Monday, January 24, 2022

Red ( for RSC) Buffalo Plaid aka Gingham

 With my Friends bag of Red Scraps at my feet I made a snap Decision!

In the bag - was a stack of Red and Cream 6 1/2 inch squares.... and I thought - I bet!!

I could make one of those little buffalo plaid/gingham style quilts....and away I went to my design wall!

I laid them all out, did a few repositioning of squares - and Look at that!!
her pieces made a full layout.

It will be about 30 x 42 when it is done....Isn't that just cute?

And then.... I started playing in the rest of the reds - well - these aren't really a bright red , they are a muted red - what is that color called?   I called it antique red?

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Friday, January 21, 2022

Pink Triangles... ( I have no creative name for it!) ...and Finished! ( or not) Friday!

 I can not think of a creative name for this quilt - or even the name that I called it when I started it... I am drawing a big Pink Blank!!

BUT!!! I can tell you that today!!! IT IS FINISHED!!!

That's all that matters right?

My "To finish pile" is actually shrinking ( go me!)

I found these fabrics on sale at Sew Downtown ( in Greeley CO) and bought a yard ish of each, brought them home and put them on the table and decided to make triangles.....
and I made Triangles until I was tired of them

Put them up on the design wall , and arranged and re-arranged, and then one day said - that is it!
and A top them became.....

And then I added some really crazy Quilting.  and then....

Are you sitting down for this part?    I BOUND IT!  ( Quilting and binding in the same 12 months!!! - actually - it was the SAME month!! I KNow!!!)

And now - it will be listed in my Quiltygirl Etsy Store.... and we start the next one to finish!!!

So!!! What have you been up to? Share you Finishes!!!    

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Thursday, January 20, 2022

T Rex Tacos

Only cuz I like to prove that I do cook....

I introduce you to 


Isn't that the coolest Taco holder ever?

I saw it and knew - I had to have it!!

One of my sons is so interested in Paleontology - I knew he would get a kick out of it!

So!! I made tacos and T Rex helped out!!!

Just wait - I might even learn a special recipe to share with you sometime ( although - please - do not hold your breath!!!)

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

The Bags of Scraps

 Remember I told you about my Friend and her bag of scraps?

That is what the trunk of my car looked like!

I hit the jackpot!!!

When you get a windfall like this , what is the first thing you do?

So far the first thing I did was play in the browns.

See the design wall post from Monday

Then I remembered that RED was the RSC color for January - so I grabbed the Red bag.

and then!! I sorted thru and found the Patriotic colors

Those all went with my to my sew day - My Quilters HAD a BLAST playing with them!!

What would you do next?

PS - My Main Man - My main Squeeze says Hi!!!

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Tuesday, January 18, 2022

My Quilt ladder started something

 In May of last year - we had our wood floors refinished

In June I found a ladder and painted it teal for the kitchen/living room 

and then! 

I was ready to refinish the chairs at our 100 Year old dining room table.....


I couldn't find what  I wanted .... all I knew is that old yellow fabric was really outdated now - my Kitchen is Teal/Navy and white...

And quite frankly , yellow ( gold to be more realistic)

just didn't match.

and then I found it!! the color I wanted on my chairs. I got the fabric, got my staple gun out, and we realized my staple gun was not as industrial as it should have been.

The men ran to town and got an industrialized staple gun and

We got to work. And by We - I mean my husband and son. I am a great director!! ( dictator anyone?)

When they were taking the old stuff off, we actually found the original fabric. Seems like when they put that on there it was staying FOREVER!! and whoever had refinished these next just fabriced over it....

Ohhh Progress - doesn't that teal just look so much better than the yellow?

Ta da!!

and now the kitchen/dining room is done!!

( pray for our older appliances - that they at least make it to Christmas 2022!)

just so you know.... when we started the kitchen, someone flooded the bathroom ( her name shall not be mentioned here) . Now that the kitchen is entirely finished - its time to head back to the bathroom and finish it!

Monday, January 17, 2022

A brown Design wall


A friend of mine said - hey I have some fabric scraps for you - and I met her in the parking lot and she handed me A LOT of fabric scraps!!

The first bag I took into the house was filled with browns - so I immediately grabbed 9 Fat Quarters and got to work!

And ta da - I made 9 Turning Twenty blocks and soon... it will be a lap quilt!!

Just so you know - there were more bags.... stay tuned....

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Friday, January 14, 2022

A Marvelous Quilt Finish.... and Finished ( or not ) Friday

 I have a finish.... I have a finish... you can see me happy dancing and singing that right?

This is the Marvelous Mystery ( L1) that I ran but the pattern was written by Linda (   and I LOVE it!!

We did the mystery in 2019 and I did not get mine completely finished - but this works for me, because now it is complete - and! I have a home for it. 

