Saturday, April 10, 2010

WWII Honor Flight Quilts

The goal HAS been met!! ( the rest of the quilts will be shown in tomorrows post!)
I am WAY excited, and these are such gorgeous quilts. The WWII Veterans will be SUPER excited, and so grateful to recieve these. I believe that it is a surprise to them!
The first quilt today is from Kim in Colorado. Beautiful and soft!!
Thanks Kim!!!

The next two were made by Sue S in Colorado. I call her Sister Sue - because her sister is in my guild and I like saying that to her. Some day I will meet Sue, and tease her that she is my sister vicariously. ( I don't have sisters - so I need a few!) Thanks Sue!!

This one is Bari over at
The blocks were made by Various quilters in her group, and she put it together and quilted it. All of the makers even signed the label on the back.
Thanks Bari - It is gorgeous!

This lovely quilt to the left was made by April W. She has quilted some of the Quilts of Valor for me, and made some as well. This one is just wonderful!! Thanks April!!

The next five quilts came from New York, via a road trip to Arizona, Colorado , Illinois and back. They have traveled quite a distance to get here!! Jackie D from New York brought them out as she and her husband were mountain biking and traveling across the US. It worked out for her to meet me on Friday. Such a great person!!

Thanks Jackie!!!


Helen in the UK said...

Congrats to everyone on helping you meet your goal. Great job :)

Unknown said...

Alycia, Congrats, I was just getting ready to label a couple more for the WWII vets, but will make them QOV instead. Glad to see that Mary delivered the first two. Thanks for all you do in coordinating these efforts to show our service men and women how much they are appreciated.
Sue S in Colorado,
(Mary's sister Sue)
P.S. You are welcome to join the clan, you can be an honorary sister, joining my 4 sisters & 4 sisters-in-law.