Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Going Scrappy Blocks are all finished

Done!!  Finito - and now they are pinned and next to my machine to start *topping*

Whoot Whoot!!

I should have taken a photo of our snow too - Its the latest Snow in Colorado in a few years ( the news man said that - I just listened)  I worked in Montana for a while - the first summer I was there - It snowed on the 4th of July.... nothing surprises me now - ha ha

But I went to shake the trees  - and puppy and I got soaked!!

Oh! The blocks on the left - the pattern is here:
Jelly Roll Blocks from Quiltygirl


Terri said...

We had snow here in Superior WI, too. On May 8th and May 18th -
Your logs look wonderful!

Linda Swanekamp said...

Oh, please, I can't take any more snow! Very wonderful blocks.

The Joyful Quilter said...

That's going to be a really pretty quilt ( and I can't believe you got MORE SNOW!!! )

Farm Quilter said...

Can't wait to see the lob cabin quilt finished!! I remember snow on the 4th of July in Reno, Nevada, when I was growing up. The mountains between Reno and Sacramento got up to 18" of snow in the last week...I wish it was warmer too!!

Kate said...

Love these scrappy blocks, they are so happy. At least they read that way to me. If you got snow at the rate we got the rain, that must have been a pretty big snow storm!