Friday, April 30, 2010

Today was an awesome day

Don't you just love awesome days? This one was one - and I can't wait to tell you about it.... later...... (giggle)
Anyways on to awesome quilts! This first one was made by Susan L in Kennebunk ME. I really like the borders that she made up. Very creative!!

Both of these quilts come from Lakeside NE. One was made by Jody M, and the other was made by the Bingham Ladies Fellowship. Jody - thank you for coordinating this! Some day we must meet!!

Sometimes you get a quilt in, and there is No name on it... not on the box, and not on the label. The Return address said Morrison, in ME... so if you are out there - leave a comment and claim this quilt for all to ohh and ahh over!
****Was made by members of Ladies on the Edge of the Sea . Their names are: Judy M, Helen R, Susan S, and Carol B.***** See - I knew someone would help me out!!


This next quilt of valor came from Elaine over at

I love this quilt and am picturing it in SO many color ways with all of my strings! Elaine - Thank you!!

Now - this next picture - I am not saying much about, just let me tell you that it was a part of my awesomly awesome day!!!

Have a great weekend!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Quilts for a Thursday

Whoa baby are the boxes arriving... so does this mean quilters like deadlines ??
I came home this morning to boxes piled up in front of my door so high I had to come in a different door!
These first three Quilts of Valor for the Warrior Games come from Pat in Colorado. Pat is an awesome quilter, and an even better longarmer! She has been so helpful to the Quilt of Valor movement in Colorado!
Thanks Pat for these beautiful quilts!


These Two Quilts in the Center came from Maine!! ( ME is maine right?) Joline F made them and they were quilted by a quilter in Kansas. They are beautiful. And Joline - thanks for being patient with me.... ( long story LOL)

The last three Quilts of Valor come from Judy K in Ohio. It was made by members of the Heart of Ohio Quilters Guild in Newark OH. Thank you!!

You know one of the benefits of having these quilts all over the house? I can not see the laundry piles building up!! I have had a few emails asking how I am getting it all done, to be honest - I am not. I am letting a lot of things go. So if I am slow in answering your emails - please know I am not ignoring you, just running like crazy. ( Unless it is a negative email - most likely I am ignoring it LOL)
Have a great evening!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Honor Flight Delivery

For my Quilters Accountability this week I would really like to account for where a LOT of Quilts of Valor went!! This was quite a week.
First off - although I have no pictures of this - 32 Quilts of Valor went to the Dave Roever Eagles Summit Ranch. He does an intensive camp with Wounded Warriors. The Soldiers were so touched, and amazed, and these quilts brought tears to their eyes.

Secondly on Saturday night the Honor Flight Northern Colorado arrived back home from a wonderful trip to Washington DC to see the WWII Memorial. They were greeted at the hotel with a standing ovation and a very enthusiastic crowd.
Each WWII vet was presented a Quilt of Valor as they walked down the long hallway. It was awesome. And the smiles - oh Lordy the smiles. If you could just bottle a few of those up you would never have sad times again.


Even though these were presented on a Late ( and boy do I mean LATE) Saturday night - I have already recieved a few thanks you's.
And they asked if I would share. I do make a small booklet to go with each QOV on how a Quilt is made, and that many many people all over the US have helped to make this possible.
"Please share with all of those who were involved. I enjoyed meeting some of you upon our return from D.C but tired and emotionally drained would only begin to describe my state of mind!

Neat Quilt!! For an army blanket kind of a guy this is a very significant upgrade. I can only imgine the time, effore and concern that went into its making. I am honored X 12.
Thank you so very much

Want to see what 120 quilts look like before they are given away?

Thank you ALL from the bottom of my heart for helping out and encouraging our count progress.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

More Show and Tell

All of these are for the Warrior Games as well. I am Loving all of these Quilts of Valor!
This top center one was sent in from Bobbie S in Oregon. Beautiful isn't it? When I was young we used to go to the Rogue River and fish - brought back memories when I saw the address as Oregon!

