Monday, August 09, 2010

Quilts Delivered

Some Quilts of Valor have made there way in to the hands of some Vets. I am so excited when I am allowed to take pictures, and love to be able to share them with you. These guys are just awesome. I really like that in this case they got to choose the QOV's that they wanted. But it was just as much fun to watch them decide. Kind of like me in a fabric store - I want it all.... *giggle*

Anyways - these vets are truly deserving, and it was my priveledge to witness the reciept of these Quilts of Valor.

This particular gentleman was truly that - very gentle and kind. He really bonded with my kids, and was very gracious.

This vet was just a kid! But a neat one at that. His family was able to be with him on this day. Those are 2 of his sisters and his niece. They were SO tickled to be able to be there for the presentation. And man, the sisters were so tickled to have their brother back. 3 tours, 2 injuries.

This gentleman wanted an Air Force blanket, and he wanted it out of fleece. So he got what he wanted! ;-) I was totally tickled with this gentleman. He is a Vietnam Vet, flew in the Air Force, and now goes around the state reinacting history as a Buffalo Soldier. How cool is that? He was an honor to meet.

Hope you enjoyed seeing where a few of the Quilts of Valor went, as well as a special blanket.

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Ann Wight~ said...

How exciting for you to be there at the presentation!