Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Placemat Project ( RSC) and knitting


So September is getting away from me.... I only have one orange placemat made - and not even quilted....

I also got a Blue one made  - and again not quilted. But its good - I have a lot of  Client quilts to quilt, so haven't been able to sneak in one of mine ... when I sneak in mine I add backing to them - so I can just quilt the placemats.... it will happen 

These were being created for our Local Senior Center - we aren't close enough to town to do Meals on Wheels - but our Senior center does weekly lunches - so soon these will be accompanying the lunches - they only needed 32 - so I have delivered those already.  These extras - well I am sure they will find a home ;-)  

and knitting!!
I got a box in the mail from TEXAS... and look at these goodies!! Can't wait to start knitting up hats for M with them!!

These are the two hats I got finished this week... and then we got an update from M - she needed 200 total - and she now has the first 100 all filled, and of the second 100 - 30 have been made... so She is feeling like her goal will be accomplished... but she told us to keep knitting haha!!

I had car time - but it was really truck time - and we are so dirty after riding that I really didn't think it would be good to knit in the dust!! So.... to all the knitters out there.... how do you wash these hats?

Do you use a lingerie bag so they don't stretch???

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Monday, September 27, 2021

A Jeep Tour ( on Day one)

 After we Attended the Military Reunion - we headed out on our adventure! The first thing we did ( after the Wine Tasting of course) was take a Colorado Jeep Tour!  This company was awesome!

I had never been to this region, and so we thought - why not take a Jeep Tour - learn what is out there and then - we can go adventure on our own... BEST decision!!

Our Jeep Driver was Scott - and I wish I had taken a photo of him - he was awesome. He is a school teacher in the regular year and a guide in the summer!

I should warn you - I might have a lot of photos in this post... go get your coffee??

This is looking back at the Territorial Prison. Maybe you knew this - but before Colorado could become a state they had to prove they had a place to lock up the bad guys... Can you believe that? so this is the present day prison - but they started with a small Territorial prison - and a Women's prison.  The first woman arrived at the prison system in 1873 - having been accused of Manslaughter - and they didn't have a place for women - so ... the built a women's prison It was built in 1884 with only 6 cells.

A new one was later built with 40 cells... and they housed women from other states too - Wyoming, Utah and South Dakota.

That little white thing there in the center? That is the Steeple of one of the oldest churches in the town - and for perspective - I wanted to look down on it - to see how high we had climbed. 

Looking down into the river. I think this is the pretty part - then it heads into the gorge - and to me - that was a bit scary to look at - solid rock walls!!  ( and yes - Claustrophobia is a problem ha!)

My dads rule when we were kids was - the First one to see Wildlife gets an ice cream. and so! I documented that I saw the wildlife - and yes - I was actually the first one to point these two out.  We also saw some deer - but I was not fast enough to get the tour guide to stop.

We thought these two were amazing - their horns are so big!

Then!! We got to the Royal Gorge Bridge!! They stopped letting traffic cross it after 9/11 = but the Colorado Jeep Tours has an agreement with them - and so we got to drive over it!

Oh man - my feet got the Jitters SO bad!! I mean really bad!! You are high up there - 

And it is not very wide - Two cars could not pass each other. If I remember right he told us it was one way traffic -  but still - I held on tight!

I tried to get a little brave and stick my camera out for a downwards shot. I am not sure you can see the train tracks and realize how FAR down that is. K was videoing from his phone and I was yelling at him to hold that phone for dear life!!

Just a rock - but see the edge of the jeep there? ( to the left) Scott left the big door open for me so I could take photos.

The Aerial Tram = this goes over the Gorge from one side to the other - too cool to watch right?

This was such a cool trip - there are way more photos of just this half of the day - but I know you are out of coffee!  If you go to the Royal Gorge - I totally recommend Colorado Jeep Tours! Its a great way to see the area. and if you get Scott - you get THE best history lesson....

Come back soon... There is more....

