nice to me always ( ha ha)

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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Shutter Zoom

This weeks challenge was wierd for me - after trying so hard to get clear crisp images we learned a blur technique . It was funny.....

The snow came down and there was sparkle on the ground so I thought Oh - I could blur the sparkle and it would be all cool and eerie like.  I was so focused on what I was doing, After each shot I would look at the sample image on the back of the camera.

I took an image of what I though would be the grass through the snow - imagine my surprise when I saw this on the screen:

Kitty showed up just as I was snapping and turning - Surprise!!!

Outdoors wasn't quite working the way I wanted it to - so I headed back in - and started playing with things in the house.  Bonnie S had sent me this card years ago - and I liked it, so it was pinned to the wall....

I liked this one.  It is still hard to deviate from the tack sharp images we all aim for
But - it was fun,

Happy Sunday!

Friday, March 18, 2016

Nine Patch Reunion FINISH!!

Whoot Whoot!!!

I am not going to tell you how long ago this one was started - because I still owned mine Maternity Clothing Company when I started it..... and I sold that....a .... few years ago - that's my story!!

Last May I got to go on a quilt retreat with our guild - talk about LOVE - it was a gorgeous place - and I got so many projects to the quilting stage......

and this week -
I finished one!! Yay me!!

It is from the 9 patch reunion book by Atkinson Designs. ( Can you tell I just LOVE her!!!)

It measures 44 x 52 - 

I love the bright colors I chose.
And look at that backing - 

It is for sale in my Etsy Store:

On Fridays I like to link up with all the blog hosts.
It is so fun to browse all the things other bloggers have done.

Over at Ft Worth Fabric Studio 
She also shows you a bundle of fabrics and last friday
That bundle jumped into a bag and came my way

Isn't it great????

Hope you enjoy all the quilty goodness that will be today!!!

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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Quilts of Valor March 2016

I know that we are in March - but for February being the shortest month of the year - these QOV'ers sure got a lot done.  Some of these photos are from the quilts that we finished at the end o f February - and when I see them again for this post - I am shocked - we do good ;-)  

(L)  Made by the DAR in Colorado - Kathy E and her group made this one.
(M and R)  Made by Hands all around in Colorado

All three of these quilts were made by Marsha G in Paoli

Another lovely by Marsha G

The two at the right are all tops made by Miracles
The one on the Left was made by The Patch Workers in So Co

All three were quilted by Connie in Loveland

And then...
are you sitting down for this?
Ms Sue and Ms Mary have a huge quilting family.
They host a quilt camp every year for the family and this year they wanted to make Quilts of Valor

For 4 hours ( Right Sue?)

NO!!!!  They stitched for 1 hour - and made 800 rail fence blocks!!!

They sat down and made these rail fence blocks

Out of them They created a total of 17 Quilts!!!!

I have them mixed in with a few other.
The one on the left - Sue pieced it with some blocks that were donated to us
( don't tell her - but I LOVE it!)

The one on the left - again Made by Sue is the Stars A Waving Mystery quilt 
( pattern can be found here: Quiltygirls pattern site  )

These were all made by Sue and her sisters too
The leftover rail scraps got made into 4 patches and 9 patches and
All sorts of yummy quilts!

The one on the right is actually a Buggy Barn pattern that Ms Mary did - 
By the way - all of these that have been shown for Sue and Marys Quilt retreat - 
Quilted by Sue!!!

Isn't that just awesome - 
I was so surprised when she kept handing me quilt after quilt after quilt.....
They were totally surprised at how many blocks they made in such a short period of time

and sadly - it didn't make much of a dent in my scrap bin......

Got forth and quilt!

PS - some of you have been asking about following my quilting progress on FB
Here is my Quiltygirl page link:

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Swirly Fun on the Plaid Faux Geese

Remember this Plaid Faux Geese Top?   It was made out of the leftovers of my Plaid Pineapple Quilt.

I made a back and got to play with the swirlies on it.... Yay.... It is on it's way to being a real quilt!!!

Just don't get your hopes up too quick - you know how I am - I quilt it, and then I ponder if it should have binding for ... oh... about a year......

A quick shot of three of  my red heads - Ha ha ......  

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Monday, March 14, 2016

Monday's Progress

You all!!! SIT DOWN for this..... are you ready.....

My Allietare is as finished as it is going to be as a top!!!!

The flange's are all trimmed, the backing is made.... IT MIGHT GET QUILTED this Month!!!
 Whoot Whoot!!

I only found one boo boo - where I missed a stitch , so I got that fixed and Bam!! 

You may just see it again in March - Fingers Crossed!!!

The courthouse
This is from one of our Black and White challenges

I think it is great quilting inspirations - 
I could use some of those designs in a border for the quilting part of it!

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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Board Games

This week was about Board Games.... something you would think would be easy - but - alas - not for me.   Apparently I like taking photos outside instead.... so after working inside - I treated myself to an outside photo shoot.....

We learned about balance, Harmony and Unity - .... I struggle with that - Cuz sometimes - I just like things ;-)

Outside - I had horses ready to go
This one, she is a knucklehead and wants to sit in your lap!!!

And the blue .... good gracious ... the blue
I loved it!

Enjoy your Sunday - we will be outside as much as possible!

Friday, March 11, 2016

Lasagna Quilt

For our sew day in February we made a bunch of Lasagna Quilts  - and I am so excited.... I am starting to get them quilted..... Yay!!!   A finish!!!

I am pretty sure that Carole stitched this one -

We had some Amazing Northcott Fabrics to stitch with ( Thanks!! Northcott!)

A couple of you asked what pattern this was.
It is called Lasagna Quilt and it is by Atkinson Designs 
She is a fantastic designer and easy to understand

I know it is spring in some parts of the country - but as you can see.... it has not gotten green here yet. I am ready though.....

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