Tuesday, January 25, 2022

A Colorado Outing

 It snowed here - New Years Eve... and the snow didn't melt

And then it snowed again.... and that snow hasn't melted.

Its unusual for this area of Colorado to have snow on the ground for so long - and the rest of the state is getting sun and 40+ degrees temps. My ranch is stuck in the ice bowl and the highs have been 27F

Not a complaint - that means the snow will melt in nice and deep, and I have no good reason to go anywhere - I can blame it on the roads ( or lack of the sight of the roads).... all that to say...

We decided to go hiking. See I did need an out - but not a grocery shopping/chores kinda outing.

and off we went.  But! I kind of forgot to check the weather in detail where we were going, and got out my thermal lined pants, my long john shirt, t shirt, sweatshirt and hiking jacket.... and we got there . It was cold.

See the ice? 
and it was Bright Blue

20 minutes in the jacket went into the backpack

40  minutes in the sweatshirt went in to the backpack
and it was gorgeous!!! it was about 35 degrees, and sunny and there was still ice in spots. The trail we took was along a river. So I was super careful on that ice - I did not want to swim - even though I was finally warm!

and then the trail ended into this:

I said - I bet we can cross that , we just have to not step on the wrong piece of wood.
You go first!!! My poor husband -  but he laughed and went across.... I patiently waited... I mean - if he was going in there was no sense in both of us getting wet!

And then I made it across

A mile or so later we hit this bridge...

It looks more like a bridge - but if you note.... It ends before you get to the other shore!!! and the ice on the rocks was a little slippery - So I brushed the ice off, and said - you go first!!! I am thinking that my husband may never hike with me again.... but he did it!

We think it was two years ago that this area burned .. can you see all the burnt trees?  I think it will come back but it was a devastated area....

We hiked about 3 miles out and turned back around - I thought I would show you the wood bridge from the other side.... I still think it was pretty sketchy.

And see - he went first again!!! To make sure there was a clear path.

We also had to do a little photo shoot. Our kids got him a Duff Beer Cooler - he was a big fan of the Simpsons when it first came out ( the later seasons.... not so much) but 

We packed our drinks and snacks in it!!! It kept everything nice and cool for us when we got back to the car!

And then we went back to our house, had another ice storm, and I have no excuses to travel again haha!


Linda Swanekamp said...

You are pretty hardy for that hike. The scenery is just gorgeous. Pretty cold, icy and snowy here. Hasn't been like this in a couple of years.

Quiltdivajulie said...

Beautiful photos - glad you managed to not slip/fall on the ice!

sue s said...

We've done our share of hiking in the snow/running water also! It's a whole different experience, but as you saw the environment looks really different and so cool! (Except for the burnt trees; so sad.)

Anonymous said...

Your husband is a good sport.

San / Gypsy Quilter

Sherrill said...

Sounds like hiking with you could be a little dangerous! I'd a just stayed home by the warm fire because I would've frozen AND probably would've gotten wet, too. Not a good combo--LOL!!

Ivani said...

Beautiful photos, Alycia.

Sally Trude said...

So beautiful. And that blue sky is crazy incredible.

Delighted Hands said...

What a beautiful hike! I can't believe you went across some of those spots! Our sky this time of year is a much paler blue.

grammajudyb said...

Thanks so much for sharing your photos. Looks like a great day! 6 miles is awesome! Winter sky in our part of the country is spectacular!