Thursday, May 30, 2019

A Cute Scrappy Quilt

I showed you a little glimpse of this fun quilt
and now - here is the Whole thing

Isn't it cute?

Every once in a while I get a call from someone clearing out, or cleaning up, or even throwing things away... this dear sweet gal called and asked if I could come help her sort through some of her quilting things.

Being ever curious - I went. She had a lot of thing that weren't really of value, but could help different charities - so we sorted and delivered to the charities.

Then she pulls these quilt tops out, and she tells me they aren't worth anything - but she sure had a good time making them. So I unfolded one and she proceeded to tell me about each and every fabric.

She could remember the clothes she made, the ones she wore, the ones that were scraps from quilts she had made.   It was just so sweet.  and so sweet to see her with her memories.

She said she just wanted them to go to a good home, and she wanted me to keep one, for all of my hard work.  ( She doesn't know me well - fabric is not Hard Work for me! Ha Ha)

This is the first one I have quilted, and will get the others into my cue as time goes on. I loved the Springy ness of this one.

It wasn't all that small by the way - it measures 72 x 96 ;-)

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Steppers Progress

Liz - over on my Stashbusters Yahoo group is leading us through a Fun Pattern she created called Steppers - and she just posted the layout

So you know I had to lay them out right away!!

I like it!!!  I will add a border to it I am sure - but first I will start *Topping* these!!
I am so excited - and I love these plaids!!

On another note - in between Thunderstorms I quilted this cute quilt.  Once it is trimmed I will take a full photo and tell you my story about how I got it!!

Happy Quilting!!

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Monday, May 27, 2019

Memorial Day

This brings tears to my eyes - to see the Respect, Love and Admiration.
I was so honored to witness it.

Arlington National Cemetary
Washington DC

Friday, May 24, 2019

Flannel Pastels

On that fateful day..... when I was organizing..... I found a bundle of Pastel Plaid Flannel - Given to me by my friend Lois and her quilters.... and I decided that that day was the day to try something with them....

a little bit ago I had received Dianne Knotts Book - Strip Quilt Secrets - and being one to love looking at pictures - I saw a ..... can you guess it..... a.....

Log Cabin Quilt in her book - and I thought - wow these would look great in a Log Cabin

So I proceeded to cut them all up!

and this is what is where I am as of last night

The Pastels actually turned out darker than I thought they would - thank goodness !!

and because I am sure you want to see the babies....

Momma Mares

And their mini Me's

Aren't they s0 cute?

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Going Scrappy Blocks are all finished

Done!!  Finito - and now they are pinned and next to my machine to start *topping*

Whoot Whoot!!

I should have taken a photo of our snow too - Its the latest Snow in Colorado in a few years ( the news man said that - I just listened)  I worked in Montana for a while - the first summer I was there - It snowed on the 4th of July.... nothing surprises me now - ha ha

But I went to shake the trees  - and puppy and I got soaked!!

Oh! The blocks on the left - the pattern is here:
Jelly Roll Blocks from Quiltygirl

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Hands 2 Help Final Check in

Over at Confessions of a Fabric Addict - Sarah has hosted Hands2Help 2019

You will have to check out all the Lovlies!!!

Hands2Help Finale

I decided that I would quilt up these cute little Tops and get them to Jacks Basket - and they will go there.... however - I have had a tiny delay....

I did something to the ligaments in my thumb/hand area - My husband listened - I grumbled.... so it has hampered my ability to finish certain things - things that you use your whole hand to do.... *sigh*

But I have the quilts quilted, trimmed, ( cuz I made my kids do them!)
and ready to be bound....

I even have the binding prepped.... but my hand wears out.... and if you see any typing mistakes... ya

I am not a left handed typer - and have been  pretty grateful for spell check this last week.....

These will get there tho... I promise ;-)

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Thursday, May 16, 2019

Going Scrappy

and having a blast!!

Remember how I decided to Organize

I had some log cabin blocks in process from our sew day, some that I had made - and my design wall was empty.... - so.....

Here is my progress so far....

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

My Eagle Visited Again

Fred visited us again... and he showed off...

I love it when he does that!!

He's quite the show off - isn't he?  

Monday, May 13, 2019

WWII Quilt of Valor Recipients

Saturday Morning was awesome!!!
We had the opportunity to Honor WWII Veterans - and it was so cool!

Sadly one of them got sick the day before and didn't feel he could make it, so his will be awarded at home.

There was a gal sitting to my left when I was making the presentations and I gave her my phone. She took some great photos - and of course - my sweet husband was there helping me, so he took this top one.

Isn't he beautiful! He had such a happy smile when we wrapped his quilt over him. and.... he wouldn't sit down until I hugged him.... love it!

This young gentleman will be 96 soon. He fought in the Battle of Okinawa....

He was so cute, he talked about his service - and then he looks at the crowd ( all about 15-20 years younger than him) and says - was anyone else in the Battle of Okinawa? 

A young man in the back said - no Sir - you are the only BadA$$ from that battle here today. 

