Monday, August 30, 2010

Garden of the Gods

I have to say that Colorado is one beautiful state. There are many things to see, and we are still getting to ones we haven't seen since we have been here. We got the opportunity to travel to the Garden of the Gods - and WOW - what a beautiful place. It was just spectacular. Apparently a man back east had bought this land sight unseen. Had he seen it, he would have moved to Colorado right away!

I think ( I wasn't driving, so don't pay as good of attention) that it is North of Colorado Springs. We pulled into a parking lot, and immediately were/(was) greeted by these towering rocks, and bright green colors. It is NOT green at my house right now - heat and lack of rain leave it brown....

This is the big man, and the little man. He thought that taking a ride would be easier.... it wasn't - the ride bucked!

There is a rock in the middle of the park that seemed to be the most photographed place. I had heard that lots of seniors go there for their senior pics. We are not seniors - but we took a photo anyways. Notice the kids that is getting taller than me? Terrifying ( I am 5'10")

This is me and the big guy. I sort of thought that maybe we should document what we looked like prior to the rest of the grey hair that is coming.... due to our children!!!

Don't they look like they are on the top of the world? Sort of felt like it too!!! I am not one for heights unless I am in a plane, and I like it better when I am the pilot of the plane!!!

And last but not least - still picking on dad every chance they get. I think that he had better learn to start running faster - they are getting big!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Pillowcases and Quilts of Valor

 I am starting to feel somewhat caught up, and a tad bit organized. I know - it is probably a VERY short lived feeling, but at the moment I am riding high!!!

I am catching up on posts, and putting things where they belong,. and getting my pictures organized - it is so cool. I have missed reading my *blogs* this last week or two. I have NO idea what all my peeps are up to. ( see how cool I can be if I try LOL)

Anyways the first pillowcases at the top came from Jackie M. She sent them in when she sent her Quilts of Valor too. Thanks Jackie!!

This quilt to the right is from Maureen. She is a part of my Longarm group and is the NICEST lady. She and her friend worked ont this quilt, and Maureen did the quilting. That one will defineatly make a soldier smile!!

 These pillowcases are from an awesome group in Pueblo. The Pride City quilters. I LOVE them. They have made many many pillowcases for this Quilt of Valor project. I so appreciate them!

And last but not least - a picture of a Quilt of Valor presentation. I was so proud to get to this Air Force pilot. He was so tickled to recieve this quilt. He was sort of speechless and he made sure to give us all hugs to pass on to you wonderful people that help provide these quilts to servicemen. So HUGGS to you all!

Friday, August 27, 2010

State Competitions Day 2

Day 2 was the Archery day. And it was even hotter than the day before. My car finally cooled off to a blamy 103 degrees as I made the McDonalds Run. Probably you didn't know that at all these venues they don't have flushing toilets. And as much as I pride myself on being adaptable - the McD's was only 5 minutes away.... and I found it!!!

My oldest this day got his best score ever, so he was tickled. He had to go 2 times, and the first time he survived,. the second round it was just SO hot.

Our highlight of our trip was finding the 3 Margaritas Restaurant. If you ever need a GREAT Mexican place - that is it. And they are helpful when you have gluten problems. Yummy!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Quilters Accountability 8/25/10

All I can tell you is I am a homebody and my body has not been home, and I am tiiiiirrrrreeeeed. I have about 4 more away things in the next 4 days and then I think I am boycotting. I think I will empty the car of gas and be stranded - right?

I haven't gotten much of anything done, but have had a good time doing it!
We spent days at the State tournaments, met with my "ladies" in Denver, have been to 2 soldier graduations, and even got to a historical location. And in all that - I have gotten in a *little* sewing on my project.

These are the two blocks that are done. And at this rate I will have it finished in 2032

These are two more blocks in progress. So again my goal for the next week - finish a block or two!

On the other hand - My friend Lyn told her friend about QOV and he gave us some monies to buy backing fabrics. So I cut 2 more Quilts of Valor out for our Sew Day this weekend. I also organized my Red White and Blue String bucket - and....

are you ready for this? I was OUT of RWB strings - I love it. And no - this is NOT a request for more, this is an opportunity for me to cut up some more fabrics. I so love to cut, and it was quite theraputic to see the box get fuller. So I will take those this weekend too - and we will have 3 projects to work on. And 3 quilts to bind. And chocolate - should be good right?

Allright - the boys are hungry... So if you all want to see what else folks are working on, or even join in our little To Do lists... head over to Baris at

You all have a great one, and wish me luck on my lack of home bodyness for the rest of this week. I am trying to stay happy and NOT grumpy about it *giggle*

Monday, August 23, 2010

State Competitions Day 1

My boys made it to the State Archery and State Rifle Competitions down in the Lovely town of Pueblo. The competitions were on 2 different days so we made a weekend of it.

The first competion was the .22 . It was on dirt, and on dusty dirt, and I think we had dust everyone on us, and in our clothes... but my dons did very well and had a good time.

