Wednesday, July 31, 2013

7/31 Quilt of Valor Show

Oh goodness.... the summer is going by way too quickly!!  We have some major changes going on around here.... one of my children thinks he is leaving me. So - a pre-warning - if you see clothes in the pictures - it's not just laundry, its packing in process.  Who Knew that a little bit of packing required the WHOLE house?

And if you knew, why did you forget to tell me?

I decided I wasn't going to wait anymore, and take pictures for this weeks Quilt of Valor show!  I needed the comfort of seeing these beautiful quilts!

All of these quilts in todays' Quilt show are quilted by the fabulous Liz Davis. She is such an inspiration to me! She is always happy, energetic... and She lives close to a Krispy Kreme - a plus for my children!

(oh look - the ironing board leg....)

These first five quilts were made by the Miracles group. Miracles is an outpatient drug treatment program. Part of the program is to learn to sew. Jessica and her girls help the ladies learn to put together quilt tops.

They are extremely organized, and have a great program going on. The thing I think I love the most, is that in learning to care for themselves, they are showing care for our veterans. Sounds like a win-win situation to me!

The Yellow Brick Road is their favorite pattern.  I think it works so well!

 I am always amazed at how well Red White and Blue work together. Even different shades!!

 This is the back of one - we found these panels in a box ( from Lori M I think) and incorporated them into backings - they are awesome!!

The last quilt today was quilted by Liz - but Pieced by Michelle F. It is a sampler quilt from the quilt shop she worked at. Of course, I can't remember the name right now - or I would give it a great plug!

Hope you enjoyed today's quilts!

Many of you have been asking if we are going to do another Block Drive - and the answer is yes!! Please keep watching the blog, sign up to receive it as an email, or follow with bloglovin ... mark your calendars for.....



It will be spectacular!!! I promise!!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tales of the Pig - Pre-Show Preparation

Well.... they tell me the fair is around the corner, and that I have to look pretty!  I don't understand what is wrong with a little mud, but these people are picky! Seriously picky! First the weight - now the skin.... what next?   My hair?

This place that we live in is pretty warm most of the time, but whenever Farmer Boy comes out with the green thing that spews water... it gets cold!!

See - it was even raining.... Farmer Boy and his dad started washing me, and it was cold and I squealed... and the Mom - she brought me food.  Food makes everything better.....

After they got me all clean they loaded me up into the blue trailer... I remember this place well - it was my first home when I came here!

Farmer boy had a friend come over with a noisy thing and he started towards me with it - I squealed - Mom brought more food. I think! I have the Mom trained ... I squealed - and she put more food in front of me. I wish I had learned this earlier!!

Farmer Boy worked on me too. Once I got used to the noise - it wasn't so bothersome. It was actually like getting a massage....

See how pretty and white I am - who knew there was such beauty under the mud?  I think I look pretty good!

After all that hard work of standing there and eating - I needed a rest.... so I laid down while Mom made my bed. She put new shavings in the front half of the trailer. As soon as they let me go in there I LOVED it!!!
I was told that the day after our Pre Show Prep - I was heading to the fair. Think if I squeal some more Mom will bring me more food????

Monday, July 29, 2013

Plaid Phase Quilt #3 - aka Design wall Monday

Oh my - I am still at the plaids - and I am telling you - there is NO bottom to the box yet !!! You might think this will disappoint me, but not really - I am loving these plaids!!

Here is what is up on my wall today! As of 10 minutes ago!!

The pattern for this quilt is from  and to be honest ( full disclosure) was a quilt a long for May - so I figure if I finish it by May 2014 I am golden..... right?

For more design walls head over to

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Kids Quilting Club Quilt of Valor

A few months ago I was asked to speak at an online quilting club.  It was ( and still is) a quilting club for kids, taught by Ms Amy. She is awesome.

I made a few You tube videos of my long-arm machine, and talked a little about the quilts that I make. They soon figured out that I made Quilts of Valor, and I ended up telling them a TON about QOV!!  The kids were super great, very attentive, and so polite!!

At their next meeting they convinced Ms Amy that they could take on making a Quilt of Valor as a group..... and so.... THEY DID!!

 Here it is. Ms. Amy and her daughter ( right) brought to a local quilt shop so we could get it to Ft Carson. Her daughter helped her put it together... and now she is working on her very first quilt by herself!!

