Friday, November 29, 2013


I hope you all have had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!  My Baby came home and we have had such a great time being together.  Of course - the day he came home was crazy eventful.... so on Monday I will get back in the groove and share with you....

Happy Thanksgiving from us:

Monday, November 25, 2013

Sew in with UNC Softball team

The University of Northern Colorado Softball team joined us again to make Quilts of Valor!

THIS is the stack of tops that were completed!!!  

They were quilt designing machines.

I brought a lot of our Block Drive Blocks and said - have at it!
They came up with awesome designs. Its always fun to have new eyes look at the way to layout quilts.

So - warning - this is a picture laden post- but you may see your blocks!!

They broke up into groups, and starting using the desing walls.

Most of them remembered all the sewing they learned at our last session.
We had 6 new quilters on the team - so they had a little more help.

Our Veteran Quilters are so helpful and wonderful - and loved working with the team!

LOVE the smiles and the designs!!!

Even Asst. Coach K got in on the action.
He said this time was even more fun, as he knew what he was doing this time.
*he even choose the SAME machine*

The brought the Grad Assistant along -
so much fun to hang out with - except he said if I wasn't nice he would make me work out ;-( 

Showing off the finished tops

Group Picture!!
A little girl came with her grandma - I am venturing to say
That she is the teams number 1 fan 

More finished tops
Seriously I am loving the designs.

And look - we made the paper ;-)
Front page even.... pays to sew with softball players

Iam linking up with Design wall - even though these aren't really my design walls
The team did an awesome job !!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Bingham Quilters Quilts of Valor

Jody and her group of Merry Quilters have been SO prolific!!!

And I was a failure - I was supposed to meet Jody at a Class - and my son needed me to come watch him, and I forgot!!! Bless Jody !!! She left the quilts with Jessica - and they are here and getting ready to go to their Veterans!!!   Thanks Jody ( as I hang my head )

So- Here are their Beauties!!!  THIRTEEN of them!!!

 Do you recognize any of the block patterns??? The Bullseye Log Cabin? ( from a recent Block Drive)
 Or the Scrappy Trips? (From another Block Drive - using a Bonnie Hunter pattern?)
 Love Love Love them all!! Thank you Bingham Quilters!!! You Rock!!!

Friday, November 22, 2013


Yesterday a storm rolled in, and the wind came with it... I forget how cold the wind can make everything. As well as making it hard to drive - it seems no matter which direction you go - the snow is blowing INTO you!!

My little guy is a basketball player this year.  I think he is having a good time, he sleeps well at night! This is kind of new to him - he played back when he was 6.. one season. 

 I am not a master of the basketball shot yet - but mine is Number 5
 I told him he should stop and look at me - and then start moving.that way I could have a clear photo... he disagreed,
The other team had cheerleaders ( we are in 7th grade) and this just cracked me up - the only blue in the sea of green....

And on to a Finished quilting project.

My friend J Loves to work with batiks - and her quilt tops are just amazing. So I got to play on this one:
 It reminded me of something southwestern... aztec like. So we treated each square separately.
 The outer border had squares quilted into it - I notice that I can't see it very well - so I hope you can click on the picture and see more.
I loved her batiks - the colors were wonderful!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

QOV show - Eye Candy for the Soul

I am back!! I am so excited to start showing you all of these finished Quilts of Valor.

Many of them have already been presented - we had a big run of presentations over Veteran's Day - and we are doing more. I love that we are getting to show our appreciation !!

This quilt was pieced by Many!!! These are the blocks that were collected at MQX last spring. ( PS - the class list is out now!!)

Liz put them together and she quilted it!!

 I love this quilting pattern - I really though it enhanced the quilt!!

Here is another one - You could piece two different blocks -and we had a great time mixing and matching!!
 This one was also Quilted by Liz!!  She is wonderful!!

Now to be honest - this one speaks to me!! I love the solid cream breaking up the colors!! Again it was quilted by Liz - she is a force!!!

This one was made and quilted by Liz too! She tells me that they go camping, and her relaxation is to piece. She has a whole set up that she can put outside , right by the door - Impressive!!
 See the peace quilting? Too cool!!

The Next 5 quilts were made by ZoeAnn and her quilters at the Columbine Quilt Guild - The guild did a panel challenge - and I am proud to say that a lot of them became Quilts of Valor. I love how they used the panels to create such beautiful quilts!

That is it for Today's show!! Hope you enjoyed it. Do you have a new idea for that panel that is sitting in your stash????

Monday, November 18, 2013

Design Wall Monday

I am still  *STILL* working on Denim Quilts.... I seriously thought I would be done by now.... but I am not.

My best excuse is - it was only supposed to be two, but now it is three....  So there you go right? Plus the deadline isn't until December... so I may be having too much fun playing with the layouts.

Here is the Third quilt in process though:  I just have to finish cutting pieces for that odd shaped row - THEN

I can sew it into the rows.... THEN I can put the rows together. and THEN my friend can tell me which fleeces go to which top .. THEN we can put them together.  Shew - I think I just wore myself out ;-)

Shameless picture of puppy....

Shameless Picture of Horse.  Horse seems to think that her nose should be in everything I do. My feed coat pockets, my hair, my gloves. Horse is funny - but she sure can be a pain.... I was trying to get a picture of the Brown Horse behind her.... you can't even tell there is another horse there can you?

And the best - My shy son allowed me to post his picture - he finished his Cross Country season and he won an award. He was so tickled - he also got his Varsity letter - so.... we are on the hunt for a Letterman's Jacket now ;-)

For more Design walls - head over to

Sunday, November 17, 2013

A QOV show for Sunday

We have been busy quilters.... ( and by we - I mean you!)

I want to show off some more Quilts of Valor....  so grab a cup of tea - or if you are me - Hot Chocolate....

This First Quilt is the Craftsy Mystery QOV - I wrote the pattern for it - it is under the tab - Free Patterns

This beauty was pieced by Cathy D in Co - AND - she quilted it!!! It is really fabulous quilting!!! She should be proud!!
 And - the back!! isn't it fantastic?

This is the Mystery again- this time pieced and quilted by Pat R in CO!! I am so impressed with these ladies talent.... if I stand close enough to them - it should spread over to me right?

 I just LOVE LOVE LOVE the detail!!!  

The next two quilts come from the ZoeAnn and the Columbine Quilt guild. She actually brought these to me last month, and they have actually already headed off to be presented to their new owners.... I just haven't posted them here....I blame ... well I don't know who to blame - so we will just ohh and ahh on them NOW!!

This one (below) was really striking to me. I don't know if it was all the variations of the rows - or what - but I Loved it!
 Here is the word panel

This one was made by Kathy N and quilted by Dawna  - It was presented to a Veteran last week - He loved it!

 Check out the backing... isn't that awesome fabric??

And LOOK!!! Some of the blocks from our Block Drive!!  The Blocks and top were pieced by Liz - and she quilted it!!!

And here is another one - Kind of gives you a bulls eye effect... Love it!

And the last Quilt of Valor for this morning was pieced by Glenda in CO - and Quilted by Lois K in CO.
 I think this one just went on my bucket list - these colors.... I think they are my new favorite of the day!!

Hope you all enjoyed today's eye candy!!! Thank you so much for following a long!!