After being out at the Dry Range, we were able to move inside to the Air Rifle range... it was air Conditioned. I liked it!  In fact, I encouraged ALL the boys to compete in Air Rifle next year.
We did not stick around long enough to hear all of the results, because we had to get to different locations for each event. But youngest had his best score of all time - 62, and earned us all a candy bar ( yes, I do admit to bribery, it was HOT that day)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Quilts of Valor from across the country

 I think that Blogger has changed some of there *things* again and I hope I have entered everything right. Or maybe I just haven't had enough caffiene yet....

These first five quilts went on quite a journey. They were made by Jennifer B and Quilted by M Gayle Wallace. She is a quilting teacher - I think I know why!!

So these quilts first started out in Louisana... then they traveled to MQS in Kansas City, then they went to HMQS in Utah ( right? - thats where HMQS is I think) and then Ms Vicki A of Machine Quilting Unlimited brought them from Utah to Colorado to me!

The Next quilt came from Iowa. Carolyn made it and April quilted it. I think it looks like it mught be the Yellow Brick Road pattern from Terry Atkinson. That has always  been one of my favorite!~

These next three quilts come from Jackie. She is a part of my Heartstrings group - and very very creative. The one on the right is a Bonnie Hunter pattern that we did as a mystery quilt way back when on this blog. I LOVE the way it turned out.

And this very last one from Jackie is a Quilt as you Go quilt out of all Cowboy fabrics. I think I drooled ( of course NOT on the quilt) Isn;t it great!?

Thanks Quilters for all your hard work in making these Quilts of Valor - they are Awesome!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Quilters Accountability 8/18

I have a ONE TRACK mind right now. Althought sometimes it does lose track..... But my goal for last week and for the next few weeks ( alright maybe months) is to work on Bettys Reproduction Quilt.

Betty is a Great Aunt of mine. Her Husband was Capt. Doug and he was my Grandma's Cousin. He was a Capt. in the Navy, on an Aircraft carrier. When we would go to visit them I always learned something. Betty was a historian of epic proportions. I only wish she would have told me more and written things down for me!

This is as far as I have gotten.... so wish me luck that next week I have a block or two to show. For what others are up to go to and do some encouraging!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

One Last Hurrah!

There are sad sighs happening all around the state this week, as schools are starting all over. We decided that before we had to get back into a routine we would head to the mountains and try our luck at fishing and hiking.

We did well with the hiking..... and not so well with the fishing. It was a beautiful lake, and the weather was perfect, so the no fish thing wasn't too depressing.

This is one of my sons - holding up the world!

Overlooking the lake - from way up high.

Ready for fishing - on land or lake.

And this was the big catch of the day - a Crawdad - Yuck!! Little bit immediately threw him back in!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Pants and Parades

Last week when I went to pick up my son from practice I was asked to hem a few pairs of pants. So I said ok - thinking I could do it on my sewing machine.... Nope - they had to be done by hand, and it was too late to back out. And you all KNOW how much I LOVE handwork ...(ugh)

Here is the proof that I did it!!!

And here is why:

Saturday was our Towns "days" and there was a parade:

Don't they look cool? They did a great job, and played very well.

And there was BBQ, and Mud Volleyball and lots of sun!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Quilters Accountability 8/11

I am being very grateful for small steps at this point in time! This turns out to be a busy time of year, and I don't remember that it is, until we are back in it again!  I forget that we have to stock up on hay. So far, we have figured we need about 800 bales to get thru the winter - 250 made it into our barns this weekend.... and still there is more to get!

Anyways I got my borders on my quilt - I am really tickled with it. I just LOVE these fabrics. I think I am going to use Black for the backing - but haven't made that decision quite yet. I have the top laying over my rocking chair so I can ogle it some more!

Things are changing around our household so we are doing a lot of learning, rearranging and organization. Well, I guess I don't know that organization is the right word, more like thinking about organization! But it should be fun - the changes that is - I hope ;-)

I do have QA goals for this next week. I got to spend a little time reorganizing my sewing area and I found a project that I have wanted to start for forever, and then I did start it, and then I put it away, and now it MUST see the light of day again.

I am going to call it Bettys Reproduction Quilt. My goal this week is to make some blocks. Lofty huh LOL

If you want to see what others are up to, or even join in this week head over to Bari's Blog  And check it out!

Monday, August 09, 2010

Quilts Delivered

Some Quilts of Valor have made there way in to the hands of some Vets. I am so excited when I am allowed to take pictures, and love to be able to share them with you. These guys are just awesome. I really like that in this case they got to choose the QOV's that they wanted. But it was just as much fun to watch them decide. Kind of like me in a fabric store - I want it all.... *giggle*

Anyways - these vets are truly deserving, and it was my priveledge to witness the reciept of these Quilts of Valor.

This particular gentleman was truly that - very gentle and kind. He really bonded with my kids, and was very gracious.

This vet was just a kid! But a neat one at that. His family was able to be with him on this day. Those are 2 of his sisters and his niece. They were SO tickled to be able to be there for the presentation. And man, the sisters were so tickled to have their brother back. 3 tours, 2 injuries.

This gentleman wanted an Air Force blanket, and he wanted it out of fleece. So he got what he wanted! ;-) I was totally tickled with this gentleman. He is a Vietnam Vet, flew in the Air Force, and now goes around the state reinacting history as a Buffalo Soldier. How cool is that? He was an honor to meet.