So this makes it a new quilt!! ( right??)

I won't tell you yet who it goes to - but as I was binding it - their faces came to me!!! and now I will make it happen. 

and the Quilting - I love these photos - where you can see the detail.....

it makes me happy - and!! it proves I quilted it haha!

PS - Interested in an easy peasy lemon squeezy  mystery?
Stop Tossing info here

And now!!! it is your turn to link up your finishes:

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Thursday, January 13, 2022

Lobster Mac n Cheese vs Crab Fettucine

 When we traveled to Boston - you may remember my husband had Lobster Mac n Cheese?

it was photo worthy

he kept raving at how good it was, and how he would like it again....

and so - I decided to try - 

except - i didn't have Lobster, it had to be gluten free, and I didn't have Macaroni Noodles...


I had Crab, I know how to make alfredo sauce - and ! I had gf rotini noodles and so!

I cooked!!! My Crab did not come with a shell, and I couldn't really think of a good replacement - so!! It just got put on a plate - sprinkled with parmesan and mozzerella and broiled to perfection

Just for a comparison:

it may not have been as photo worthy - but it sure was yummy!!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Stop Tossing - a NEW Mystery Quilt 4 Military (a Quilt of Valor)

 My dear Mystery Quilts 4 Military group has been SO patient with me....

However - I am now proud to announce!!!

A NEW Mystery is going to start!!

This will be a super easy, beginner friendly Mystery Quilt

It will finish at 61 x 81 inches

There will be NO half squares ( there's a few of you that will get that joke)

The Fabric Requirements and a few cutting Instructions will be announced on February 2nd

the First Clue will come out February 16th

I won't tell you how many clues - but its a fast , quick, fun mystery that will jump start your quilting mojo!!

I will post the clues here on my blog - but! the come faster for my Mystery Quilts 4 Military group - so if you want the jump = or to be in on the conversations - go join there.

Hope you join in

and if you don't - it it totally okay - I will still be your friend - promise!

Tuesday, January 11, 2022


 We finally got snow!!!

It came on News Years Eve - and we were so excited .... of course, the roads were dangerous, there were accidents, and road closures - so We had to rough it at home.   ( which is not roughing it for me, I am a homebody and prefer to stay here!)

But we all had fun - we ate too much, watched goofy movies and the next morning....

We had to check out how deep the snow was!!  We thought about taking the snow shoes but then thought  nah - there wasn't that much. and then in a few places - it was a foot deep!! oh Ya!!!!

We got another snow storm a few days later - and I tell you - it makes a heart happy when she can see the moisture staying on the ground. Now for a nice slow melt and MORE snow!!!!

Monday, January 10, 2022

A batik String Design Wall

I have been playing with the Batik strings that I made out of the leftovers from the 2021 RSC 

I had them on the design wall and I kept staring - so I re arranged them like this:

It was  suggested trying to make it look like a sunset.....

and then I thought - let me try Something else:

I am always drawn to the ones that make a funky pattern - and still

I don't like either.... So - I have them stacked and may just wait until I can make more string blocks in their colorways - and come with something I like.

hmmmmm - maybe some design will pop in my head!!   Until then - I may dig for some more batik strings......

Oh!! Yes - the two people who will get the Red Blocks...

Linda at Art in Search


Momma Llama

I'll be emailing your for your addresses - unless you email me first!!!!

yay - Happiness flung into the world!

Friday, January 07, 2022

One More Greek Key Finish.... and!! Finished ( or not) Friday!!!!

 I fell so in love with my last Greek Key, that I just had to start another one...

and now that one is Completely Finished.  Yay !!!

On this one, I fell back to my favorite color - Plaid... and

then I found a border print of EAGLES!!!

I had enough of the Eagle Print that I could do the border so all the Eagles are upright and flying the right way.  I personally think it looks pretty cool 

Each block is a different plaid
Because - a girl can never have too many plaids!

A side look at the quilting - I used a Star panto - 
Confetti Fire works on the back

My cell phone got really old - I have a tendency to not upgrade those things - but apparently the one I had was going to no longer work soon, and they had a huge sale - so I got a new phone .

I wanted to test the Camera Quality on it - and you know what?  it is NOT bad!!!!

I am no good at calling people, horrible at texting people back - but ... I think I will probably remember where this phone is more often cuz I LOVE the camera!!!

I hope you had  great First week of 2022 
- Here's to a  LOT of finishes - 

and a lot of fun starts and finding Fabrics you like!!

PS - I know there are a million Quilt a longs, sew along etc... if you are interested in Mystery Quilts 4 Military - a new mystery will be starting soon... the announcement will be here on my blog next week 

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Thursday, January 06, 2022

Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2022

 I am starting to think about this years Rainbow Scrap Challenge.