This one said I was sweet ....

This gentleman will be 103 on Flag day this year - Notice his Quilt? A Flags for Sue!!  I think that was perfect - when we showed him his quilt he was tickled about the Flags for a Flag Day baby!

Oh Man - and his awesome gentleman - His stories!!  I know people always call this group the Greatest Generation - I am pretty sure these gentlemen are part of the reason why!!

it was an awesome morning - and a great way to start the weekend!  I enjoyed these gentlemen so very much and was so honored to be a part of Honoring their service. 

PS - this was the 18th Flags for Sue Quilt awarded so far!

Friday, May 10, 2019

California Day 3

So the "Real" Reason we went to California was for my cousins wedding.  but you know - you have to make things all about you first - ha ha

The morning of her wedding we went to the Newport Aquatic Center and learned to Paddleboard.

It! Was! Awesome!!  I highly recommend it

BUT! Since my friend ( who was teaching us) said there was a pretty good chance I could fall in the water - I left my cell phone in the car - so... no photos!

We did however take a groupie at the end  - to prove that none of us fell in!

we went pretty early in the morning so we could get back, eat lunch and take showers. But see all those boats in the background? As we were getting out a TON of these things started launching - it was practice time!!

See! The boys clean up nice! This is them giving their undivided attention to their Grandpa
I am sure he is telling an amazing story ( he has lots of good ones)

And the Happy Couple!! My Cousin ( in the wedding dress!!) had a beautiful outdoor wedding. It was so fun - all of my cousins except one made it- and all of our kids made it - so it was pretty cool.

Their *officiant* was his brother. He is one of 3 boys - and each  boy has taken a turn - officiating for the others. and I tell you - that was just the BEST!  there was a LOT of humor in their vows, and we were left laughing a LOT

The wedding photog captured this one and we died!

I have no idea who the lady in orange is - but the rest of us!

are related

The party lasted late into the night
and it was so fun

What a great time to catch up 
Altho.... It's kinda weird being the adults

Just sayin'

Wednesday, May 08, 2019

Some Quilt of Valor Inspirations for you

Here are some fun Quilts of Valor that our groups have worked on recently

This one was made by Sue and Mary
We support a Womens PTS group
so this will be going to one of thsoe Veterans

Don't you love all the scrappy goodness in this one?

Bernie, Charlene and Dianne had us make the half square string blocks when it was their month to do the blocks -and this one turned out so great - Charlene put it together!

And of course - the real reason why we make the Quilts!!  These are all Vietnam Veterans - and it was so awesome to honor them this way!!

Enjoy your Wednesday!

Monday, May 06, 2019

So... I decided to organize......

Which is something I really shouldn't do!! We will call it inspiration and distraction and lets start a new project, and oh wait - should I work on that one too???

And ! Wow! I have a few piles and a lot of ideas, and I may have started some new things, and decided to finish some others - and its the BEST!!!

So let me walk you through the *projects* as they are......

This was  a HUGE box of strings strips and other pieces - I dumped it out

and now... It is this!!

Which Inspired me to have our QOV Sew group make some of....


and then!! Because we got a lot started 
and a lot finished
I kept working on them - 
and now
I have about 45 more in process
( you need 48 for a whole quilt)

( and don't look at that pile of log cabins behind the scrappy ones!! That's even another project!)

Before I can put them on my design wall
I need to finish this one!!
So they are all rowed now -
Just need to iron and sew the rows together

But then!!
In my stashbuster group - Liz is hosting a sew a long called Steppers
and you needed 3 1/2 x 6 1/2 inch bricks

and I had some plaid sitting in a bucket

and now I have a lot of bricks
ready for step 3

( I actually got step 2 - the bricks stitched - done!)

and then !
In my Quilt of Valor group
We are doing a  block for May-July
so I had to re draw the directions
( my other ones looked yuckky)
and of course!

I had to start sewing them too!

I don't even want to show you the projects I have planned under my sewing table,
cuz you will laugh and tease me
and then I just might have to start a nother project!!


I had better get to working on these so that they all don't have to be quilted at the same time!

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Saturday, May 04, 2019

Back to Cali

When you are so SO close to the beach
You really don't want to stay in the Hotel
After Our Arrival and afternoon of Dolphin Watching

The next Day
we headed to another beach over in Laguna

it was high Tide
and it was awesome

The boys!
We all were able to go and it was so great.
I love doing things as a family - and of course,
when they are older it is harder to coordinate...

But so glad they agreed to be a part of my goofiness!!

The tide kept messing with our sand castles 
so one of them drew a line to keep the ocean out.

You see how well it worked right?

As the boys were out surfing
this Seal just started swimming out with them - 
he swam between the boys and was just happy

mom might have been happy to see him moving on....

and you know
at the end of the day

A good novel
and a tiny bottle of wine
Ha ha

I did not know they sold wine in tiny bottles
It was hilarous
and of course
I got teased that I Should get out of the house more often!