Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Quilts of Valor 7/17

Oh Boy.... there are show stoppers in this one!! I promise you will not be disappointed!

Are you ready?  Seriously.... There are a lot of Pictures!!

This first Quilt of Valor comes from Elsie, and is quilted by Lois K of Broomfield.  Aren't the colors so soothing? Elsie is a master scrap quilter!

This string Quilt of Valor comes from Jo - Jo's Country Junction... You can find her here:   I know she has made some patterns for the Moda Bake Shop too!

Anyways - I love the layout of this string quilt - it is one of my favorites!

 Liz T.D  Has been SO busy!!! Liz pieced and quilted the next 5 quilts.... I swear, the woman does not sleep!!  She has a lot of variety too!!

Quilt 1:

Quilt 2:  - I sort of Love this one too.... it just gives off a ... vibe!!!
 Check out the wavy lined quilting!!!

Quilt 3:  The center square is an Air Force block....

Quilt 4: A Bullseye Log Cabin - Pattern found here :

Quilt 5: Medallion Quilt.  Liz - thank you so much!! Hope you are staying cool!!!

And From Ila.... first I have to tell you that I cracked up laughing - and the boys came running... Look!!

My own halter rope.... in PINK!!! Ila - you crack me up! She also send my doggie a cool looking brush stone... she will love it. She (the dog) loves to be brushed!

AND!!! Her timing is impeccable - check out these yummy Gluten Free Mixes. The boys were saying "Mom, will you make cookies?"  and now !!! I am!!!!
 Not Only Does Ila know my family well!!! Check out these three gorgeous quilts!!

This one took my breath away! I love it!!!!

 And the quilting is to die for!!!

Check out this one - also from Ila - yumm!!!

 And the Third from Ila - Oh la la... So beautiful!!

Hope you enjoyed todays Quilt show - I know I loved checking out each of these quilts....

I may miss next week though - my quilty friends.... Our County Fair is starting, The Quilts go in Friday, and the judging ( of which I get to help hold the quilts!!!!) is Saturday, and then we get into the boys' 4H projects.....  so if I am not here next week - send a good thought our way!!


Rhonda said...

Love all the quilts!!

Kevin the Quilter said...

Such beautiful quilts going to our military! So inspirational! Best wishes next week! Love your hair, hope you win! LOL

Sherrill said...

Is 'the pig' going to be in the fair?!! Hope he/she's been working on his/her 'tricks'!! LOL

Elaine Adair said...

Wow - I like these a LOT

Especially that lasat 2 - would be interesting to make them.

See ya in October for Bonnie H. class! 8-)))

TLC said...

already sending good thoughts your way. Enjoy the fair and good luck to your sons! Thanks for the fabulous quilt show once again.

Nikki said...

Love the quilts. Thanks for sharing. Have fun at the fair.

Bev @ kwiltpharm said...

Lovely! Took me a moment to figure out the pattern for the last one is nothing more than a nine patch and snow ball! Look out scrap bag, here I come!

Gypsy Quilter said...


Mary K said...

Thank you do much for doing this.I look forward to the show every week. Good luck at the fair. They are always fun.