 A few Close ups - I just loved all the variety of fabrics.  One of the Moms' of a kid wrote a poem - and they included it on the quilt. Click on the picture to enlarge it.
 Don't you love the star??

Ms. Amy, her daughter and her sister decided they wanted to finish the whole quilt. They rented time on a long-arm and quilted it themselves. They had such a great time!! And they did a fabulous job!

This will also be a Quilt of Valor - I was just so excited that I got the top completely finished before the end of the century!! We went to the Veterans Memorial and took a few pictures... it was fun!

Monday, July 22, 2013


This summer seems to be just going by so fast - some days I think the day will never end, but most of them.... I wonder where the day went!!! Like this weekend.... Did you know today is Monday? It's CRAZY!!

Team Roping is a craze of Wrangler Man's - something he and his family have done forever.... and so ... we roped...

 I rode a bit, warmed up horses, swung a rope or two, got laughed at  (they keep calling my city girl - I don't get it!!!) and then got behind the camera!!! I love the camera....

The picture above is my brother in law - he swears he never misses.... what do you think?

This is Wrangler Man and my nephew. This nephew is going to compete in High School Rodeo - so this was a practice for him.... we made him work ;-)

Below in the yellow shirt we have Little Bit on Mac... Mac is the same horse Wrangler Man roped on in College.... ( does this make him young? or the horse old?)   Teaming up with his dad ;-)

The Nephew.... he's getting goooood!
 C Roping with his Mom.... This was quite hilarious - he did not expect her to come out and rope immediately. They were giving her grief, since she always works the chutes, she doesn't rope much anymore - and man - did she put them ALL to shame.  She totally Rocked it.... Girl power!!!

My Middle Bit... he has officially outgrown his horse this year, but he loves him. And he is a fun horse.

So.... Photo Op shot - I was trying to show how fast they are moving... did it work?
 And lastly - my guys chasing steers. They were just having a good ol time taking the steers back to the pen. The giggles, the laughter, the fun with the cousins - its the best.  Oh - and where was the oldest child you ask? He decided to go run 9 ( YES NINE!) miles while we were goofing off!!!
We also spent time getting ready for fair, and with Pig.... stay tuned....

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Quilts of Valor 7/17

Oh Boy.... there are show stoppers in this one!! I promise you will not be disappointed!

Are you ready?  Seriously.... There are a lot of Pictures!!

This first Quilt of Valor comes from Elsie, and is quilted by Lois K of Broomfield.  Aren't the colors so soothing? Elsie is a master scrap quilter!

This string Quilt of Valor comes from Jo - Jo's Country Junction... You can find her here:   I know she has made some patterns for the Moda Bake Shop too!

Anyways - I love the layout of this string quilt - it is one of my favorites!

 Liz T.D  Has been SO busy!!! Liz pieced and quilted the next 5 quilts.... I swear, the woman does not sleep!!  She has a lot of variety too!!

Quilt 1:

Quilt 2:  - I sort of Love this one too.... it just gives off a ... vibe!!!
 Check out the wavy lined quilting!!!

Quilt 3:  The center square is an Air Force block....

Quilt 4: A Bullseye Log Cabin - Pattern found here :

Quilt 5: Medallion Quilt.  Liz - thank you so much!! Hope you are staying cool!!!

And From Ila.... first I have to tell you that I cracked up laughing - and the boys came running... Look!!

My own halter rope.... in PINK!!! Ila - you crack me up! She also send my doggie a cool looking brush stone... she will love it. She (the dog) loves to be brushed!

AND!!! Her timing is impeccable - check out these yummy Gluten Free Mixes. The boys were saying "Mom, will you make cookies?"  and now !!! I am!!!!
 Not Only Does Ila know my family well!!! Check out these three gorgeous quilts!!

This one took my breath away! I love it!!!!

 And the quilting is to die for!!!

Check out this one - also from Ila - yumm!!!

 And the Third from Ila - Oh la la... So beautiful!!

Hope you enjoyed todays Quilt show - I know I loved checking out each of these quilts....

I may miss next week though - my quilty friends.... Our County Fair is starting, The Quilts go in Friday, and the judging ( of which I get to help hold the quilts!!!!) is Saturday, and then we get into the boys' 4H projects.....  so if I am not here next week - send a good thought our way!!