Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Quilts of Valor 2014 - reminiscing

Good Wednesday Morning!!!  Hope you all have had a great week!! 

I gave a little sneak peek of this next quilt on Facebook yesterday – and promised the whole story today. 
I am not sure how many of you have followed me for while? But! Some of my quilting students are now getting old – of course, I am NOT!!  The following quilt… the Quilter – we will call her KJ was in one of our 5th grade QOV classes. She did a great job then! 

She is an avid horse lover, and in one of my buckets- I found some great Horse Fabrics. I asked her Grandma  if she thought  KJ would be interested in making a Quilt of Valor out of them.
She worked with her grandma all summer long, and at the beginning of the school year – she gave me a top!  I quilted it up and brought it back, Last Sunday we (please know – a real binder – Not me) taught her how to bind!   PS – she is a Junior in High School now!

The next quilt was made by Sue S and quilted by her Sister in law JoNell. I just love a quilty Family!

Here is another one – Pieced by Sue S and Terri. This time Sue Quilted it.

And a Final Quilt from Sue and quilted by JoNell.

The picture below is a detail shot of the apple cores- crazy!

All of these quilts go into a Pillowcase. I think they are cool – they keep the quilts clean, they make them easy t transport, and the Veterans LOVE to use them on their beds.  So I think they are a win win!

These Pillowcases were made by Connie. Connie is just awesome. She took homework this last week, and is piecing a million gatrillion backs for some of these tops e have finished!

From the Pride City Quilt Guild in Pueblo – more awesome pillowcases. These quilters have really done a fabulous job over the years ( YES YEARS) keeping these quilts in pillowcases! Can’t thank them enough!

The last quilt for today – This one was pieced with blocks from the Machine Quilters Exposition QOV block drive. I love it!  It was quilted by me ;-)

Hope you all have a wonderful quilty day!


KaHolly said...

They are all awesome!! Love to see kids learning young.

Judy V. from Thornton, CO said...

All the quilts and pillow cases are wonderful, and the stories behind them are appreciated. I do like that apple core pillowcase. Mmm, I have the small and large templates AND even a book on apple core design layouts, a giveaway at one of the guild meetings. Maybe an apple core QOV could be coming in the future!

Pat R. said...

I never get tired of seeing all the wonderful quilts you post each week! What a great inspiration!

Kate said...

What fun QOVs. Love the horse one!

Anonymous said...

So much fun to see your quilt show every week! I remember the 5th graders. Good job of keeping at least one of them at it.
Kris B

Anonymous said...

The horse quilt is so neat. Thanks for sharing all your pictures. Love seeing them and reading about all the great quilters who make QOV.
Keep up the great work you do Alycia.

Vic in NH said...

Sure hope that the "horse lovers quilt" goes to an old cavalry soldier! There may be one or two left of them! Great post.

Ranch Wife said...

More wonderful quilts for the very deserving men and women who serve our country! That horse quilt is awesome - well done KJ! And it looks like you are raising the next generation of QOV quilters!
It also looks like you have your work cut out in filling that mountain of pretty pillowcases with more fabulous quilts! You've got such a great team!