( I know - I'm a little behind... the story of my life)

I don't know exactly what I want to do yet - but I sorted some hand dyed Scraps into a bucket....

What I do know - 

I don't want to work with these blocks:

These are the blocks that I used for the 2021 Challenge and I made placemats. A LOT of placemats!

I had fun, but I am over it... well at least for January.

So!! Who wants these?


  • They are pieced by a sweet lady who works with her scraps
  • Not a one is the exact same size (I ended up piling 6 together and trimming them and bam - they were the same size then
  • There is a lot.  Like maybe 50
  • If you are interested - leave me a comment here
  • On Sunday I will pick TWO people to send  blocks too.
  • Must live in the continental US  - I am not familiar enough with overseas shipping anymore

Now I must go back to thinking about what project I would like to do for RSC

Wednesday, January 05, 2022

When good Appliances go bad

 December and my Appliances have not seemed to get along for a few years in my house.

One year it was the Dryer dying

And then one Christmas the Refrigerator died - good thing I had the 40 year ol fridge in the basement, and then one year the Oven element decided to not turn off, the next year the broiler decided not to work...

So imagine my Surprise when the night before Christmas Eve my dishwasher decided to give up the ghost....

I truly blame my husband  - he said -What do you think about using the China and Crystal this year?

And I said it all has to be hand washed

and he said he would help

then the Dishwasher died

and guess what? we used Paper plates!!!

hand washing loses its ease when you do it everyday for every meal and its just not as fun as one imagines!

We looked for Dishwashers - they are in short supply. So after most of the people left, Husband took the dishwasher out and he and Little Bit started repairing. I am proud to say - they got it repaired, and motor replaced and as of this moment - we are back in action. 

I like Dishwashers.

But wait ! There's more!
The next day the microwave sputtered, sparked and went ker plonk....

I can live without a microwave - but the men were missing their popcorn..

I am also glad my 6'8" son was still home - when we built our house - we set the microwave kinda high.
Only because in the house we lived in before I hit my head on Everything... but in this house., we may have gone too high......

Anyways - we have a new microwave.
Fingers Crossed - we are good for at least a year *hope*

Tuesday, January 04, 2022

Balance... my word for 2022

 I feel like this year I need a word.. I need a Focus.

I have already admitted to last year being a little helter skelter and I know that at times I went hard core one way, and then switched the other way. It was all good, but as I sit back and reflect on some of the way things went... I think I need 


Now how I am going to achieve that - I have no idea - but Choosing my Word is going to help me start somehow correct???

Any suggestions?

Monday, January 03, 2022

A little recap of 2021

 Yvonne at Quilting Jet Girl asked me How many quilts did I finish this year?

and I thought in my head - well not very many - this was a weird year...

But then I thought - well heck - go count them on your blog, because you know - you don't keep your quilting secret - its all out there on the blog!

Hosting Finished ( or not) Friday kinda of makes me feel like I should have a finish to show each week!!!


The grand total of Finishes for 2021 is

Drum Roll please

31 Quilts!

I kinda impressed myself when I counted those up! I was still trying to help my parents with my Dad's rehab and meals and all that stuff, when my Mom got sick - and boy howdy - did she get sick....

I went from planning meals to helping plan meds, food she could eat, food good for my dad, working full time and hanging out with them full time, so I wondered if I really finished anything.

I did learn that sleep is waaayyyy overrated!

I also joined in with the
  Joyful Quilters Table scraps challenge 

and made 58 Placemats - 54 of them are finished, and 52 of those were donated to our Senior Center here in town for their Senior Lunches. I hear the Christmas Lunch was quite colorful!!

Two of them I gave to a friend who just needed them,

and I have 4 more to bind....


I gifted 11 of my quilts to friends and acquaintances. 

Okay - that one really shocked me too. As I was finishing these quilts they were talking to me and saying - you know - so and so really likes this color, or this pattern and I thought - Girl! you can only keep so many.... share the love. 

I am glad that I did.... It makes my heart happy!  

I am going to try to do even more of that this year.

I was also able to donate 20 quilts to Hospice. 18 of them to our local hospice, 1 to Bernie, and 1 to a relative who was put on hospice before passing.

lastly Hats

I learned to Make hats... 

In 2021:

I made 15 hats for M's 2021 operation Christmas Child Project.
and I have made 18 so far ( still made in 2021) for her 2022 project.

I am thinking I can at least get 50 more done for her 2022 projects..,... maybe? Maybe I should bite my tongue - cuz you know - the best laid plans.....

Thanks Yvonne for asking. That was kind of a fun exercise to walk through. and Truthfully , made me feel a little better about the year I had. 

Here's to a Bright and Happy 2022!!!