T Shirt Quilts

T Shirt Quilts are so fun and so unique. They showcase your wonderful memories and are a great way to keep snuggly and warm.

Here are a few that I just finished:
A Graduation Quilt

And  two Sided Quilt - this was fun to experiment with!

They can be showcased with your favorite fabrics, as well as pieced from well Love Jammies.

And then on the back we can include fabrics that represent your favorite activities, or things you like to look at.

We can also just use the T shirt only. Make those the focal point of the quilt. This is a High School Seniors Memories of Life in High School.

Another fun way is to use a theme. These are all Firefighter shirts. The large pieces were used on the front.
And then a Fun Fire fighter print and the small emblems from the Fronts of the shirt.
were used on the back.

Contact me today if you are interested in making memories with your T shirts. Pricing Varies depending on the goal of your quilt. Enjoy!!

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