Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Florida, Texas , and Ohio

I bet you are wondering what those three thing in the title have in common right? Well they are the states that these awesome quilts come from.
The first 5 quilts on the left are the last of the quilts that have come from the Indian Creek Quilters in Florida. I tell ya - this is one busy group!!

I am thinking that this star one is a Buggy Barn pattern, only because I quilted one very similar for a customer, and that is the pattern she told me it was. I also think there is a similar star pattern on Quiltville. com ... anyone know for sure?


This one I know!! It is a rail fence - beautiful!!

Oops - I guess one got on the right - this log cabin quilt also comes from the Indian Creek Quilters.

The next 3 quilts come from Texas!! I love Texas.... This first one comes from Ricky in Tyler Tx. A guy I went to college with was from Tyler Tx. His dad had a ranch there and brought us T-shirts.... hmm wonder where that T Shirt is? Anywayss - I really like this quilt. The blue fabric has swirlys in it and it is REALLY cool! Thanks Ricky!

These next two were made by Gail in Yorktown TX. Now she says these are her first quilts. I did not clarify if they were her first quilts EVER, or her First Quilts of Valor. Either way - what a wonderful gift!!

And last - but Certianly not least - the quilt from Ohio - it is from Wendy in Painesville. I think the border really adds character to this quilt! Thanks Wendy!!

So thats it for tonite. My Car is healed, now I just need to go pay for it - it was a fuel pump. At least I wasn't out of gas, that is always my first worry!

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