Friday, September 24, 2021

Flags for Sue and..... Finished !! ( or not) Friday!!!

 When Sherrill came to visit me - she did not come empty handed!!!

She came with a Flags for Sue top and backing!! and it is GORGEOUS!!

So what is a girl to do - but to get it QUILTED!!

Isn't that just pretty?  I love the colors she used and that Gold - oh that Gold just sets everything off!

A little Close up for you to see the colors - and of course the Quilting!!

The Quilting is my Finish for this week!!

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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

A Little QOV, a Little Travel....

 My husband and I had an anniversary... and! I was invited to a Military reunion to award a few Quilts - and so!! we did what any good couple would do - turned it into a vacation!! Oh ya!! 

And! Since I was driving thru the state - we had some QOV recipients that weren't allowed to head to group presentations - so I decided... I would drop in on them!!

It was really fun, and it was really cool to map something out and have it all work!

First off - we went to an assisted nursing home - we weren't sure they would let us in with the mask requirements - but I told the staff at the desk what I wanted to do - and they said - let me bring him down.... and down this amazing 101 year old WWII veteran came. I fell in love.

He said - well if you have three hours I have a story or two I could tell. 

I said - lets start with your favorite story - and an hour later... they kicked us out haha!!

Quilt made by Connie

What an amazing gentleman!!

Next we headed off to a Vietnam Vet's location. He was Ah!! Mazing!! His wife even set up a table with all of his Memories and I tell you what - I listened to every story he was willing to tell! 

Quilt made by Cindi

And then!! We headed to the hotel to unpack and clean up a bit... we had to *dress more formal* - you may laugh at that - I am a jeans and T shirt kinda girl and sometimes I think dressing up is a black T shirt.....

This reunion was SO SO cool!! There were members who had been on the ship in the 50's up to the current years - so cool! and so many stories - and SO proud to be a part of it.

We awarded to two deserving gentlemen that night.  ( and I forgot to take photos, but my dear sweet husband who can never leave me... got one rather quickly)
QOV on left made by Me
QOV on Right made by Vickie

I always enjoy learning about different aspects of our Military - It's always fun to learn their language, and this group was no different... It was the Coast Guard and the Navy. A whole new aspect of where and how our Military keeps us safe, and makes our country strong.

And because we were already on the road... we made a little side trip 

To the Abbey Winery ! We did a wine Tasting and a little Snacking... they had meat, cheese and fruit - it was so fun!! They make an Apple Wine - and it has just a kick on cinnamon at the end - and I think it would be awesome with Apple Pie - but... we didn't bring pie. So I had to take a bottle home with me to see if I was right... 

I will tell you when my apples are ready to be made into a pie!

And that was Day 1 ;-)

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Knitting Update


My Knitting attempts for this week!

I added 5 more hats for M - these are all teenager sized - or so I am told. They fit my head too.... so maybe that is why I still feel like a teenager????

M says that the kids like the ones without brims too - but that one on the top right? with the brim and the stripy look - I think that is my Favorite of this weeks hats. 

PS - I know next week won't be as many - I don't have as much driving ( okay riding) time or hanging out time this week.... *sigh*  

Monday, September 20, 2021

Traveling in Black and White

 Taking a little trip into towns and places unknown to us!! It was a great little getaway and we learned a ton about a part of our State we haven't traveled in. So of course , I took a million photos!! and want to share all of them - 

Today I am starting with my Favorite Black and Whites...

This town was one of the first to pop up in our State in 1860 - And the amount of Historic places and things to see was really cool for me!!

This is the St Cloud hotel - it was originally built in 1882 in  Silver Cliff. That town was originally under consideration to be the state capitol - along with Denver and Leadville. Silver Cliff was the third largest city in the state.  

The St Cloud hotel was a grand hotel at the construction cost of $30,000 - And the Grand opening was a huge success - Flowers in the hallways, decadent food, a band - and as soon as it had opened.... it starting have financial stress....

