Friday, October 31, 2014

Brown Scrappy

I am getting this block done just under the wire!!!  Brown is the October Color for RSC Scrappy Challenge... yay me....

Here is my tutorial:

Brown was a little tougher - I didn't have many brown scraps - this is one of the only quilts I have made that had a lot of brown in it.... or at least that I can remember.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Quilts of Valor 2014

If you haven't read all about it - Quilts of Valor Colorado is hosting a new block drive!! And!! Of course there are prizes!!  Is providing a prize!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE her fabrics..  is providing a great shower head. After all of that stitching this is a total bonus....

So head over and read it real quilt; I will wait.....

Perfectly easy block right? I designed it myself - and THAT is how I know everyone can stitch it!!!

On to today's yummy goodness!!

I tease that these quilts will make our soldiers feel like super heros.... and.. it worked!!

This quilt below - is a first time quilters quilt - it was made by Carol's Granddaughter. The borders - PERFECT!! I quilted it, and when I brought it back to sew day - I asked Carol for lessons. She sort of laughed - but I may have been serious!

This quilt was made by Donna L - And I quilted it. I had fun with all the variety of blocks!

This lovely beauty was pieced and quilted by Lynn W in Alamosa. I love the controlled scrappy!

This is Pat R's Allegiance Quilt. OH MY GOSH - this is beautiful. But the quilting.. oh my - to die for!

Margie P sent in a great box of pillowcases - and fabric!! The fabric is on the right!

This group of Pillowcases comes from the Pride City Quilt Guild!

The last quilt today comes from Sharon D. It is beautiful!!

And because I know you need to see some extra smiles today!!
Here you go! 
 Don't you just LOVE the smiles?
He wanted you all to see the beautiful quilt rather than him.... little did he know - we want both ;-)

I hope you will all get a chance to participate in our blog drive. Last year we made close to 100 quilts - and they are in all sorts of stages - so it helps us keep our Quilt Flow going. Just a quick note - this year here in Colorado we have presented 778 quilts.... so we appreciate all the help and support !

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Bloggers Quilt Festival - Scrappy Quilts

This is my Entry for the Scrappy Quilt Category.... although sometimes I wonder if the quilts made from the scraps of these scraps will get done lol!

So... This is my Plaid Quilt. It is a Jacob's ladder pattern, I used the Floribunda instructions from Bonnie Hunter at

It is called Better with Cheddar

It started out as a Jacobs Ladder Quilt a Long - and then everyone else finished theirs and I was still going,,,,,

And then one day - I had 4 plaid projects in motion - so I thought I had better finish one.... a girl has to feel accomplished somehow!!

And now! It is done!! and I am still working on the others

Go check out all the other entries in the scrap quilt category

Monday, October 27, 2014

Happy Monday!!

it's a windy Monday Morning here.... and after this weekend... it's a let down ;-)

Here is what is up on my design wall:

Blocks for our Block Drive... read all about it here:

This is what it will become....But I didn't get super far because I was a little distracted....

and here is why!!  We had a chance to go watch our son run!! That's him in the Hot Pink Shoes.... they warm up to run. and the warm up is more than I run in a ... well lets be honest... a month!

This is the start of the race - can you imagine seeing all those Mavericks running at you?  ( Mine is 233)

The course was really cool - and around these really cool fields . Little Bit and I found lots of shortcuts so we could get in front of them and cheer. It was fun!  And of course, our course was way shorter than those runners!!!

I might have got a little distracted... Look what was flying over ( F16)  and it was so awesome!!
For more design walls and Monday inspirations hea d to:

Stitch by Stitch  and
Patchwork Times

Sunday, October 26, 2014

2014 QOV CO Block Drive


I hope you are ready!!  We make such awesome progress when we all get involved with making Quilts of Valor!! And I love that there are so many ways that a person can be involved....

One of my personal goals this year was to work through my 2 1/2 inch strips.... so this years block is based on 2 1/2 inch strips.... are you ready???

Here is the block:

Color way Number 1:

Color Way #2  

Color Way #3

I had three different color ways because.... I kept finding more 2 1/2 inch strips!!! It was actually a blast!

UPDATED : Patterns for Zig Zag Rails and Don't Fence me In can now be found in my Etsy Store

They are so much fun to lay out!
I can see endless possibilities!! 
Can you?