Hope you enjoyed seeing where a few of the Quilts of Valor went, as well as a special blanket.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Waterpik Winner

The Winner of the Waterpik Shower head is:

#4 Sue in Scottsdale AZ.  Sue you didn't leave an email addy - so I hope you read my blog often, because - altho I know I have your email... I can not find it at the moment. I blame the heat!

Email me ( its in the info section) with your address and I will get this WaterPik Shower Head on its way to you.

Hope you all are having a great weekend.

For the rest of you who didn't win - be sure to check out  or .

Friday, August 06, 2010

Quilts of Valor from The Quilter

I met the Quilter a few years ago, and I honestly can't remember how. But since then I got to go to a quilt show with her, had her explain to me where the quilt shop in Loveland was, and even had her direct me to the sewing machine fixer guy. All in all she is a handy gal to know.... you know ?

Plus she makes quilts - and she made some more Quilts of Valor for us. And they are WONDERFUL!!

I love this fabric line that she used - it is beautiful!
Thanks Quilter *smile*

Thursday, August 05, 2010


We headed over to the Weld County Fair on Saturday to see how everyone did with all their projects. I think they should all get ribbons for getting things done ( each person at the fair, not just my kids). I just don't know how everyone can fit everything in these crazy schedules anymore!

First we headed into the vegetable. Wrangler Man entered some of his veges from his garden. This was his first year - and he did well! His Spaghetti Squash got a first place. And it tasted good too, or so the kids tell me. ( I had gingerale) He entered tomatos and pickling cucumbers too.

Then we headed into photography. Middle Bit decided to enter a photo this year and he took 3rd place. Not to shabby. Now he wants to take pictures of everything. Our favorite was taken by a lady we knew - is was an eagle landing on a tree with its arms outstretched. Beautiful.

Next it was on to the quilts. In the 8 to 13 yo class, Little Bit won first and Middle Bit won second. It was fun to watch her judge them, because she had a horrible time making a decision. It came down to... the star on the black and red quilt was left unquilted, and she said that it would affect the integrity of the quilt in the years to come. *Now, in my mind* I wonder how she knew that for sure, since so many of todays batts say they can be quilted as far as 12 inches apart without any problems.

In the 14-18 class Big Bit took first place with his quilt. Which led Little Bit and Big Bit to be in competition for Grand and Reserve champion. ( plus a 3rd quilt, but I didn't know that kid....sooo....) 

Big Bit won Grand and Little bit won reserve in the youth division. Here was the bummer tho - the fair labeled my oldest sons quilt with his younger brothers name on it. And even though we pointed it out, they did not change it. So for the week the quilt hung there - no one saw his name. He was a LOT dissappointed. So was I.

Oh - and they had project board for archery and .22 sports, with their record books. They did well on those too - but I can't remember who got what. I was trying to hard to remember the others!!

All in all - it was a good fair I believe!

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Quilters Accountability 8/4

My goals for The Last week:
  • Put the Borders on My Green and Black floral quilt. ( I did manage to buy the fabrics remember?)
  • Make a backing for the wildlife quilt and get it prepped to quilt in the near future - okay at least by the end of this year!!

We may as well get this out of the way - How did I do? How much did I get done? NOTHING NADA ZILCH!!

It was a crazy crazy week, We spent 2 full days at a swim meet, 1 full day at the fair, 1 day at the museum, and 3 days with the flu... which by the way, started in one child and went to the next and then came to Mama.... Not a gift worth recieving. So my couch and I became friends.

I did pick out fabric from my stash to be the backing for my wildlife quilt, and it is still sitting here waiting to be sewn into a backing. I guess I shall just roll over the goals from last week and make them for this week. And who knows - they may get done. If I ever start eating real food again.....

Monday, August 02, 2010

Waterpik Giveaway

I have been given the opportunity to do another "give-away" on my blog!!!
This one is Thanks to Waterpik

What does Waterpik have to do with quilting you ask? Well.. speaking from personal experience a LOT! After you have spent lots of time at the sewing machine, and ironing board, and working so hard - your muscles get sore. Well this shower head has powerspray and circular massage settings on it. You can get in the shower and get relief for those tired muscles. Then get back to quilting!!

It has eight different setting on the shower head. Just so you know, we got one too, and all of us had to check it out. I think that might be the first time the boys *wanted* to take showers!!

Anyways - my favorite was the Circular Massage.

We are on a well - and don't always have a lot of water. So I am always concerned about water usage. There is nothing I love more than trying to get a drink of water and finding out we are out. Cuz, when we run out of water it sometimes take 6 hours to fill the cistern up again. But I digress....

This thing has OptiFlow -and it is an advanced technology that increases the water force, but uses less water. I am not an engineer - but that's pretty cool

 And the best part - installs in minutes on any shower arm without needing pipe tape. And I can prove it, cuz Wrangler man installed ours in like 3 minutes!


Leave a comment on this post between now and August 8th at 7pm.

Tell me your favorite part of quilting. For example - putting on the binding?

Good Luck!!