The land under the hotel was sold, but not the hotel - in 1883 DeWoody bought the hotel, with no land - so in 1886 he decided to move the hotel.

He moved it to Canon City, Brick by Brick - The bricks were disassembled , numbered, loaded into wagons and moved be rebuilt - it was a grander hotel. It went from 3 stories to 4, had an elevator and an electric bell.

Of course - you can't just stay in town - so we headed out to hike some trails and check out some sites we had heard about - and I found..

My favorite thing - Old Barns!!!

Aren't they just cool - sitting out there on the range - Owning the place!!

I also found an old cemetery. I love to find these and just pretend I knew what was going on at the time. the stories of the lives there. 

So those are my favorite in Black and White.... now I will have to go day by day to share the other million photos I took!! ha!! 

Saturday, September 18, 2021

Orange Rainbow Scrap Challenge

 I dug thru my Block box and guess what???

There was Orange!! Not a whole lot -  but these are the blocks that I found with some ORange in them.

I think they will work!

I feel like there is a few Placemats in there! and they will be bright and cheery!

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Friday, September 17, 2021

Purple 30's Quilt .... and Finished (or not) Friday!!

 Whoop Whoop - I'm celebrating..... 

A whole Finish!!! a Whole Bound and everything....

and another Hike in the woods
Can you tell I have REALLY needed some outside time?

or maybe just some outside time that is not weeding, watering and chasing cows haha!

the wind caught us - and gave my quilt holder away!!

So this block is called the Bee Blessed block?  I found that pattern years ago here:  and I rREALLY liked it!!! I used it for a lot of 30's Stashbusting - and then I saw one in Red White and Blue and decided it was a pretty versatile block!

This will be in my Quiltygirl Etsy Store at some point - I am still learning how to manage my time .😍😁😂

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Wednesday, September 15, 2021

More Wild Animal Sanctuary

 First off - Nope - The Tiger did not catch the duck.... that duck flew away like his life was on the line!!

And now!!! Are you ready for a totally photo laden post?  I mean really - you can't go to this place without taking a gazillion million trillion photos - But I really did pare it down for you... sort of!

I think these animals are just so gorgeous - and every time I read about where they came from.


 Mexico Government Confiscation

 - Kiro is a male Leopard that was 

confiscated by the Mexican 

Government agency known as 


 due to his being trafficked illegally.  

When rescued, 

Kiro was suffering from abuse 

and neglect including having been 

declawed on all four feet and being 

malnourished and underweight.

  Kiro is now at a healthy weight and has regained his agility and mental health.  

This handsome Leopard can look forward to living 

a wonderful life in a sensory-rich habitat with the Sanctuary’s many other Leopards. - TWAS


And you hear their rescue stories:

"Pleiades" is another example of human meddling, as White Tigers are inbred to such a degree that all of them have genetic issues as well. Although Pleiades is less than one year old, he has severely crossed eyes as a result of the endless inbreeding that took place when person after person bred White Tiger fathers to their White Tiger daughters... TWAS

I love the look Pleiades
gave the other tiger when the mean came sailing through the air - I think that was not an amused look.... Until more meat came!!

Now the Bears!! Oh My the Bears - these are truly my spirit animal... They eat, they sleep and they lay around.... sometimes they even swim!!

These two heard the truck coming....  

And then Oscar says - hey!!! I can't see - so he stands up to check things out!!

And Clementine - not to be outdone says - Heck Fire - If I stand I can see too!!

Do they just make you laugh? I know - I am easily entertained - but seeing them in a happy place - makes me happy!

I Belive He knew the camera was on him - and of course -had to give me a little pose right>?

And this bear - Oh my stars did he make me laugh - he played in the water, got out and ate - got back in and goofed off - he was the best!

Here is the website for the sanctuary - you can read more about all the animals they have there - and learn their rescue stories. They always need money - but sometimes they need donations of things you have around your house - and you can ship them there. One time they had a towel drive - and That was pretty cool - I cleaned out a closet!!

The WIld Animal Sanctuary