Here are some samples.... with 48 blocks The quilt top will turn out to be 60 x 80  inches!!

 The details:

The block drive will run from now until November 30th.

You can start sending in blocks at any time - to qualify for prizes - get them in before November 30th

So share with everyone you know - link to this post - share it on facebook.... it's all good.

For every 5 blocks that you send in - you will get an entry into the drawing. The Drawing will take place on December 8th.

Please make sure you include your email address with the blocks ;-)

All blocks need to be sent in to:

Alycia Quilts
PO Box 233
Kersey CO 80644

Oh my gosh - I bet you want to know what the prizes are?

We have a great Showerhead from Waterpik.
We have an awesome Jelly Roll
We have a great Fat Quarter Pack of Patriotic Fabrics
We have Hand Dyed Fabrics From Vicki Welsh

Details and photos will follow in the weekly posts.... you know a little more enticement, and of course... bribery!!

I hope you will join in!! We love to have quilts that so many people participate in. The additional hugs added to the Quilts bring so much healing!!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Purple and Lime Quilt

Since I had the Purple thread on my machine to bind Wrangler Mans quilt... I thought - Oh I could bind another purple quilt.... so I got to it!

This Purple and Lime Quilt is now ...... FINISHED!!

it measures 65 x 74 inches

I used Quilters Dream - Dream Puff for the batting.
I love the loft that it gave this quilt
Plus it is a real Light Weight warmth!

It is bound in light purple.

And!! The back.
I love this little purple print!

I have it listed in my Etsy Shop

I have entered it in the LargeQuilt Category at
Amy's Blog Festival

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Quilts of Valor 2014

Happy Wednesday!!!

Hope you have had a great Quilty Week so far!!  I sure have... and I am having fun! I had visitors yesterday - that always inspires me. They were so excited and had made a LOT of Quilts of Valor - it was fun to check them all out!!

So - are you ready to be inspired??

Buckle in!!!

If you have followed my blog for a while - you will remember that every so often I host a block drive. My favorite part about this - is that we have quilts that have a minimum of 30 people involved in that quilt. It is amazing to be able to say - you are hugged!!

Quilt from Scrappy Trips block drive.

The other thing I like is that it gives us a chance to have a lot of quilts in a lot of different phases - making sure we keep our supply up.

Some of them take a short time to get into the hands of our Veterans, and others take a while.

Either way it allows us to keep the supply in motion, and keep the choices of quilts variegated.

Smiles are totally worth it right?

 I hope you will agree - because Sunday!! - you will want to come back - I promise!!

 This lovely Quilt of Valor was pieced by Liz M and quilted by Debbie. They brought it into Ruths Stitchery in Colorado Springs, and Beth got it to me... and voila - you get to be inspired!

This is another one Pieced by Liz - it was quilted by Stefanie - and again brought into Ruths. I love this center of this quilt!! They make a great team!
 A close up - cuz I know you wanted to see it!

And the back..... Isn't that cool?

This is the Third quilt pieced by Liz - 
It was quilted by Donna.  

This beauty was pieced and quilted by Anne K in Colorado Springs. Such a great quilt!!

Another block Drive Quilt - this one from fall of 2013

A block Drive Quilt. I tell you - this quilt made this Vets day
It was amazing ;-)

This quilt was pieced and quilted by GBH in Monument.   It is a pretty cool illusion isn't it?
The next two quilts were made by Anonymous.
Anonymous is an impressive quilter! 

If you know who you are - I would love to give you credit!!
These are beautiful!

To encourage you to come back on Sunday - another Block Drive quilt. You all these are really so much fun. So many of you send in blocks, and then we invite other to come in and assemble.   We have had the University of Northern Colorado Softball players, the Key Club, our guild, our regular QOV sew-ists ( that I could not live without) , and even some veterans!

I love how they give everyone an opportunity to love on a Veteran. To let them know that we are grateful for them!

So.... Here is a Hint!
I already told you to dig out your patriotic 2 1/2 inch pieces...
Hint Number two:

Reds and Creams - should be at least 8 1/2 inches
Blues should be at least 10 1/2 inches

See you Sunday!!! Enjoy!!