Thursday, November 07, 2013

More Houston

I met Ebony Love.... I did... and... she is taller than me!!! Who knew? I am sure that made us instantly BFF's right? Cuz I am sure that with all the other thousands of peeps she met.... I am the one she remembers .... Alright - you can laugh now!!  

But I did meet her - and she was SO nice. See - Doesn't she just look nice? (and look the orange brings out my red .... so well!)

Here are a few more quilts.  This one just had that awe factor ... it's one of the first quilts I saw - and it just stood out!

Check out that quilting..... Oh my.

And I did not get the sign for this one - so I don't know who made it - but seriously - it is amazing!!

 The thought that went into this one - and the quilting - wow!

Look - I did get the card for the next quilt - made by Carol Nilsen!
 I think it looks like LA when you are flying over it - what do you think?
 Check out the Quilting.... again - Ohmy!!!
I am still working on the other pictures - I forgot how much work it was catching up to things that got *undone* while you were gone!  

And tonite - I am speaking at Adams County Quilt Guild in Northglenn.... come see me ;-)


Terri said...

That would be quite a commute to come see you speak... and the mountains between us!
Have a wonderful time.

Kevin the Quilter said...

Video the meeting and post it on your blog so we can all be there with you!

Francis Harrington said...

The quilt with the photographer is called "photographer darling" by Noriko Nozawa of Chiba City, Japan.