This Cool Zig Zag quilt come from Liz in Washington. I am totally drawing a blank on her blog at the moment ( not enough caffiene yet) So Liz -help me out!!!

I like this version of a string and Star quilt! What a great way to set the string blocks. It comes from Lynn J in ME.

The waves quilt - which I so admire anyone who can do that curved pieceing comes from Arlyn H in AR.

As well as this Pink Quilt. Arlyn was BUSY!
The quilts are perfect!

And this String Quilt comes from Bobbie W in Gentry, Arkansas ( I think - I wrote down A... and thats it UGH)
I have an affinity for string quilts you know - Love it!!

The last three quilts for this mornings Show and Tell.... come from Pene B in Oregon! I like all of them very much, but I am intrigued with the friendship star one.
I studied it for a long time trying to figure it out!

Thanks Quilters - for all of your hard work! These are wonderful quilts!
Now off to make lunches.....

Monday, April 26, 2010

Good Monday Morning

I know a lot of people don't like Mondays - but I am telling you if you saw what was waiting for me at the Post Office - you would TOTALLY change your mind!
Good thing I had no kids in the truck!
These first two quilts for the Warrior Games are international quilts. They are made by two quilting sisters, Sandi and Karen: one in New Jersey and one in St Croix. They get together a couple of times a year and sew these awesome Quilts of Valor. If I remember right their Long arm quilter is in England??

They have a daughter/niece that they have convinced to join them and start quilting. and the next quilt ( in the center) is her FIRST Quilt of Valor. Laura - you did an awesome job!! and I love string quilts.

The next Seven quilts come from the Heartstrings Quilt Project. I believe Mary ( quilted them all! But they were made by various members. This group has been so wonderful in our efforts to do Quilts of Valor. They have helped with pillowcases, quilt backs, quilts, and TONS of encouragement. A group of nicer people, you could not meet!

Now after enjoying all this quilty eye candy your monday will be as happy as mine! Off to work....

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Quilts for Sunday

What a weekend!!
Sometimes I think that by blogging it is the only way I will remember what we have done!
I just got back from binding quilts with the Binding Buddies. My oldest son came and made some string blocks. One of the gals came and brought her Accucut Go Cutter. I think I am in love. She let me play with it and she had the 2 1/2 inch strip die. I think I cut enough strips to bind 100 quilts but I Loved It!!! And bless her heart she said she would bring in next month too - I think I will just cut fabric all that time!!!
These Quilts of Valor for the Warrior games are from Sue E in arizona. This heart quilt that Blogger put upside down was a wonder cut ruler pattern. It is really cool!.
The next one is a Nine Patch,
The next two are Strip Twists - Sue made them using the pattern over at I am so glad Bonnie shares these with us - the Quilts of Valor program has benefitted greatly!


These Last three quilts from Sue are Crumb Quilts. Do you know how much fun it was to check out all of these fabrics? I fell in love with these quilts.

Sue - Thank you SO much for all you do for QOV!! It is SURE APPRECIATED!!

The next three quilts in today post come from a Famous Author. You might even recognize these quilts from her blog - . Do you know who it is yet? Judy L!!

I loved these quilt while looking at them on her website - but I gotta tell you they are much more cool to see first hand.
Thanks so much Sue and Judy!! You gals are awesome!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

6 more from Buena Vista

The good news - I have finally opened EVERY single box that has arrived as of 10:30pm last nite. The bad news - I didn't make it to the post office this morning.... so if you sent me something I won't be able to email you till later ( like Saturday or Sunday)
Anyways - on to the FUN stuff!!
These 6 quilts are in additin to the other 6 that came in from Buena Vista CO.

They are part of the Chaffee County QOV Quilters!! a Very Very Very prolific group!

Something that I have noticed is that a lot of QOV's come in with a story or letter pinned to them. In some of them they put self addressed stamped envelopes.
I onder how many service people use these and send letters? I thought it was a neat idea.
Hope you all enjoyed checking out these quilts!

Oh - yes - all of these Quilts of Valor are going to the Warrior Games as well.