Monday, September 20, 2021

Traveling in Black and White

 Taking a little trip into towns and places unknown to us!! It was a great little getaway and we learned a ton about a part of our State we haven't traveled in. So of course , I took a million photos!! and want to share all of them - 

Today I am starting with my Favorite Black and Whites...

This town was one of the first to pop up in our State in 1860 - And the amount of Historic places and things to see was really cool for me!!

This is the St Cloud hotel - it was originally built in 1882 in  Silver Cliff. That town was originally under consideration to be the state capitol - along with Denver and Leadville. Silver Cliff was the third largest city in the state.  

The St Cloud hotel was a grand hotel at the construction cost of $30,000 - And the Grand opening was a huge success - Flowers in the hallways, decadent food, a band - and as soon as it had opened.... it starting have financial stress....

The land under the hotel was sold, but not the hotel - in 1883 DeWoody bought the hotel, with no land - so in 1886 he decided to move the hotel.

He moved it to Canon City, Brick by Brick - The bricks were disassembled , numbered, loaded into wagons and moved be rebuilt - it was a grander hotel. It went from 3 stories to 4, had an elevator and an electric bell.

Of course - you can't just stay in town - so we headed out to hike some trails and check out some sites we had heard about - and I found..

My favorite thing - Old Barns!!!

Aren't they just cool - sitting out there on the range - Owning the place!!

I also found an old cemetery. I love to find these and just pretend I knew what was going on at the time. the stories of the lives there. 

So those are my favorite in Black and White.... now I will have to go day by day to share the other million photos I took!! ha!! 


Quiltdivajulie said...

Do you have a copy of the barn book? I would love to send you one since you adore barns like I do . . . And you know how much I enjoy your B-W photography - SO good.

Linda Swanekamp said...

Barns make me weak in the knees. Love the one you shot.

Rebecca Smith said...

Beautiful pictures! I especially love the cemetery one

Delighted Hands said...

Amazing! You have a good eye for photos but that goes hand in hand with being a quilter, I think!

Kate said...

Your black and white photos are really fun. That choice of formatting really gives the sense of history, just like newspaper photos.